10/26/85 - GCW Superstars

10/26/85 - GCW Superstars (TAPED: 10/1/85)
LOCATION: Mid-Hudson Civic Center - Poughkeepsie, NY

Halloween is next week, but no reason to be scared - GCW Superstars is on the air! Gorilla Monsoon & Mark Niemiller were the announcers for the show, a show packed with a lot of great action. Dusty Rhodes is on the program, as is his partner, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan! Tony Atlas will be in the ring, as will his stablemates, Nikolai Volkoff & The Iron Sheik! And a great main event where a rivalry is rekindled, with Ricky Morton taking on Dynamite Kid! That, and the final two teams will be announced for Grand 16! But now to the ring with Howard Finkel!

"Canadian Strongman" Dino Bravo (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. John Rizzo

The opening contest was another wrestling display by Canada's Strongest Man, Dino Bravo. During the match, an insert promo from Bravo and his manager Jimmy Hart aired. Hart said that Bravo has been racking up win after win, and now it is time for him to turn that into gold. Bravo added that he planned on winning the battle royal at Slam Masters, and then going on to beat Bob Backlund for the World Title. That remains to be seen, but he certainly has the skills to do it. He notches an easy win with the Side Suplex.

Dino Bravo pinned John Rizzo with the Side Suplex in 0:02:14.
Rating: * 3/4

"The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes vs. Steve Lombardi

Dusty Rhodes was in action next, and the crowd was ecstatic to see him. The American Dream is the consummate showman, and the former World champion put that on display in this match against Steve Lombardi. Lombardi is not much of a showman in his own right, and didn't endear himself to the fans when he jumped Rhodes from behind to start the match. However, the Dream was one step ahead of him and had the crowd on its feet with his antics by the end of this one. Lombardi couldn't defend against the Bionic Elbowdrop, and Rhodes picks up the win going into Slam Masters, where he will be a part of the big battle royal.

Dusty Rhodes pinned Steve Lombardi with the Bionic Elbowdrop in 0:03:54.
Rating: **


Back from commercial, we are backstage where we see Steve Lombardi holding the back of his head after his loss to Dusty Rhodes. As he is walking, out of nowhere, BAD NEWS BROWN enters the picture and pushes him against a wall. All Brown says his, "No one else will team with me, so you're my partner, turkey!" Brown left as quickly as he had appeared, leaving Lombardi wondering exactly what happened.

Back to ringside, Niemiller wondered why Brown would team with Lombardi, who hasn't exactly dazzled the record books with his win-loss record. Monsoon said that with Bad News' attitude, no one was going to team with him willingly. Niemiller had to concede the point, before throwing it up to the interview stage for a new segment.


Now this was a sight to see. There had previously been a curtain in front of this set, but now the curtain was removed and revealed was what looked to be a fancy flower shop. Dozens of fresh cut flowers adorned the set, a set that cascaded with a bevy of color. We didn't know exactly what was going on until ADRIAN ADONIS emerged, flanked by his manager, JIMMY HART. The crowd booed them both mercilessly, and they just soaked it in. Adonis welcomed everyone to his brand new show, The Flower Shop. Adonis said that on The Flower Shop, he would have the best guests, the top stars, and ask all the hard-hitting questions. And he wanted to introduce his very first guess - himself. Adonis asked himself a variety of questions, such as "Who is the prettiest wrestler in GCW?" and "Who has the best style in GCW?" The final question he asked was, "Who is going to win the battle royal at Slam Masters and go on to become the World champion?" Of course, the answer every time was "Adrian Adonis." He is definitely unorthodox, but he has thee ability to back up his words. Whether he does or not is another question.

Nikolai Volkoff/The Iron Sheik (w/ "Classy" Freddie Blassie) vs. Ron Dee/Dave Barbie

Nikolai Volkoff & The Iron Sheik have underachieved as a team according to a lot of experts, but a good showing at Grand 16 will help turn that around. They looked to get a little tuneup in before then against Ron Dee & Dave Barbie. Before the match, Volkoff insisted on singing the Russian national anthem, followed by the Sheik declaring Iran and Russia #1, and then spitting on the name of the USA. This surely won't endear them to the fans in Poughkeepsie, or people like Corporal Kirchner, who is right on the heels of the Foreign Legion. Dee & Barbie didn't provide much resistance as this match reached a quick end.

