4/13/85 - GCW Superstars

4/13/85 - GCW Superstars (TAPED: 3/26/85)
LOCATION: Mid-Hudson Civic Center - Poughkeepsie, NY

It's Saturday morning, so you all know what time it is - it's time for the best wrestling program on television, GCW Superstars! Our regular hosts, Gorilla Monsoon & Mark Niemiller, welcomed everyone to the program, which is set to be a big one. The British Bulldogs are here, as is Jimmy Snuka! Rick Martel will be in action, along with Jimmy Garvin. And in our huge main event, the top contenders for the World Tag Team Titles as Ted DiBiase & Barry Windham go against Freddie Blassie's Foreign Legion team of Nikolai Volkoff & The Iron Sheik! Niemiller said that DiBiase & Windham have been excellent so far, but their luck is about to run out against Classy Blassie's crew. Monsoon threw it to the ring for our first matchup.

Jimmy Garvin vs. Chavo Guerrero

Jimmy Garvin was not in a good mood, especially after taking the fall in the main event at Super Cade when his partners left him high and dry. As this match with Chavo Guerrero began, we got an insert promo from Garvin saying that he was more than a little ticked off that Bob Backlund & Jimmy Snuka abandoned him and that they were just jealous of his skills. Garvin said he was done with those two jokers and he was going to make his own path now. Garvin on his own had his hands full with Guerrero, whose return to GCW hasn't been as seamless as he had hoped. He has come up on the losing end of things far more than he would like, but a competitor as skilled as he is only one big win away from turning things around. Garvin was still as obnoxious as ever, clearly not learning his lesson from Super Cade. Guerrero took advantage of all of Garvin's ridiculous primping and strutting, almost pinning him on several occasions with his flashy lucha libre style offense. Garvin finally buckled down though and survived, catching Chavo by surprise with the DDT out of nowhere to put this one in the book.

Jimmy Garvin pinned Chavo Guerrero with the DDT in 0:08:14.
Rating: *

Niemiller said that this should prove to everyone that Garvin doesn't need anybody else, but Monsoon sang a different tune, saying if Garvin doesn't quit with the egotistical stuff, he wasn't going to keep getting lucky. Niemiller scoffed a bit before throwing it to Lord Alfred Hayes in the back with the Television champion.


Lord Alfred Hayes kicked off his interview by congratulating Magnum T.A. on making his way through the grueling 16-man tournament for the honor and distinction to be the first Television champion. Magnum thanked Hayes, and that he truly was honored to hold the Television champion. Only one man gets to be called the first champion, Magnum said, and he was proud that it would be him. Hayes turned the focus to what happened after the match, showing a video clip of Tully Blanchard attacking him and hitting him with the TV Title. Magnum said that he wasn't hurt by the attack so much as he was infuriated by it. He said Blanchard is clearly a sore loser, and only a coward would attack someone from behind like that. Magnum assured Blanchard that if he was looking for him, he wouldn't be hard to find.Back to ringside, Monsoon was proud to call Magnum T.A. the Television champion and believed he would represent the title proudly. Niemiller was no doubt complimentary of Magnum's skills, but he knew Bobby Heenan and Tully Blanchard would try ANYTHING to make his Television Title reign a short one.

The British Bulldogs (w/ "Captain" Lou Albano) vs. Otto Von Mark/Mike Donnatello

There may be no hotter team in all of wrestling than the British Bulldogs. They are riding a wave of momentum with both a new manager, a huge victory at Super Cade, and a lot of mainstream attention due to their friendship with Cyndi Lauper. Their reaction today also showed what a fan following they're amassing. Otto Von Mark & Mike Donnatello were their opponents here, and unfortunately for them, they didn't stand much of a chance. This one was over almost before it started with the running powerslam/flying headbutt on Donnatello was all that was necessary to get the duke.

The British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid) defeated Otto Von Mark and Mike Donnatello when Dynamite Kid pinned Donnatello after a flying headbutt in 0:01:03.
Rating: **


Right after the match concluded, we went to Mark Niemiller who was standing by with Jim Cornette, Bad News Brown, and the men who this interview was requested for, the Midnight Express. Cornette was his normal abrasive self, sweating up a storm even before the interview began. Niemiller asked him why he requested this time, and Cornette said it should be obvious - "Loverboy" Dennis and "Ravishing" Randy should be in #1 contenders match today, not the other two teams. Cornette hammered home the point that the Midnight Express are the former World Tag Team champions, and that they should still be holding the gold right now. Why they weren't at least given an immediate rematch was beyond him. At this point, THE BRITISH BULLDOGS were walking past, and Condrey & Rose started hurling snide comments at them. Dynamite Kid is a fiery personality and isn't going to take something like that sitting down, so he confronted the Midnight Express. Before long, officials had to rush out to prevent a full-scale brawl broke out.

Rick Martel vs. Peter Pompeii

Back from a commercial break, it was time to see Rick Martel in action. Martel received a huge ovation for this match as his story has really connected with the fans since returning from his neck injury. Each time we see Martel in the ring, his neck is a little stronger and he is a little more comfortable in the ring. If you didn't know any better, you wouldn't have been able to tell that Martel was recovering from a severe neck injury that almost ended his career. Peter Pompeii did what he could, but he fell to the Boston Crab none the less.

Rick Martel made Peter Pompeii submit to the Boston Crab in 0:02:37.
Rating: * 3/4

Martel's dominant win should have been the story, but what became the focal point was not long after Martel had his hand raised, he was nailed from behind by ARN ANDERSON. Bobby Heenan wasn't far behind, barking instructions at Anderson, who finished the assault by drilling Martel with the Gourdbuster. Martel may have gotten past Nick Bockwinkel, but it looks like the Heenan Family isn't done with him yet.

Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka vs. Reggie Parks

An exhibition match for the Superfly. We haven't gotten any word from him about what both Bob Backlund & Jimmy Garvin have said about their respective alliances being done with him, but if that was on his mind, it didn't affect his performance against Reggie Parks. It didn't take long for Snuka to ascend the turnbuckles, hit the Superfly Splash, and get a W.

Jimmy Snuka pinned Reggie Parks with the Superfly Splash in 0:01:59.
Rating: 1/4*


Oh, sweet sassy, it's "Mean" Gene Okerlund and the Live Event Report! Okerlund wasted no time in getting to the big announcement he had promised. He said all of the details have been worked out, and he could now officially say so. On May 11, on MTV, Global Championship Wrestling will be holding a special wrestling event in PRIMETIME! The event will be entitled "Saturday Night Slam Masters" and it will take place in the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, NY. Okerlund said that he could also announce what the main event of this historic show was going to be. He couldn't say for sure who his opponent would be yet because there is a big match pending in Providence, but no matter who the World champion was - either Bob Backlund or Bruiser Brody - they would be defending the championship against DUSTY RHODES! Rhodes scored the decisive fall in the main event at Super Cade, and the Championship Committee has decided that the former 2-time champion is the man to get the coveted title shot. Okerlund assured fans that more matches will be announced in the coming weeks.

Okerlund said there was business to take care of before then though, and that was the April 25 show at the Providence Civic Center. As he mentioned before, the main event will be for the World Title with champion Bob Backlund defending against Bruiser Brody. Okerlund caught up with Brody earlier in the week and got some words. Well, a word, repeated over and over again. Brody is known for being a bit, well, crazy, but during his "promo," all he did was say "HUSS!" over and over again. Either Brody is completely out of his mind, or this is a brilliant piece of strategy to not let Backlund know what's going on in his head. Okerlund said he was happy to announce more matches have been announced. Jim Duggan vs. Dino Bravo had been announced last week, and now because of events that happened earlier in the show, these matches could be announced. Rick Martel wasted no time in going back to President Jack Tunney after Arn Anderson attacked him earlier today and demanded a match. Tunney has signed it, so Martel vs. Anderson will take place in Providence. Not only that, but after their near brawl, the British Bulldogs and the Midnight Express will be locking horns. Though it's not an official top contenders match, one has to think that the winning team will be next in line for a tag title shot. There will be a World Tag Team Title match on the 25th with the Rock N Roll Express taking on the winning team in today's main event. And the final match to be signed for today will be a non-title match between TV champion Magnum T.A. and Tully Blanchard. Since the match will be taking place at a non-televised event, the title will not be on the line, but you know these two want to tear into each other. Tickets are still available but they're going fast, so make sure you join us there live!

Winner receives World Tag Team Title shot on 4/25/85
Ted DiBiase/Barry Windham vs. Nikolai Volkoff/The Iron Sheik

Main event time, and this was a big match for both of these teams because Ted DiBiase & Barry Windham and Nikolai Volkoff & The Iron Sheik were vying for a World Tag Team Title shot. Barry Windham was filled to the brim with energy as this was what DiBiase and he had been working for since DiBiase came to GCW. As a result, Windham was making some mistakes in the early stages of the contest, and the veterans Volkoff & Sheik were eating him alive. That youthful energy changed to a fight for survival. We did get a good indication of how tenacious Windham was because he had to find a way to get out of harm's way time and time again. He would duck a double clothesline attempt by the Foreign Legion and fire back with a double clothesline of his own to give him a chance to make the hot tag. DiBiase came out with fists blazing, taking it right to Volkoff & Sheik. DiBiase went as far as locking Volkoff in the Cobra Clutch, but Sheik hit him from behind to break it up. Windham was back in and tossed Sheik through the ropes to the outside. Referee Dick Kroll turned his attention to getting Windham out of the ring. Windham argued even more when he saw Freddie Blassie toss his cane into Volkoff. Unfortunately, his desire to help his partner ended up causing more harm as Volkoff waffled DiBiase with the cane. Volkoff eliminated the evidence as Kroll saw him making the cover. Windham couldn't make the save in time, and the Foreign Legion are the new #1 contenders.

The Foreign Legion (Nikolai Volkoff and The Iron Sheik) defeated Ted DiBiase and Barry Windham when Volkoff defeated DiBiase via pinfall in 0:13:28.
Rating: ***

It might not have been the most legal way to do it, but Volkoff & Sheik have earned a tag title shot in Providence. The Rock N Roll Express better be careful because if Blassie pulls another stunt like this, we could see new tag team champions.

Match observations:

Monsoon announced as the show ended that we had a huge main event for next week's Superstars. Junkyard Dog's recent challenge for Tony Atlas for an Intercontinental Title match was accepted, and the match has been signed for next week and will be our main event! If that match wasn't big enough, we will also see Stan Hansen take on Bret Hart! See you all next week, folks!

4/25/85 - PROVIDENCE CIVIC CENTER - Providence, RI

WORLD TITLE - Bob Backlund (c) vs. Bruiser Brody
WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES - The Rock 'N Roll Express (c) vs. Nikolai Volkoff/The Iron Sheik
NON-TITLE MATCH - Magnum T.A. vs. Tully Blanchard
The British Bulldogs vs. The Midnight Express
Rick Martel vs. Arn Anderson
Jim Duggan vs. Dino Bravo


WORLD TITLE - Bob Backlund/Bruiser Brody (c) vs. Dusty Rhodes

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