12/21/85 - GCW Superstars

12/21/85 - GCW Superstars (TAPED: 12/3/85)
LOCATION: Mid-Hudson Civic Center - Poughkeepsie, NY

With the year winding down, the action turns up as we bring you another episode of GCW Superstars! Gorilla Monsoon & Mark Niemiller were at the helm as always for this big show, which will feature a Television Title match between two members of the War Games match in the Garden, Tully Blanchard defending the gold against Junkyard Dog! Dino Bravo is here, as are the Fabulous Ones! Bad News Brown is in action, we will hear from Dusty Rhodes & Jim Duggan, and the special referee for the World Title match between King Kong Bundy & Bob Backlund will be announced! But now up to the ring with Howard Finkel for our first match!

The Mexican Eagles (w/ Corporal Kirchner) vs. The Iron Sheik/Nikolai Volkoff (w/ "Classy" Freddie Blassie)

Corporal Kirchner said he would be in the corner of the Mexican Eagles for this following match, and it's a good thing he did. Freddie Blassie wanted to get involved several times, but the presence of the American military man was enough to keep him at bay. However, it wasn't enough to keep the third member of the Foreign Legion, SHIRO KOSHINAKA, from jumping in the ring to cause a disqualification.

The Mexican Eagles (Chavo Guerrero and Dos Caras) defeated The Foreign Legion (Nikolai Volkoff and The Iron Sheik) when Dos Caras defeated Sheik by disqualification in 0:04:00.
Rating: 1/2*

It didn't take long for Kirchner to slide in the ring to even the odds, and along with Chavo Guerrero & Dos Caras, he cleared the ring of the Foreign Legion. When we returned from a commercial break, Monsoon announced that because of what we saw before the break, a 6-man tag team match has been signed for Madison Square Garden on December 30. Niemiller was glad to hear it, as he declared that Blassie's men would put an end to all of this nonsense from Corporal Kirchner.


We cut to the back where Lord Alfred Hayes was standing by with Dusty Rhodes, Jim Duggan, & Ricky Morton. Hayes asked Morton about where he was last week when his partner, Robert Gibson, was being assaulted by the World Tag Team champions. Morton said that it made him sick to his stomach that he wasn't able to help his partner and best friend out, but he had been locked in a janitor's closet by Sgt. Slaughter & Stan Hansen after they had gotten him from behind. He thanked Rhodes & Duggan for stepping in and making sure that the injuries to Gibson weren't worse. Hayes asked about the condition of Gibson. Rhodes spoke and said that Gibson will be just fine, but he is going to need a couple of weeks to recuperate. Morton added that because of this, the Rock 'N Roll Express would have to postpone their title rematch against Slaughter & Hansen at MSG. But Morton said that he would do his best to defend his friend's honor next week when he meets Hansen on Superstars. Duggan chimed in now, saying that it doesn't mean the champs get a night off. Hacksaw said they spoke to President Jack Tunney, who made it official that Rhodes & he would step in to face Slaughter & Hansen for the gold! Morton wished them the best of luck and told them to bring the titles home. Rhodes said they would, and the first thing they'd do as champs is grant the Rock 'N Roll Express their fair title shot whenever Gibson is healthy.

Bad News Brown vs. Mario Mancini

Bad News Brown is never in a good mood, but seemed particularly pissed off today. That didn't play out well for Mario Mancini, who ate a barrage of offense before meeting defeat after a German suplex.

Bad News Brown pinned Mario Mancini after a German suplex in 0:02:13.
Rating: -*

Before the Fink could even finish announcing him the winner, Brown ripped the microphone away from him. Brown said it made him sick that he was being overlooked, and claimed that the racists in charge of GCW were holding him back because he was a "street thug from Harlem." He talked about how he kicked Jim Duggan's teeth in, Duggan gets rewarded with a World Tag Team Title shot and Bad News Brown isn't even on the card in his hometown. He said he was going to change that and wanted any punk with the guts to face him to show up at the Garden and face him.

Monsoon commented on how unpleasant Brown's demeanor was, but Niemiller said he couldn't blame him. Niemiller said it would be suicide to sign on to face Bad News in his state of mind right now.

The Fabulous Ones vs. John Rizzo/Ted Gripley

During the Fabulous Ones' shortened-for-television-but-still-way-too-long entrance, they cut an insert promo about their upcoming match against the Electric Dream Machine at Slam Masters. Stan Lane said that he was excited for their match on MTV, because the Fabulous Ones are going to show why they have the greatest ring entrance in all of professional wrestling. Steve Keirn said it takes more than sparkles to make a great entrance, and the whole world would see that on January 4. As for this match, the Fabulous Ones showed that they're not just a ring entrance but actually an impressive tag team as well. Good win here going into the new year.

The Fabulous Ones (Steve Keirn and Stan Lane) defeated John Rizzo and Ted Gripley when S. Keirn pinned Gripley with the Facedrill in 0:03:40.
Rating: -1/4*


"Mean" Gene Okerlund was back for the Live Event Report. The ever-excited Okerlund was is rare form today, running through the new developments for our next two big shows coming up, starting with December 30 at Madison Square Garden. The main event of course will be War Games, which will be worth the price of admission alone. But we also had a few new developments to make this show even more spectacular. We now know that Robert Gibson's injuries suffered at the hands of the tag team champions last week will keep him out of action for this event. But we will have a World Tag Team Title match when Sgt. Slaughter & Stan Hansen now defend their gold against long time rivals, Dusty Rhodes & Jim Duggan! Add to that the 6-man tag team match and the open challenge by Bad News Brown, and we have ourselves a full night of action.

