12/30/85 - Madison Square Garden - New York, NY


Madison Square Garden was a sellout as we ended the year with a bang! The people were here to see WAR GAMES! The show kicked off with an announcement as we had a change to the main event. Howard Finkel announced that unfortunately due to an as of yet undisclosed injury, ANDRE THE GIANT would not be able to compete tonight. The crowd booed loudly as they wanted to see the 8th Wonder of the World get his hands on the Heenan Family. Finkel did say that there would be a replacement for Andre the Giant in War Games, but that person would not be named until match time. With that, he brought out the competitors for our first match.

The Mexican Eagles/Corporal Kirchner vs. The Foreign Legion (w/ "Classy" Freddie Blassie)

Corporal Kirchner is about as proud of an American as you're ever going to see, and he's been battling with Freddie Blassie and the Foreign Legion since he came to GCW. When the Legion began to cause problems with the Mexican Eagles, Kirchner did not hesitate to join their side in this fight. Unfortunately, though the intentions were good, the communication between the American Kirchner and the primarily Spanish-speaking Mexican Eagles was lacking. Blassie's team meanwhile, despite what you may think of them personally, are well managed and always on the same page. Despite the will being there, once Dos Caras got caught in the Bearhug of Nikolai Volkoff, he couldn't escape and that was the end of this match.

The Foreign Legion (Nikolai Volkoff, Shiro Koshinaka and The Iron Sheik) defeated The Mexican Eagles (Chavo Guerrero and Dos Caras) and Corporal Kirchner when Volkoff made Dos Caras submit to the Bearhug in 0:12:01.
Rating: ** 1/4

A disappointing result, but Corporal Kirchner would get the last laugh. After the contest, Nikolai Volkoff insisted on singing the Russian national anthem, something that would not sit well with the proud former US soldier. Volkoff barely got out the first bar before Kirchner nailed him from behind, sending him flying to the outside in the process. Guerrero & Dos Caras hit The Iron Sheik & Shiro Koshinaka with stereo dropkicks to cause them to join their stablemate on the floor. Kirchner grabbed Old Glory and waved it proudly as the Foreign Legion retreated to the back.

Koko B. Ware vs. Bad News Brown

Bad News Brown has been very vocal about what he feels has been a "lack of competition and opportunity" by President Jack Tunney and GCW. Brown issued an open challenge for tonight to prove what he brings to the table. Brown got more than he bargained for though. The man who would answer the challenge was someone we had never seen in GCW, an exciting youngster by the name of Koko B. Ware. Koko sure came out with a lot of energy, but looking at him standing across the ring from Bad News seemed like quite the mismatch. And in the early goings, that's exactly how the match played out. Brown almost found it laughable that a much smaller man had answered the challenge. Brown began toying with Koko early, using his overwhelming strength advantage to try to make a fool out of the youngster. Brown would get too cocky though as he stopped taking the match seriously. He telegraphed a backdrop, and Koko showed that sometimes speed can beat strength when he countered with a sunset flip. It surprised Brown enough to hold him down for the 1-2-3, and in a shocking turn of events, Koko B. Ware had won!

Koko B. Ware pinned Bad News Brown after a sunset flip in 0:04:12.
Rating: 1/2*

Madison Square Garden erupted in cheers as Koko jumped out of the ring to celebrate his stunning victory! The look on Bad News Brown's face said it all as he looked like he was going to rip someone's face off. Brown can be as mad as he wants to, but that's what happens when you overlook an opponent in Global Championship Wrestling. But suffice it to say, I don't think Brown is going to let this go.

Ricky Morton vs. "Adorable" Adrian Adonis (w/ Jimmy Hart)

This one was a bonus match on the show, not previously announced beforehand. With his partner still out of action for a few more weeks, Ricky Morton has been wrestling some singles matches, recently taking Stan Hansen to the limit on GCW Superstars. He was up against "Adorable" Adrian Adonis, and this one did not last long. Adonis is a talented grappler, but he often gets distracted by his… erm, "persona." As the bell rang, Adonis insisted on pulling out a small mirror to check his makeup. Morton took that time to get on the second turnbuckle. When Adonis finally decided his makeup was spot on, he turned around into the Flying Dropkick from Morton. Adonis was knocked loopy enough for Morton to secure the quick win.