The Foreign Legion (Nikolai Volkoff and The Iron Sheik) defeated Ron Dee and Dave Barbie when Volkoff made Barbie submit to the Bearhug in 0:02:21.
Rating: *


Backstage with Lord Alfred Hayes, who was standing by with "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert, along with Bobby Heenan. Hayes asked why Gilbert requested this time. Gilbert said that last week, Junkyard Dog embarrassed him; embarrassed him because he was scared. Lord Alfred asked what JYD was scared of, to which Gilbert said, "My dancing." Hayes almost busted out laughing before Heenan intervened, saying that Eddie Gilbert is one of the finest dancers in the south, winning Tennessee's Annual Dance Festival three years running. Heenan said that Eddie Gilbert was formally challenging JYD to a dance off at Slam Masters! If JYD had any guts, he would put his dance skills to the test in Hershey. Hayes was left flabbergasted by the whole thing as Gilbert & Heenan left, convinced that JYD would never accept the challenge.

"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan (w/ "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes) vs. Brian Mackney

In a show of solidarity, Jim Duggan was accompanied at ringside to his partner for Grand 16, Dusty Rhodes. The help wasn't needed against Brian Mackney, but the two standing together was a clear message to Sgt. Slaughter & Stan Hansen - they were together, and they were ready to take them down in Grand 16. Duggan's thunderous Three Point Stance clothesline was all it took to put Mackney's shoulders to the mat for the 3 count.

Jim Duggan pinned Brian Mackney with the Three Point Stance in 0:02:19.
Rating: 1/4*

Gorilla Monsoon declared that Rhodes & Duggan have to be considered amongst the favorites to win Grand 16. Niemiller admitted they look primed to make a run, but who could possibly beat the Unholy Alliance right now? Niemiller said he isn't a betting man, but if he was, it would all be on Slaughter & Hansen.

Non-Title Match
Tony Atlas (Intercontinental champion) (w/ "Classy" Freddie Blassie) vs. Nelson Veilleux

Tony Atlas has held the Intercontinental Title for over 7 months now, good for the 8th longest reign in the title's history. He has a huge title defense coming up at Slam Masters against Ted DiBiase. Atlas and his manager Freddie Blassie have argued recently that DiBiase has made a huge mistake by not focusing solely on their match, and instead being involved in issues with the Heenan Family. Niemiller argued this to be true during the match, while Monsoon felt that a ring general like DiBiase is always prepared for any opponent, and that will be the case next week. One thing they could both agree on was that Atlas looked aggressive and dominant this week against Nelson Veilleux, getting the win after driving him into the canvas with a running powerslam.

Tony Atlas pinned Nelson Veilleux after a running powerslam in 0:02:40.
Rating: 3/4*

Focused or not, Ted DiBiase is going to need to bring all he has if he wants to win his first championship in GCW.


Every time we get closer to a big event, the Live Event Report is a little more lively as "Mean" Gene Okerlund becomes a little more excited. And with two big events coming up, Okerlund was downright giddy. First up, one week from now, it will be Saturday Night Slam Masters, airing on MTV. This will be the third such event, and they just keep getting bigger and bigger. This card will feature four important matches, two of them for championships. Tony Atlas will defend the Intercontinental Title against the top contender, Ted DiBiase. We got words from DiBiase, commenting on what Atlas had to say last week. DiBiase assured Atlas that he wasn't overlooking him. He knew Atlas was strong, perhaps the strongest man wrestling has ever seen. He said Atlas may have been impressive in bending a steel bar, but the steel bar can't fight back - but DiBiase can. DiBiase promised he would become the new Intercontinental champion. The other title match is for the World Tag Team Titles. The Rock 'N Roll Express have been the champs since Super Cade, but they have never had to face a team like the one that stands before them, the Unholy Alliance, Sgt. Slaughter & Stan Hansen. Okerlund commented on the RnR Express being instrumental in Slaughter & Hansen losing their first match via countout to the Fabulous Ones (who the Unholy Alliance will meet next week in a rematch on Superstars), but all that might have done is anger the team. Also on the card, Corporal Kirchner will get his first shot at shutting up the Foreign Legion when he takes on Freddie Blassie's Japanese Assassin, Shiro Koshinaka. But the big one is the battle royal to determine the new #1 contender to Bob Backlund's World Title, a title match that will take place at Grand 16 on November 7, live on pay-per-view.

