2/23/85 - GCW Superstars

2/23/85 - GCW Superstars (TAPED: 2/12/85)
LOCATION: Mid-Hudson Civic Center - Poughkeepsie, NY

Gorilla Monsoon & Mark Niemiller were all jazzed up for this week's episode of GCW Superstars! This was the first part of a double header for GCW today, as later on tonight, the stars head to Pittsburgh for a huge live event. But first up, on Superstars today we would be seeing Ted DiBiase & Barry Windham in action, as well as Arn Anderson locking up with Jim Powers. Dino Bravo will be competing, and the first round of the TV Title tournament comes to a close with Junkyard Dog & "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert! It's going to be a great day for GCW, so let's get it kicked off right with the British Bulldogs!

The British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid) defeated Charlie Fulton and Dale Veasy when Dynamite Kid defeated Veasy by countout in 0:03:12.
Rating: * 1/4

The British Bulldogs have a huge matchup tonight against the North-South Connection, and they wanted a tuneup against Charlie Fulton & Dale Veasy. Dynamite Kid & Davey Boy Smith absolutely abused their over-matched opponents. They beat them up so badly that they tossed them both out of the ring and neither Fulton or Veasy could get back in the ring. Monsoon was highly impressed by the intensity shown by the Bulldogs, while Niemiller added that he wouldn't want to be Dick Murdoch or Adrian Adonis tonight in Pittsburgh.

Niemiller went down to get a word from the British Bulldogs. They said they were excited about their match with the North-South Connection. Davey Boy said that Murdoch & Adonis are nothing but bullies and it was time that they got a taste of their own medicine. Niemiller asked them what was next for them, and Dynamite simply said, "The World Tag Team champions.

Dino Bravo pinned Barry O with the Side Suplex in 0:01:50.
Rating: 1/4*

If this match showed anything, it showed that a) Gorilla Monsoon hates Freddie Blassie, and b) Dino Bravo is a beast. Right as this match against Barry O started for Bravo, Classy Blassie went over and talked with Monsoon & Niemiller. Blassie told them to take a close look because we were all looking at a future World champion. Monsoon was getting annoyed that Bravo was just over shilling his man, but in the ring, Bravo was doing a good job of making Blassie look smart. Bravo planted Barry O with the Side Suplex to get the win. Blassie continued to taunt Monsoon to where Monsoon stood up and we almost had a fight on our hands. Blassie backed down, and smartly so.


When we came back from break, Mark Niemiller was down at the interview stage with "Mr. USA" Tony Atlas. Niemiller put Atlas over as one of, if not the strongest man in all of wrestling, and invited Atlas here to showcase that strength. Atlas was to do three feats of strength. The first one he did was drive a nail into a board with his bare hand, which is not an easy task by any stretch. The second feat was taking a rubber water bottle, and blowing it up with air until it popped - something that might not sound impressive on paper, but you try it and let me know if you have the ability to make it happen. The final feat was going to be to bend the handle of a cast iron skillet. Before Atlas could attempt that, BRET HART came out with Mr. Fuji. The Hitman was wearing his shades, odd considering we were indoors, but I digress. These two will be meeting in the quarterfinals of the TV Title tournament in two weeks, so it was interesting to see what Hart was doing out here. Hart said that all of this muscle-bound meathead stuff was overrated, and the things Atlas were doing were easy. Atlas invited the Hitman to bend the cast iron skillet then. Hart looked hesitant, but after some goading from Atlas and the crowd chanting, "CHICKEN!" at him, Hart gave it a go. As you would expect, this did not go well. Hart tried, but couldn't budge the frying pan in the least. Atlas grabbed it and said, "Let me show you how it's done." With a little effort, the highly muscular Atlas started bending the skillet as the fans cheered him on. Before he could finish it though, Hart clipped Atlas's knee, bringing him down! Hart grabbed the pan and smashed it into Atlas' head, causing a cut to open up on Mr. USA's head. Officials came in and broke it all up before any other damage could be inflicted. Atlas was up and bleeding, but he seemed more angry than he did hurt. I hope for his sake that the Hitman knows what he's doing.

Arn Anderson pinned Jim Powers with the Gourdbuster in 0:05:23.
Rating: **

You might not like his choice of manager and cohorts, but there's no denying that Arn Anderson is a star in the making. He's still a young man, but his in-ring skill and ferocity are off the charts. He had a tough match on his hands though as he took on Jim Powers. Now admittedly, Powers hasn't exactly been setting arenas on fires with his win-loss record, but he has been training hard and putting in his time in the gym. Powers showed some flashes of brilliance early, showing some great strength and agility for a man his size (something that wasn't lost on Monsoon & Niemiller). Anderson is just too good though. Once he swatted away a dropkick, Anderson honed in on Powers' leg with a sick obsession. Anderson was almost mechanic in his attack, before planting him into the mat with the Gourdbuster. Bobby Heenan rubbed his hands together and smiled as Monsoon commented on how impressive Anderson looked.

From there, Niemiller threw it to a pre-tape from Lord Alfred Hayes, who has been in Los Angeles all this week and had an update for the fans.