Ricky Morton pinned Adrian Adonis with the Flying Dropkick in 0:00:39.
Rating: *

Intercontinental Title Match
Ted DiBiase (c) vs. "The Canadian Strongman" Dino Bravo (w/ Jimmy Hart)

This feud between Ted DiBiase and Dino Bravo has turned rather personal. Bravo has had a couple of chances at the Intercontinental Title before, and has come close on two occasions to wrestling the gold away from DiBiase. It became extremely personal after DiBiase looked like he was going to defeat Bravo in an arm wrestling contest, but Bravo attacked DiBiase with the table. DiBiase turned the tables so to speak when he threw Bravo over the announcers' table on Superstars. DiBiase was still upset with Bravo and came out throwing fists, which did not play to his strengths. Bravo is way too strong to go toe to toe with like that, and the IC champ paid for it early. Bravo used a variety of slams and hard punches to wear DiBiase down. But DiBiase has proven time and time again that he is resilient as they come. No matter what Bravo hit him with, DiBiase kicked out. Jimmy Hart became more and more unhinged at ringside as each of Bravo's attempts to finish the champ off came up short. Bravo lost his focus, and that's where DiBiase is most dangerous. DiBiase countered one move, and then another one, and before you knew it, DiBiase was firmly in control. Bravo hit get in an eye poke and went for the Side Suplex, but DiBiase fought out of it and locked on the Cobra Clutch. Bravo desperately tried to get himself to the ropes, but DiBiase cleverly kept him away from them to keep his championship.

Ted DiBiase made Dino Bravo submit to the Cobra Clutch in 0:12:34.
Rating: ***
(Ted DiBiase retained the GCW Intercontinental Title.)

A tremendous effort by Ted DiBiase to fight off a tough challenge from a very game Dino Bravo. It's too soon to tell, but it's looking like DiBiase is well on his way to becoming a tremendous Intercontinental champion.

World Tag Team Title Match
Sgt. Slaughter/Stan "The Lariat" Hansen (c) vs. "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes/"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan

This match was originally supposed to be Sgt. Slaughter & Stan Hansen defending the World Tag Team Titles against the team they beat for the titles, the Rock 'n' Roll Express. That didn't end up happening thanks to their cowardly attack on Robert Gibson. Being the stand up gentlemen they are, Dusty Rhodes & Jim Duggan stepped up to the plate to attempt to be the men to put the Unholy Alliance in their place. This is not the first time the American Dream & Hacksaw have tangled with the champs, and just like previous instances, this was a war. Sometimes there are some competitors that simply don't like each other, that every blow has a little something behind it. These two teams exemplify that. Rhodes has had battles with Slaughter & Hansen that have been the thing of legends, and since taking Duggan under his wing, Hacksaw has been there by his side. Despite the tough efforts of the challengers, it once again looked like the Unholy Alliance was going to cheat their way to another victory. Referee Dick Kroll had gotten crushed in the corner, and this is when the champs can do their most damage. Duggan had gotten thrown to the floor by Slaughter while Hansen got his cowbell from ringside. Slaughter held Rhodes open, but before Hansen could do anything sinister, RICKY MORTON was in the ring, and he had a chair with him! He smacked Hansen in back, causing him to drop the cowbell in the process. Slaughter let go of Rhodes to go after Morton, but Morton sidestepped. Duggan pulled the ropes down at this time causing Slaughter to tumble to the floor. Rhodes then hit the Bionic Elbow on Hansen, made the cover, and we had brand new World Tag Team champions!

Dusty Rhodes and Jim Duggan defeated Sgt. Slaughter and Stan Hansen when Dusty Rhodes pinned Hansen with the Bionic Elbow in 0:10:13.
Rating: *** 3/4
(Dusty Rhodes and Jim Duggan won the GCW World Tag Team Titles.)
[Ricky Morton interfered against Stan Hansen and Sgt. Slaughter.]

Madison Square Garden exploded as the titles were handed over to the new champions, Ricky Morton celebrating as hard as anybody. This is the American Dream's third tag team title reign, but this is the first championship reign for "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, and you could tell what an amazing moment this was for him. Slaughter & Hansen are said to have already enacted their rematch clause, and that rematch will take place on January 11th in the Boston Garden, and it will be a STEEL CAGE MATCH!