Speaking of Grand 16, Okerlund was happy to announce the final two teams could be officially announced for the big 16-team tournament. The last two teams are as follows: as we witnessed earlier, Bad News Brown found his partner (whether that man liked it or not), and will team with Steve Lombardi. And the 16th and final team is a bit of a wildcard. Mean Gene said that GCW is all about opportunities, and the final team is one from outside of Global Championship Wrestling getting a gigantic opportunity. The final team has been around in GCW in the past, but haven't been seen for awhile. The final team is the WWA Tag Team champions, Tito Santana & Hector Guerrero! Okerlund was excited to see how this team fairs in the bright lights of pay-per-view.

Ricky Morton (World Tag Team champion) (w/ Robert Gibson) vs. Dynamite Kid (w/ Davey Boy Smith/"Captain" Lou Albano)

The rivalry between the Rock 'N Roll Express & the British Bulldogs is quickly becoming one of the best tag team rivalries in GCW history. And with each new match between the two teams, the rivalry becomes much more personal. In the beginning, the matches would start and end with a handshake. Those days appear to be over. These two teams are both fan favorites, but they definitely are not friends. This was a singles match between Ricky Morton & Dynamite Kid, but just because the match wasn't for the World Tag Team Titles, that doesn't mean it wasn't important. Their respective partners were at ringside with them, and there was a lot of tension in the air as a result. Nobody at ringside got involved in the match, but with how much Morton & Dynamite Kid were flying around the ring, they wouldn't have had much of a chance anyway. Morton & Dynamite displayed some exciting high-flying maneuvers that you can only see here in GCW. The finish came in an exciting sequence. Dynamite had climbed to the top rope to hit a high risk move, but Morton tripped him up and crotched him on the top turnbuckle. Morton then joined him on the top and was looking to hit a superplex, but Dynamite shifted his weight and landed on top of Morton with a cross-body block. Morton hit the back of his head hard on the mat, allowing Dynamite to get the 3 count.

Dynamite Kid pinned Ricky Morton after a cross-body block in 0:06:42.
Rating: *** 1/4

A stroke of bad luck for Morton, but Monsoon said that is the danger of going to the top rope - sometimes it doesn't work out the way you want it to. There was no extra curricular activity, but this could be a big loss for the Rock 'N Roll Express, who are just a week away from a huge title defense against Sgt. Slaughter & Stan Hansen.

Match observations:

Remember to join us next week on GCW Superstars as we preview that evening's Saturday Night Slam Masters! Three big matches are scheduled, including Raymond Rougeau vs. King Kong Bundy, The Fabulous Ones vs. Sgt. Slaughter & Stan Hansen, and Tully Blanchard defends the Television Title against Junkyard Dog!


BATTLE ROYAL - Winner receives World Title shot at Grand 16
WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES - The Rock 'N Roll Express (c) vs. Sgt. Slaughter/Stan Hansen
INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE - Tony Atlas (c) vs. Ted DiBiase
Corporal Kirchner vs. Shiro Koshinaka

11/7/85 - GRAND 16 - ROSEMONT HORIZON - Chicago, IL

WORLD TITLE - Bob Backlund (c) vs. Winner of 11/2/85 Battle Royal
16-Team Tournament - Teams announced so far:

The Rock 'N Roll Express
The British Bulldogs
The Iron Sheik/Nikolai Volkoff
The Fabulous Ones
The Hart Foundation
The Rougeau Brothers
The Mexican Eagles
The Electric Dream Machine
Tully Blanchard/Arn Anderson
Sgt. Slaughter/Stan Hansen
Dusty Rhodes/Jim Duggan
Ted DiBiase/Barry Windham
Andre the Giant/Rick Martel
Tony Atlas/Shiro Koshinaka
Bad News Brown/Steve Lombardi
WWA Tag Team champions Tito Santana/Hector Guerrero

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