1/26/85 - GCW Superstars

It's Saturday, so that means it's time for GCW Superstars! Gorilla Monsoon & Mark Niemiller welcomed us all to Poughkeepsie, NY for the show, where in the main event, two old enemies would lock up in the continuation of the Television Title tournament as "Mr. USA" Tony Atlas meets Dino Bravo of the Foreign Legion! Monsoon said this was a huge opportunity for Atlas, but Niemiller warned that with "Classy" Freddie Blassie in the corner of Bravo, anything can happen. In addition, Junkyard Dog would be in action, as would the North-South Connection. Niemiller added that the monster King Kong Bundy would be competing as well, which meant there could be an earthquake in New York this week! With that, Monsoon threw it to Howard Finkel for our first match!

Barry Windham and Ted DiBiase defeated Angelo Gomez and Larry Hamilton when Windham pinned Gomez after a roll away in 0:03:47.
Rating: 3/4*

Barry Windham has a tag team title reign under his belt, but he is still a relative rookie in this sport. He's been taken under the wing of Ted DiBiase, a veteran of the sport, at the behest of Windham's father. So far, this new tag team has looked great, even getting a recent win over the North-South Connection. Monsoon pointed out that with each outing, Windham & DiBiase just get better, and Angelo Gomez & Larry Hamilton experienced that in a big way. Niemiller said that Windham looked a lot more focused and crisp in his offense now, saying it's a result of DiBiase's instruction. Windham suckered Gomez into trying a big splash, rolling out of the way, hooking him in a cradle, and getting a victory here on Superstars.

Monsoon and Niemiller were impressed with Windham & DiBiase, both feeling that we were looking at some future World Tag Team champions. With some more in-ring experience, that's a definite possibility. But speaking of the World Tag Team Titles, we cut to "Mean" Gene Okerlund with the Live Event Report.


Mean Gene was back in the GCW Studios for another Live Event Report, continuing to set the stage for the big show on February 23 from the Civic Auditorium in Pittsburgh, PA. Okerlund said that plenty of good tickets were still available, and you should call the box office today to make sure you don't miss this show. Okerlund ran down the card, starting with Bob Backlund defending the World Title against Ricky "the Dragon" Steamboat. Okerlund said this will be a super-charged match, and that later on in the show, there would be a video shown that will shock GCW fans everywhere. He next mentioned the previous other match which had been announced, that being Bruiser Brody taking on his top rival, "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert. Okerlund had a few new matches to announce though, starting with a rematch from Phoenix with the Midnight Express taking on the Rock 'N Roll Express. Jim Cornette did some legal gymnastics and managed to make this a non-title match. We cut to an interview from Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson, saying that they may have been cheated out of the titles in Phoenix, but they will right that wrong by kicking the Midnight Express' butts in Pittsburgh so badly that they will be forced to give them a title shot. Okerlund said he had one more match to announce, and it was a big one for the Intercontinental Title. Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka would be defending the title against one of the all-time greats, "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes! Rhodes has been a World champion and a World Tag Team champion, but has yet to hold the Intercontinental championship. He will have his chance in Pittsburgh. Okerlund let us know we would hear from Rhodes about this next week.

King Kong Bundy pinned Gene Ligon with the Big Splash in 0:00:30.
Rating: -** 3/4

Before this next match featuring King Kong Bundy, Bundy's manager Bobby "the Brain" Heenan said that the monster was tired of messing around, and it was time that he took what was his. Heenan said there was no one that was as big, bad, and nasty as King Kong Bundy, and he was going to dominate GCW. At 450 pounds, he might just do that. Bundy had next to no problem with Gene Ligon tonight, finishing him off in only 30 seconds. Bundy refused to let referee Tommy Young up until he made a 5 count. Monsoon was highly impressed by Bundy, even though he said Heenan was a grade-A jerk. Niemiller added that if Bundy stays this focused, there is nobody that can possibly slow him down.

The North-South Connection (Adrian Adonis and Dick Murdoch) defeated Rocca Verona and Bill Dixon when Murdoch pinned Verona with the Gourdbuster in 0:04:00.
Rating: -*

We came back from commercial right as this next match began, with the North-South Connection in action. Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch made the lofty claim that they were going for the World Tag Team Titles, but since making that declaration, they haven't had much success in the ring. They were wanting to get back going in the right direction, and they did that against Rocca Verona & Bill Dixon. Adonis & Murdoch were looking to have a little fun, and they did that by taking turns pummeling the over-matched enhancement talents. Captain Redneck would finally put them out of their misery, hitting the Gourdbuster on Verona.