While the cages were being setup for the War Games match, Bobby "the Brain" Heenan came out with the entire Heenan Family. Heenan had a big smile on his face as he was flanked by his team. Heenan said that the announcement about Andre the Giant's injury earlier wasn't mysterious, and it wasn't unexplained. "You want to know how Andre the Giant got hurt? It wasn't some training accident. No, the man responsible was BIG JOHN STUDD." The crowd was not happy to hear that apparently it was an attack by Studd that resulted in Andre not being here tonight.We did find out there was a replacement for Andre though, and when Bob Backlund, Ricky Martel, Barry Windham, & Junkyard Dog came out with the returning WAHOO MCDANIEL, the Heenan Family was not happy. I think Heenan's plan was to have a 5 on 4 advantage, but not only were the sides even, but now there was a wildcard to deal with.

War Games
Bob Backlund/Rick Martel/Barry Windham/Junkyard Dog/Wahoo McDaniel vs. The Heenan Family (w/ Bobby "the Brain" Heenan)

The cage was all set up, and we were ready for WAR GAMES! Who starts the match is a huge bit of strategy in these matches because it sets the tone for the rest of the contest. Bob Backlund's team went with Barry Windham, which might not be a bad idea based on his youth and stamina. To counter, the Heenan Family sent out Tully Blanchard, the reigning Television champion. For 5 minutes, these two were going to go at it, and surprising given the nature of War Games, most of this 5 minutes was a technical exchange. It was a matter of oneupsmanship. Blanchard prides himself on being a technical wizard in the ring, but during the early going, Windham was getting the best of him at every turn. That is when Blanchard started to fight dirty, poking Windham in the eye. Blanchard went to throw Windham into the cage, but Windham put on the brakes, and the look in Windham's eyes showed that maybe Blanchard shouldn't have poked the bear. Windham threw Blanchard into the cage, and started popping him with hard right hands. At this point, the 5 minute period was finished and we had the coin toss, a toss won by the Heenan Family. Into the ring came Blanchard's sometimes tag team partner, ARN ANDERSON.

Unfortunately for Windham, he didn't see Anderson come into the cage. Anderson spun Windham around and dropped him with a DDT. From there, the next two minutes were brutal for Windham as Anderson & Blanchard picked him apart. The crowd was pleading with Windham to just hold on when Blanchard put him in an abdominal stretch while the Enforcer laid punches into his ribcage. The period ended, and in the ring came WAHOO MCDANIEL. McDaniel was on the warpath (pun intended), grabbing Anderson and throwing him from one ring clear into the other. Blanchard looked terrified as he had an angry Indian chief bearing down on him. Wahoo chopped away at Tully before throwing him into the fence. Wahoo then looked down at Blanchard and indicated he wanted the Television Title! If you remember, Wahoo never was beaten for the Television Title, having to vacate it due to an injury. Wahoo continued the assault of Blanchard. Anderson tried to climb back over into the second ring, but Windham was back up at this point. Windham caught him on the top turnbuckle and brought him back into the ring with the Superplex!

This match can swing in tide so quickly based on the periods, and now we were about to go back to the Heenan Family as it was their turn to get the third man in. They went big with the World champion KING KONG BUNDY! Bundy went immediately into domination mode, dropping the Big Splash on Windham while he was still down from the Superplex. Wahoo didn't realize Windham was down and now a 450 pound angry World champion was barreling in behind him. Bundy smashed him in the corner from behind with the Avalanche (crushing Blanchard in the corner as well in the process). Just like that, the fan favorite deep was wiped out. Fortunately for them, the match couldn't end before all competitors were in the ring, because this one could have been over then. Mercifully the period came to an end, and in came RICK MARTEL! It was interesting because it looked like Backlund wanted to come in next, but Martel's desire to get his hands on Bundy overwhelmed him as he practically shoved Backlund out of the way to get in there.

