4/19/86 - GCW Superstars

4/19/86 - GCW Superstars (TAPED: 3/31/86)
LOCATION: Mid-Hudson Civic Center - Poughkeepsie, NY

Such an action packed edition of GCW Superstars we have on deck today! Gorilla Monsoon & Mark Niemiller welcomed everyone to the show, and the big news today is of course hearing from Hulk Hogan, who will have a sit down interview with Jesse Ventura later on our show! Niemiller said if Hogan was smart, the interview would be announcing his retirement because once the Heenan Family got a hold of him, he's done. In wrestling action, Intercontinental champion Ted DiBiase is here, as will be Bad News Brown. Niemiller brought up what a big night it is for Bobby Heenan, who will have Arn Anderson going for him, as well as debuting his new protege. Monsoon also brought up the gigantic main event, which will pit Andre the Giant & Rick Martel against World champion King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd! Now to the ring and Howard Finkel!

"The Enforcer" Arn Anderson (w/ Bobby Heenan) vs. Sal Gee

Like was mentioned in the opening, Bobby Heenan did have a big day, starting with "The Enforcer" Arn Anderson competing. Anderson used this as a wrestling display, showcasing his in ring acumen. Poor Sal Gee was trying his best, but he was simply outclassed as Anderson got him with a backslide.

Arn Anderson pinned Sal Gee after a backslide in 0:03:32.
Rating: * 1/4


We went to a vignette for a new superstar coming to GCW by the name of HONKY TONK MAN. Honky Tonk Man was in full Elvis attire, down to the slicked down hair you couldn't move with a chisel. HTM put himself over as the greatest entertainer the world has ever seen, and said he couldn't wait to show the world how he could sing and dance. He said he would do that for everyone on May 3 at Saturday Night Slam Masters. After the video, Monsoon didn't know what to make of it, while Niemiller did one of the worst little dance moves anyone has ever seen while saying he was excited to see Honky Tonk Man on NBC.

Non-Title Match
Ted DiBiase (Intercontinental champion) vs. Terry Morgan

Ted DiBiase was a little worse for wear after the war he went through with Bad News Brown at Super Cade, but he was here to compete and that's exactly what he did with a quick victory over Terry Morgan. One has to wonder who the next man to step up to the plate to challenge for the Intercontinental Title will be.

Ted DiBiase defeated Terry Morgan when Morgan passed out in the Cobra Clutch in 0:02:23.
Rating: *


Bobby Heenan was back out again, and he had a huge smile on his face. The Brain said that when he is in a position of power like he is being the manager of the World and the Television champion, he can pick and choose the greatest talent in the world. Heenan said he has outdone himself this time. The Brain shook off the "Weasel" chants as he unveiled who he promised to be the future of Global Championship Wrestling, and someone who is undoubtedly destined to be a future World champion, a man who is simply "The Total Package"… LEX LUGER.

"The Total Package" Lex Luger (w/ Bobby Heenan) vs. Mario Mancini

Heenan was all smiles as this physical specimen named Lex Luger came down. He certainly looked the part, but we had to see if he could wrestle the part. Mario Mancini didn't stand much of a chance against the power of Luger, who tossed him around before putting him down with a running forearm smash.

Lex Luger pinned Mario Mancini after the Running Forearm Smash in 0:01:20.
Rating: *

Luger picked Mancini up after the match and threw him over the top to the outside. Luger struck a variety of poses as you could practically see Heenan counting his future money. As Luger and Heenan were set to leave, they were stopped by WAHOO MCDANIEL. McDaniel grabbed the mic from Finkel and told the Brain to slow down before crowning Luger the future. Wahoo admitted that Luger looks great, but it takes a lot more than a good look to make it in this business. Wahoo said he's been around a long time and has been through the wars, and he wanted to see what Luger was made of. He challenged him to a match at MSG. Luger laughed, made a few inappropriate age comments about Wahoo, and said it would be his pleasure to put that old fossil out to pasture. Wahoo just left with a smirk on his face.

Bad News Brown vs. John Rizzo

During Bad News Brown's quick dismantling of John Rizzo, Bob Backlund cut an insert promo letting us know that if Brown wanted a fight, he would get it at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday. Monsoon said that match was one he was personally looking forward to.