Before heading to another commercial, Monsoon and Niemiller discussed the video Gene Okerlund promised us we were going to see involving an incident with Ricky Steamboat. Niemiller speculated that the rumor mill is saying it involves World champion Bob Backlund, but we will know for sure when we get to see the video tonight.

Junkyard Dog pinned Scott Farris with a bodyslam in 0:02:54.
Rating: -***

Back from commercial, we got to see the first appearance on Superstars for Junkyard Dog, and the fans in Poughkeepsie were ecstatic about it. Very few men in wrestling have ever connected with the fans more than JYD, and they were on their feet cheering from the time "Grab Dem Cakes" started to the time a big bodyslam put Scott Farris away. After his impressive win, JYD brought some lucky young fans into the ring to dance with him.

Tony Atlas pinned Dino Bravo after a clothesline in 0:12:47.
Rating: **

In our main event wrestling match, we had two men who are no strangers to each other competing in the Television Title tournament with "Mr. USA" Tony Atlas taking on Dino Bravo of the Foreign Legion. Bravo is perhaps the greatest tag team wrestler in GCW history, but he has told his manager Freddie Blassie that he wants to make a run as a singles competitor. Blassie has granted his wish and has said he will make a conscious effort to put Bravo in more singles matches. Bravo could guarantee himself a lot of singles competition if he could become the first TV champ, but getting past Atlas would be a tough test. The early going of this match was a test of strength as both men take much pride in their power. There were a couple of tests of strength, but we were at a stalemate as neither man would give an inch. During the third test of strength, Bravo caught Atlas with a low kick and went on the offense. Bravo targeted the ribs of Atlas, looking to hit his Side Suplex. Bravo was great on the assault, but any time he would go for his finishing move, Atlas would power out and hit a big counter move of his own. Bravo became obsessed with hitting the Side Suplex, and even when Blassie told him to try for something else, Bravo still went for it. He went to the well one too many times though, as Atlas got out of it and cleaned Bravo's clock with a clothesline. In most cases, a clothesline isn't going to put someone away. But when that clothesline comes from some like Mr. USA, that move is dangerous. It rocked Bravo just loopy enough to get the 3 count and move on in the tournament. Bravo wasn't down long and attacked Atlas after the match, but when he went for a clothesline of his own, Atlas ducked and sent Bravo flying out of the ring with a backdrop.


After that, Monsoon & Niemiller threw it to the aforementioned video to bring our show to a close. Niemiller warned fans that they weren't exactly sure what this video would show, so viewer discretion was advised.

The video appeared to be shot outside of a gym in Charlotte, NC. We are not sure who is filming it, but we hear a voice off camera that says, "You better follow me or else." After a few moments, Ricky Steamboat emerges from the gym with a bag over his shower and heads toward his car. As he gets to his car and pulls his keys out, the camera man runs toward the Dragon. Not long after, BOB BACKLUND emerges and blindsides Steamboat with a forearm! Backlund was a mad man, unloading on Steamboat with hard right hands. Steamboat tries to fight back, but he is cut off by Backlund smashing his head into the side of the car door, opening up a small cut on his forehead. While Steamboat is dazed, Backlund grabs his keys and opens up the driver's side door. He picks Steamboat up and puts the Dragon's left arm in the door, and slams it shut! Steamboat screams in agony and clutches his hand as Backlund tells him he will NEVER be the World champion. As a final insult, Backlund grabs Steamboat's keys and throws them across the parking lot. The show fades out with a shot of Steamboat clutching his arm as people from inside the gym arrive to help out.

Match observations:

What a shocking way to end the show! With that cowardly attack, the World Title match for Pittsburgh has to be in jeopardy. Next week on Superstars, we are hoping to get an update on the condition of the Dragon. The man responsible for the attack, World champion Bob Backlund, will be in action for his first match on Superstars as he takes on Chavo Guerrero in a non-title match. We will also see the World Tag Team champion Midnight Express in action, as well as Dino Bravo, Nikolai Volkoff, & The Iron Sheik in a 6-man tag team contest. The main event will be Bruiser Brody going 1-on-1 with Kamala in the Television Title tournament, not to mention a special sitdown interview with Rick Martel! All that and more on GCW Superstars!

2/23/85 - CIVIC AUDITORIUM - Pittsburgh, PA

WORLD TITLE - Bob Backlund (c) vs. Ricky Steamboat
INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE - Jimmy Snuka (c) vs. Dusty Rhodes
Non-Title - The Midnight Express (c) vs. The Rock 'N Roll Express
Bruiser Brody vs. Eddie Gilbert

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