Martel came in a house of fire, unloading on Bundy with right hands and a dropkick, but it was not enough to get Bundy off his feet. The problem for Martel was,
Windham & Wahoo were down and out at the moment. Martel fought Blanchard and Anderson off, sending them both flying face first into the chain link fence, but this just opened him up for Bundy to level him with a clothesline. To make matters worse, the period ended and it was time for another member of the Heenan Family, EDDIE GILBERT. Gilbert came in running right at Martel, but he was shocked to be caught with a tackle by Windham! Wahoo was up too and brawled with Anderson in the corner. Blanchard came back over to help out Gilbert with Windham while Bundy had his way with Martel, working on his previously injured neck. And then out came the next man for the fan favorites, team captain BOB BACKLUND! Backlund is a veteran of cage matches and even though he is best known for his technical wrestling skill, he knows how to mix it up within the confines of the 15 feet of steel. Just ask Blanchard, bleeding profusely from his face who Backlund immediately elevated with a backdrop into the cage. Gilbert ran at Backlund only for Backlund to sidestep and send him into the steel as well. The kicker came when Backlund spun Bundy around and got in his face. The MSG crowd was about to lose it as Backlund slapped Bundy and then begged him to hit him. Bundy took a wild swing at Backlund, but Backlund ducked and caught Bundy in the face with a dropkick staggering the World champion. Backlund hit another one but Bundy wouldn't fall. Backlund helped Martel back to his feet and a double dropkick sent Bundy into the ropes, getting his arms tangled in between the second and third ropes.

War Games matches are all about momentum swings, and they swung back again when the final man for the Heenan Family entered, one BIG JOHN STUDD. Studd is a monster of a man under normal circumstances, but he couldn't be stopped in the early goings of his time in the ring. He grabbed Backlund's head in one hand and Martel's in the other, slamming their skulls together. Wahoo was still working over Anderson, but not when Studd hit him with a headbutt to the back of the head. Windham was in his face, blood pouring down his just asking for a fight with Studd. Windham nailed Studd with a right hand, but it only made Studd angry who picked Windham up and bodyslammed him. The final period was over and in came the final man, JUNKYARD DOG. JYD came in and went nuts, punching away at any member of the Heenan Family he could find. The highlight of this flurry was JYD punching Bundy right when he had finally got untangled from the ropes, knocking him back into them and tied up again.

Now that everyone was in the match, a decision could be made in the match. At this point, the first person to cause a member of the opposing team to submit will win the War Games for his team. For the competitors who have been in the ring for a long time, a lot of this part of the match is survival. Barry Windham & Tully Blanchard in particular were a bloody mess, so at this point the best they could hope for is to stay out of submission holds. This part of the match was also very chaotic. It wasn't pretty, but it was definitely a huge fight. There were a lot of near misses, but there was always a save based on how many people were in the ring. There had to be an end to this fight though, and it came when Gilbert had Wahoo leaning up against the cage. Gilbert ran in with a flying knee, but Wahoo moved and Gilbert connected with the cage. Wahoo was quick to lock on the Indian Deathlock. Gilbert yelled out for help, but the nearest to him was Studd, who got pulled back by Backlund & Martel. Gilbert couldn't hold on any longer and called it quits, putting this match in the books!

War Games Match:
Barry Windham, Bob Backlund, Junkyard Dog, Rick Martel and Wahoo McDaniel defeated The Heenan Family (Arn Anderson, Big John Studd, Eddie Gilbert, King Kong Bundy and Tully Blanchard) when Wahoo made E. Gilbert submit to the Indian Deathlock in 0:37:00.
Rating: *** 3/4

What an epic encounter that was! Bobby Heenan was shaking his head in disbelief as he saw the fan favorites exiting the cage celebrating their victory. Heenan wasn't just going to shake his head though. Heenan told the fans that he is a loser and no one makes a fool out of him. He said the only person to embarrass himself tonight was Eddie Gilbert. The Brain told everyone that the Heenan Family has no room for quitters and as a result, Eddie Gilbert was FIRED! Gilbert tried to plead his case, but before he could, Arn Anderson clipped his knee. Gilbert crumpled to the mat in pain, but it was about to get worse as King Kong Bundy came down on him with the Big Splash. I wouldn't expect to see Gilbert back for a long time.

Card rating: *** 1/4

Match observations:


WORLD TITLE w/ Special Referee Lou Thesz - King Kong Bundy (c) vs. Bob Backlund
TELEVISION TITLE - Partners banned from ringside - Tully Blanchard (c) vs. Jacques Rougeau
Rick Martel vs. Big John Studd
The Fabulous Ones vs. The Electric Dream Machine

1/11/86 - BOSTON GARDEN - Boston, MA

WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE CAGE MATCH - Dusty Rhodes/Jim Duggan (c) vs. Sgt. Slaughter/Stan Hansen

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