As for Saturday Night Slam Masters, it will be our first major event of 1986, and will be shown live on MTV. The main event will have an entirely different complexion after the end of our show, where Okerlund informed us that the special referee for the World Title match between King Kong Bundy & Bob Backlund will be announced. This rivalry goes back a considerable length of time, and with so many distractions and attacks from both sides, a special referee is being brought in to maintain control. That won't be the only title up for grabs as Tully Blanchard puts the Television Title on the line against the man who recently pinned him in a tag team match, Jacques Rougeau. Another big match Okerlund was proud to announce was Rick Martel, who is currently unable to ever wrestle for the World Title, but that doesn't mean he's not eligible to get some revenge on the Heenan Family. He will be going one-on-one with the thus far undefeated Big John Studd. It's bound to be a fantastic night of action!

"The Canadian Strongman" Dino Bravo (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. Gino Carabello

Highlights of the arm wrestling match from last week were shown before Dino Bravo was in action today, showing Bravo's cowardly attack with the table on Intercontinental champion Ted DiBiase. The Canadian Strongman has been less than apologetic about what he did, and Jimmy Hart feels that the Intercontinental Title is as good as his. Someone who might have another idea is the current Intercontinental champion. After Bravo dispatched of Gino Carabello, TED DIBIASE ran to the ring, grabbed him from behind, and tossed him over the top! The crowd was on fire as an enraged DiBiase followed him to the floor and threw him over the timekeeper's table! Officials came to break it up as a disoriented Bravo stumbled to the back with Jimmy Hart helping him.

Dino Bravo pinned Gino Carabello with the Side Suplex in 0:01:53.
Rating: 3/4*

Television Title Match
Tully Blanchard (c) (w/ Bobby "The Brain" Heenan) vs. Junkyard Dog

Not only was our main event for the day a huge because it was for the Television Title, but it's also huge because it was another preview of War Games. Junkyard Dog is one of the most popular wrestlers in recent GCW history, but he has never held a championship. He was looking to change that against Tully Blanchard, who has already proven time and again that there are no lengths he won't go to in order to keep the TV Title around his waist. That was proven again here today, when as soon JYD was rocking and rolling, Blanchard deliberately hit him with a low blow to cause the disqualification.

Junkyard Dog defeated Tully Blanchard by disqualification in 0:04:38.
Rating: * 3/4
(Tully Blanchard retained the GCW Television Title.)

Not only Blanchard keep the title because of the DQ, but it also let the Heenan Family unleash their plan to try to take JYD out. Out came ARN ANDERSON, EDDIE GILBERT, BIG JOHN STUDD, and KING KONG BUNDY, and they had bad intentions on their minds. Luckily for JYD, his partners were in the house too as BOB BACKLUND, RICK MARTEL, BARRY WINDHAM, and ANDRE THE GIANT came out to even the score! We ended our in-ring portion of the show today with these ten men brawling in the ring.


After the in-ring portion of the show was over, we cut backstage to a video that was filmed earlier in the day with Lord Alfred Hayes. Hayes was proud to announce the man who would be the special referee for the World Title match between King Kong Bundy & Bob Backlund on January 4 on Saturday Night Slam Masters. Hayes said this man was a legend in GCW, and a former World champion himself. He is well respected as one of the toughest men in the history of wrestling, and someone who will surely keep order in this match. At this point he introduced LOU THESZ! Thesz thanked Hayes for the introduction, and said he took his role as special referee very seriously. As someone who has held that World Heavyweight Title before, he knows that it is the most important championship in all of wrestling. He said he didn't care who it was. If Bundy, Backlund, Bobby Heenan, or even Rick Martel wanted to get out of line, he would take care of it personally. Hayes thanked Thesz for his time, and reminded people to tune into MTV on January 4th to see Saturday Night Slam Masters!

Next week on Superstars, we hit the final stretch before our end of the year MSG show! Dusty Rhodes & Jim Duggan will be in tag team action to tune up for their World Tag Team Title shot. Barry Windham meets Arn Anderson, and Ricky Morton goes for revenge as he takes on Stan Hansen!

Match observations:

12/30/85 - MADISON SQUARE GARDEN - New York, NY

WAR GAMES - Bob Backlund/Rick Martel/Barry Windham/Junkyard Dog/Andre the Giant vs. King Kong Bundy/Big John Studd/Tully Blanchard/Arn Anderson/Eddie Gilbert
WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES - Sgt. Slaughter/Stan Hansen (c) vs. Dusty Rhodes/Jim Duggan
IC TITLE - Ted DiBiase (c) vs. Dino Bravo
Corporal Kirchner/The Mexican Eagles vs. The Foreign Legion
Bad News Brown's Open Challenge


WORLD TITLE w/ Special Referee Lou Thesz - King Kong Bundy (c) vs. Bob Backlund
TELEVISION TITLE - Partners banned from ringside - Tully Blanchard (c) vs. Jacques Rougeau
Rick Martel vs. Big John Studd
The Fabulous Ones vs. The Electric Dream Machine

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