5/18/85 - GCW Superstars

5/18/85 - GCW Superstars (TAPED: 5/7/85)
LOCATION: Mid-Hudson Civic Center - Poughkeepsie, NY

With the success of Saturday Night Slam Masters, the train kept on rolling with today's episode of GCW Superstars! Gorilla Monsoon was once again with Mark Niemiller, and Monsoon let it be known how happy he was not to be with Bobby Heenan this week. Niemiller thanked him for that sentiment, and then moved on to today's show. In a Super Cade rematch, Chavo Guerrero tries to get revenge on King Kong Bundy for his record-setting loss! Also, Ricky Steamboat is in action, along with Bret Hart and Bruiser Brody! We will hear from the Rock 'N Roll Express to get an explanation for why they chose the Midnight Express to defend the World Tag Team Titles against in Boston tonight. And in the main event, Ted DiBiase & Barry Windham meet Nikolai Volkoff & The Iron Sheik!


First thing was first though - "Classy" Freddie Blassie had asked for some interview time, and it was granted to kick off the show. After all, we all had a lot of unanswered questions after Saturday Night Slam Masters. He wasn't alone as he had the mysterious Japanese assassin with him. Blassie got right to the point (after calling the fans in the Mid-Hudson Civic Center 'pencil neck geeks,' of course) and introduced his man as Shiro Koshinaka. Blassie put him over as one of the most dangerous men in all of Japan and the perfect man to take care of his problems in GCW. Blassie said his Foreign Legion is the most devastating force in all of wrestling, and it was criminal that there was an AMERICAN holding the Intercontinental Title. Blassie ended the interview by saying that the Japanese Assassin would be the man to help him secure the title and take it out of America where it belongs.

Gorilla Monsoon straight up called Blassie scum, saying any man from the United States who would go this far to hurt it is the lowest of the low. Niemiller said he doesn't necessarily agree with Blassie's politics, but surely what he is doing is working. He has Jim Duggan Junkyard Dog, and Intercontinental champion Tony Atlas reeling, so it has been effective.

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat vs. Ted Grizzly

It was probably a good thing we were getting into our next match right away because Monsoon was still quite agitated over that opening interview. It was Ricky Steamboat in action, who is coming off a big win at Slam Masters over Tully Blanchard. Steamboat has been on a tear and many experts believe it's not a matter of if he will become the World champion, but when. Somebody who's against that happening any time soon is Bobby Heenan, who is upset about Steamboat stepping into Blanchard's business last Saturday night. We learned during this match that a 6-man tag team match has been signed for tonight in Boston with Blanchard, Eddie Gilbert, & King Kong Bundy taking Steamboat and his partners, Ted DiBiase & Barry Windham. Steamboat had no trouble with Ted Grizzly, putting him down in just over 2 minutes with the Flying Crossbody Press.

Ricky Steamboat pinned Ted Grizzly with the Flying Crossbody Press in 0:02:28.
Rating: **

Bruiser Brody vs. Jeff Craney

Another man coming off a tremendous win was Bruiser Brody, who finally dispatched of Kamala in a violent falls-count-anywhere match at Slam Masters. He didn't have an easy time of it, but as far as his match went today, Jeff Craney is no Ugandan Giant. Craney looked like he wanted to be anywhere in the world other than in the ring with Brody, and I can't say I blamed him. Brody won while hardly breaking a sweat.

Bruiser Brody pinned Jeff Craney with the Bombs Away in 0:02:50.
Rating: 3/4*

He's going to get a much bigger challenge tonight as Niemiller announced that Brody will be taking on Dino Bravo in singles action. Though not a part of any blood feud like Brody's previous matches with Kamala were, still an important match none the less as both men are jockeying for position in the title scene.