Lord Alfred Hayes was standing on the street with his microphone. Hayes said it was a very exciting week as he has been on a major fact finding mission. He was happy to report that after a lot of hard work, he was able to officially confirm that next week on Superstars, the one and only CYNDI LAUPER would be right here on Superstars! Hayes wasn't sure exactly what the purpose of this would be, but Lauper's appearance is the talk of Hollywood. Monsoon was excited about this, saying that a huge star like Cyndi Lauper would only choose to show up on an exciting program like GCW Superstars. Niemiller was pumped too, saying that maybe Lauper would sing a duet with him. Niemiller tried to break into a rendition of "Camptown Races," but thankfully Monsoon cut him off with a commercial break.

Ted DiBiase and Barry Windham defeated Doug Vines and Israel Matia when Windham pinned Matia with the Superplex in 0:03:21.
Rating: * 3/4

Back from the commercial, tag team action with Ted DiBiase & Barry Windham. Monsoon mentioned that both of these men would be involved in the battle royal tonight, and could be a couple of dark horses in the match. Niemiller agreed, especially with how crisp this team has become. DiBiase & Windham seem to pull something new out each match, and their teamwork gets deeper and deeper as they go along. Vines & Matia looked like lost children in the ring, and Windham got the pinfall by planting Matia with a bone-rattling Superplex.


Now it was time for the world's most popular announcer, "Mean" Gene Okerlund and the Live Event Report! Okerlund was happy as an old cat to be talking about the huge show that is TONIGHT from the Civic Auditorium in Pittsburgh, PA. Okerlund was happy to announce that the show was officially sold out, so unless you know a good scalper, you weren't going to get in. And with the card, he couldn't blame anyone, starting with the double main event. Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka defends the Intercontinental Title against "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes in the first main event. We cut to words from Rhodes, who was all fired up to say the least. Rhodes said that Snuka has proven himself to be a snake, and where he came from, when there was a snake on your property, you cut its head off. The Dream said he was going to cut Snuka's head off by winning the Intercontinental Title in Pittsburgh. Okerlund said that match could sell out any arena in the country, but they also had Bob Backlund defending the World Title against Ricky Steamboat! It's magic any time that these two lock up, and it should be no exception tonight, especially with the promise of a "secret weapon" from Steamboat & Rhodes, it's going to be a great night. And after tonight, it'll be the road to Super Cade! It's an exciting time to be a wrestling fan, that's for sure.

Junkyard Dog defeated Eddie Gilbert by disqualification in 0:07:24.
Rating: * 3/4

Six men have already punched their tickets to the quarterfinals of the TV Title tournament, and the final man would join them after this match between Junkyard Dog and "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert. Gilbert has a huge match with Bruiser Brody in Pittsburgh tonight, and you could tell that it was weighing on his mind from the beginning. Gilbert was looking over his shoulder, expecting Brody to strike at any time. And really, with the history those two have, you can't blame him. However, that's not the smartest of moves when you're going against JYD. JYD was juking and jiving from the word go, and the distracted Gilbert had a tough time gaining any traction. Gilbert would get the match turned in his favor when Bobby Heenan caused a diversion, allowing Hot Stuff to go for the eyes. Gilbert was vicious at this point, but he couldn't keep the Dog down. Gilbert missing a clothesline gave JYD a chance to hit him with a big jumping headbutt. Gilbert was on jello legs when he got back up, and JYD planted him in the middle of the ring with the Thump Powerslam. Before referee Danny Davis hit 3, the Brain got up on the apron and got JYD's attention. JYD got up and got Heenan by the collar as the crowd went nuts calling for him to knock the Brain's block off. Gilbert cut that off with a low blow, which prompted a completely justified DQ. Gilbert kicked away at JYD, then locked him in a choke before BRUISER BRODY ran down to chase him off. JYD was a little shaken up, but he was the victor and will be in the quarterfinals.

Monsoon couldn't believe the blatantly unsportsmanlike conduct of Gilbert and Heenan, and said it was foolish because now Gilbert is out of the TV Title tournament. Niemiller said sometimes there are bigger things for a manager, and JYD didn't much look like the winner when all was said and done. Monsoon then ran down the quarterfinal matches, which are as follows:

Magnum T.A. vs. Don Muraco
Tony Atlas vs. Bret Hart
Junkyard Dog vs. Bad News Brown

And of course, because of the double DQ between Bruiser Brody and Kamala, Tully Blanchard receives a bye into the semi-finals. It should be an interesting tournament moving forward.

Match observations:

Next week on Superstars, the TV Title quarterfinals kick off in a huge way with Magnum T.A. taking on Mr. Fuji's "Magnificent" Don Muraco! Not only that, but we will have Jacques Rougeau going 1-on-1 with Nick Bockwinkel! And the biggest news of all, CYNDI LAUPER will be in the house! It's a show you won't want to miss! That, and all the happenings from tonight's show in Pittsburgh! Tune in next week, everybody!

2/23/85 - CIVIC AUDITORIUM - Pittsburgh, PA

WORLD TITLE - Bob Backlund (c) vs. Ricky Steamboat
INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE - Jimmy Snuka (c) vs. Dusty Rhodes
Non-Title - The Midnight Express (c) vs. The Rock 'N Roll Express
Bruiser Brody vs. Eddie Gilbert
The British Bulldogs vs. The North-South Connection
Chavo Guerrero vs. Arn Anderson
Battle royal for an Intercontinental Title shot

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