Bad News Brown pinned John Rizzo with the Ghetto Blaster in 0:01:38.
Rating: -3/4*


"Mean" Gene was on the scene, and excited to tell everyone about the upcoming big events in GCW, starting with Madison Square Garden on Tuesday. As announced earlier, Bob Backlund vs. Bad News Brown and Wahoo McDaniel vs. Lex Luger have been made official, giving us six huge matches so far. The other addition to a show he was able to make was for Saturday Night Slam Masters on May 3 as Honky Tonk Man would be appearing live in his debut. We hope to have more on that card next week.

Andre the Giant/Rick Martel vs. King Kong Bundy (World champion)/Big John Studd (w/ Bobby Heenan)

There was a lot of emotion involved in our feature bout as Andre the Giant & Rick Martel met Big John Studd & World champion King Kong Bundy. It was going to be interesting to see how Martel would react coming off of essentially being jobbed out of the World Title at Super Cade by Ricky Steamboat's treacherous actions. Martel was fuming as he kept yelling toward Bobby Heenan that he wanted Steamboat's head. However, he needed to be focused because Bundy & Studd are as scary a tandem as there is. Heenan wisely informed his team to keep Martel in the ring at all costs, because you don't want to get Andre in there if you can help it. As Martel has made a habit of, he simply wouldn't stay down though despite the best efforts of Studd & the World champ. When Martel finally made some separation with a big dropkick that knocked Bundy a bit loopy, he was within an eyelash of tagging in Andre. Right before though, Studd came around and pulled Andre to the floor and the brawl was on. Martel saw his partner was gone, and turned around into Bundy charging him with the Avalanche. Bundy locked a chokehold on Martel, and when referee Tommy Young tried to get Bundy to stop, Bundy tossed Young to the floor, prompting the disqualification.

Andre the Giant and Rick Martel defeated The Heenan Family (Big John Studd and King Kong Bundy) when Martel defeated Bundy by disqualification in 0:10:19.
Rating: DUD

That will most certainly result in a fine, but I don't think the Heenan Family cared. Andre ended up fending off Studd and getting back in the ring to club Bundy from behind, sending him to the floor in the process. Studd tried to get in the ring but Martel dropkicked him off the apron to end the wrestling portion of our program.


To close out the show, we got perhaps the most anticipated interview in GCW history as we got to hear for the first time from HULK HOGAN. Hogan sat down with Jesse "The Body" Ventura in an interview taped earlier this week. Ventura wasn't looking to be the most welcoming host, insisting that Hogan followed him here to show him up. Hogan assured him that wasn't the case. Hulk explained that the reason he was here is that the whole wrestling world knows that you aren't anybody until you make it in Global Championship Wrestling. Hogan brought up his past, saying he has had success in Japan, he has had success "down south," but he wanted to show the whole world that he could be the best where it truly matters - GCW. Ventura asked Hogan what gave him the right to just walk in her and interject himself into the business of the Heenan Family at Super Cade II. Hogan replied that he had been invited to the Los Angeles Sports Arena by President Jack Tunney to discuss some business. When Hogan saw what the Heenan Family was trying to do to Rick Martel, someone he said was a good man, he had to do what any noble man would do, and that's what's right. He said unlike that traitor Ricky Steamboat, Hogan did the right thing. Ventura said that's all well and good, but now he has to deal with an angry Heenan Family, most notably, the dominant World champion King Kong Bundy. Hogan said he took nothing away from Bundy. He was "one big, bad scary dude." But Hogan had an announcement. He said at Saturday Night Slam Masters, he will have his first singles match in GCW, and it will be challenging Bundy for the World Heavyweight Title. He said one way or another, he was taking the fight right to the Heenan Family and he'd see exactly what Bundy was made of.

Join us next week on Superstars where we will see the Rougeaus meet the Hart Foundation! The Power Company will be in action, and for the first time since his shocking return to GCW, Ricky "the Dragon" Steamboat will be here to hopefully explain what he did at Super Cade. And in the main event, Tully Blanchard defends the Television Title against Koko B. Ware!


4/22/86 - Madison Square Garden - New York, NY

Hulk Hogan/Rick Martel/Andre the Giant vs. King Kong Bundy/Big John Studd/Ricky Steamboat
The Road Warriors vs. Sgt. Slaughter/Stan Hansen
Bob Backlund vs. Bad News Brown
The Barbarian vs. Jimmy Garvin
The Rougeau Brothers vs. The Power Company
Wahoo McDaniel vs. Lex Luger

5/3/86 - SATURDAY NIGHT SLAM MASTERS - Providence Civic Center - Providence, RI

WORLD TITLE - King Kong Bundy (c) vs. Hulk Hogan
Andre the Giant vs. Big John Studd
An appearance by Honky Tonk Man

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