Chavo Guerrero vs. King Kong Bundy (w/ Bobby "The Brain" Heenan)

After a commercial break, we had ourselves a rematch from Super Cade with Chavo Guerrero meeting King Kong Bundy. Before the match, we got pre-recorded comments from Guerrero. Chavo brought up the fact that he had never wrestled anyone as big and strong as Bundy, and getting beaten in only 19 seconds at Super Cade was one of the most humbling experiences of his career. Chavo said he knew he was better than that, and knows he is better than he has been since returning to GCW. He mentioned that he is a former Intercontinental champion, and he starts his quest back to that point today. You have to give it to Chavo for his confidence, but you need more than confidence to beat Bundy, especially lately. I don't know what Bobby Heenan has done, but the Brain has Bundy as terrifying as we have ever seen him. Chavo lasted longer than 19 seconds, but it still only took Bundy 2 minutes before a side suplex crushed him to put the match away.

King Kong Bundy pinned Chavo Guerrero after a side suplex in 0:02:00.
Rating: 1/2*

Heenan didn't like what Chavo had to say in his interview, I guess, because after the match, he instructed Bundy to hit Chavo with the Big Splash. Before Bundy would get off of Chavo, he forced referee Joey Marella to make a 5 count, showing just how much he had dominated his opponent. It is a scary proposition for anyone to see their name against Bundy at this point.


Next up we went back to Lord Alfred Hayes, who was standing by with the World Tag Team champions, the Rock 'N Roll Express, and their good friends, the British Bulldogs, along with "Captain" Lou Albano. Hayes mentioned that Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson will be defending their titles tonight in Boston against the Midnight Express, a decision that has been the center of a lot of controversy this week. Hayes asked the RnR why they chose to defending against the Midnights instead of choosing their partners in the 8-man tag, the Bulldogs. Morton said he knew it would be an unpopular decision, especially with Dynamite Kid & Davey Boy Smith. Gibson said it was not meant to show any disrespect toward the Bulldogs, who they consider close friends. Morton said it simply came down to wanting to shut Jim Cornette and the Midnight Express up once and for all. Cornette has been a constant thorn in their side since they regained the titles, and they chose to give the Midnight Express the title shot to put any questions that they were ducking them to rest. This answer didn't sit well with the Bulldogs and Albano. Albano said they thought they had a deal and that they were friends, but apparently not. Albano said the Bulldogs were going to go out there right now and prove to everyone why they should be getting the title shot. The Bulldogs and Albano stormed away, leaving the Rock 'N Roll Express speechless.

The British Bulldogs (w/ "Captain" Lou Albano) vs. Reggie Parks/Frank Marconi

If we learned one thing from this match against Reggie Parks & Frank Marconi, it's that you don't want to wrestle the British Bulldogs when they're angry. Dynamite Kid & Davey Boy Smith wanted to prove they were the rightful #1 contenders, not the Midnight Express. This match was short, but it was not painless. Dynamite Kid's Flying Headbutt on Parks put this one in the bag.

The British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid) defeated Reggie Parks and Frank Marconi when Dynamite Kid pinned Parks with the Flying Headbutt in 0:01:35.
Rating: * 1/2

Niemiller said if the Bulldogs were trying to send a message, it was sent loud and clear. Monsoon had to agree, and said that they might not be getting the title shot tonight, but the Bulldogs are sure to get a title shot soon.

Bret "Hitman" Hart (w/ Mr. Fuji) vs. Gene Ligon

A nice exhibition match for Bret Hart. The Hitman was involved in a major match at Super Cade and got a lot of mainstream press because of being involved with Cyndi Lauper (albeit it on the opposing side), but after losing that big payoff match, he hasn't been able to regain his footing. Now beating Gene Ligon with the Sharpshooter isn't going to put him in the Hall of Fame or anything, but sometimes a win like this is all that is needed to get you back in the right direction. With some backstage rumors spreading around that Mr. Fuji is looking to set up some Hollywood deals for both Don Muraco and Hart, the Hitman can use all the wins he can get.

Bret Hart made Gene Ligon submit to the Sharpshooter in 0:03:47.
Rating: **


"Mean" Gene Okerlund seems to get extra excited on big show days, and today was no exception as he talked about tonight's show at the Boston Garden on the Live Event Report. The big talk of the show is the main event for the World Title with champion Bob Backlund putting the title on the line against Stan Hansen. Okerlund went over the history between these two men, mentioning it was Backlund who injured Hansen's arm late last year and essentially stole the World Title from the Lariat in the process. More recently, Okerlund showed footage from Saturday Night Slam Masters where Hansen attacked Backlund, and in the process costing Dusty Rhodes the title. We cut to an interview from Hansen, where he told Rhodes he shouldn't take it personally, but if he did take it personally, he didn't give a damn. Hansen said it had been 6 months since Backlund stole the World Title from him, and he has been waiting for the moment to take it back. That moment comes tonight, bellowed the Lariat. Hansen said he got the American Dream disqualified at Slam Masters because he wanted to be the one who took the title from Backlund. He finished by saying nothing was going to stop him from being the World champion for a third time.

Okerlund hit the rest of the card, first mentioning the other title match - The Rock 'N Roll Express vs. The Midnight Express for the World Tag Team Titles. He brought up what happened earlier and how the British Bulldogs were upset about not getting this title shot. Okerlund announced that the Bulldogs would be in action though and could further cement their case when they take on Nikolai Volkoff & The Iron Sheik. Okerlund ran down the rest of the card, which includes Jimmy Snuka vs. Jimmy Garvin, Rick Martel vs. Arn Anderson in a 2-out-of-3 falls match, Ricky Steamboat, Ted DiBiase, & Barry Windham taking on the Heenan Family, Bruiser Brody vs. Dino Bravo, and the Rougeau Brothers taking on Don Muraco & Bret Hart. The show is a near sellout, but you can get some last minute tickets, but you have to act now!

Ted DiBiase/Barry Windham vs. Nikolai Volkoff/The Iron Sheik (w/ "Classy" Freddie Blassie)

It was time for our main event, and both of these teams would be in action tonight in Boston as well. Ted DiBiase has had glowing reviews for how Barry Windham has been as a tag team partner, but admits that as a team, they still have a ways to go. A win over Nikolai Volkoff & The Iron Sheik would take them a long way in that direction. Windham has all the talent in the world, but his youthful exuberance often gets the better of him. "Classy" Freddie Blassie is the master of agitation as well, which didn't bode well for Windham. Every time Windham would get some offense going, Blassie would offer some sort of distraction that got the Foreign Legion back on track. Eventually, he did one distraction too many, and it sent DiBiase into a fury! Blassie had reached in to trip Windham up, and that was the last straw. DiBiase jumped to the floor and chased after Blassie! Blassie narrowly got away before Volkoff dropped down and got in the way. DiBiase and Volkoff were exchanging blows on the floor, distracting Danny Davis so he didn't see Sheik put a thumb in Windham's eye! Sheik hit a bodyslam and then put on the Camel Clutch. DiBiase tried to get in for the save, but Volkoff pulled him back out and tossed him into the guardrail. Windham couldn't get out as Sheik had the hold on tight, and this one was over.

The Foreign Legion (Nikolai Volkoff and The Iron Sheik) defeated Ted DiBiase and Barry Windham when Sheik defeated Windham when Windham passed out in the Camel Clutch in 0:07:36.
Rating: *** 1/2

Big win for the Foreign Legion going into tonight's clash with the British Bulldogs. DiBiase & Windham, however, will need to regroup to prepare for the Heenan Family.

Match observations:

We sure to join us next week on Superstars, where we will have all the results from tonight's Boston Garden show! Not only that, but we will be seeing Blassie's Japanese Assassin, Shiro Koshinaka in action for the first time as he takes on "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan! The Rougeau Brothers will meet the Midnight Express too, along with a lot of other great action that you will not want to miss!

5/18/85 - BOSTON GARDEN - Boston, MA

WORLD TITLE - Bob Backlund (c) vs. Stan Hansen
WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES - The Rock 'N Roll Express (c) vs. The Midnight Express
2-OUT-OF-3 FALLS - Rick Martel vs. Arn Anderson
Jimmy Snuka vs. Jimmy Garvin
Ricky Steamboat/Ted DiBiase/Barry Windham vs. Tully Blanchard/Eddie Gilbert/King Kong Bundy
The Rougeau Brothers vs. Don Muraco/Bret Hart
The British Bulldogs vs. Nikolai Volkoff/The Iron Sheik
Bruiser Brody vs. Dino Bravo

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