5/3/86 - GCW Superstars

5/3/86 - GCW Superstars (TAPED: 4/21/86)
LOCATION: Mid-Hudson Civic Center - Poughkeepsie, NY

The Barbarian vs. "The Japanese Assassin" Shiro Koshinaka

No one has really even come close to stopping The Barbarian since he burst on the scene in GCW. Shiro Koshinaka took his shot at it today, but the Japanese Assassin didn't fare much better. He's a very talented competitor but The Barbarian's brute strength simply overwhelmed him as he remained undefeated. Monsoon wondered aloud if there was anybody capable of stopping The Barbarian. Niemiller admitted he has looked dominant, but nobody is unstoppable.

The Barbarian pinned Shiro Koshinaka with the Diving Headbutt in 0:03:06.
Rating: * 3/4


After commercial, we got a pre-recorded announcement from the office of GCW President Jack Tunney. Tunney said that as a result of how our program ended last week, a 6-man tag team match had been signed for tonight's Saturday Night Slam Masters. Koko B. Ware will team with The Mexican Eagles to take on Television champion Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson, & Lex Luger of the Heenan Family. We then cut to videos from the competitors involved, both teams essentially saying the same thing - they are going to win tonight on NBC.

"The Total Package" Lex Luger (w/ Bobby "The Brain" Heenan) vs. Serge Jodoin

Speaking of Lex Luger, he was up in our next match. The Total Package continued to show what kind of future he has by making short and easy work out of Serge Jodoin.

Lex Luger pinned Serge Jodoin after a powerslam in 0:01:30.
Rating: -1/2*

After the match, the man that Luger beat at MSG, WAHOO MCDANIEL, came down and grabbed Howard Finkel's mic. He echoed what he said at MSG, telling Luger that he has one big future here, but that he showed he was a punk when he blew him off after their match. He told Luger not to listen to that weasel Bobby Heenan, and to do the right thing and shake his hand like a man. Luger looked very tentative about it as the Brain implored the Total Package to just leave. As the fans cheered it on though, Luger caved in and did the right thing - or so we thought. Luger did shake Wahoo's hand, but as soon as Wahoo turned his back, Luger nailed him from behind. The crowd booed as Luger put the boots to Wahoo, but little did they know it was about to get worse. Luger pulled Wahoo to the corner and wrapped his leg around the ring post. Heenan handed his charge a steel chair which Luger used to smash Wahoo's knee. This seems to be a theme of the Heenan Family lately. Luger hit Wahoo's knee several more times, all but shattering Wahoo's kneecap. Wahoo had to be stretchered out of the arena. It's too soon to say, but Monsoon & Niemiller speculated that McDaniel's GCW career may have just come to a violent end.

Big John Studd (w/ Bobby "The Brain" Heenan) vs. Don Driggers/Ron Shaw

During this dominant squash by Big John Studd of two overmatched opponent, Bobby Heenan & Studd gave an insert promo. Nothing ground-breaking, saying that after tonight's Saturday Night Slam Masters, he was going to show himself to be the one and only true giant of wrestling when he meets Andre the Giant. That, as they say, remains to be seen.

Big John Studd defeated Don Driggers and Ron Shaw when Studd pinned Shaw with the Backbreaker in 0:02:47.
Rating: -* 1/2

Non-Title Match
The Rock 'N Roll Express (World Tag Team champions) vs. Scott McGhee/John Centeno

We got to see the World Tag Team champions in action next as Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson brought the heat against Scott McGhee & John Centeno. Nothing more than a display of the talents of the 3-time champions.

The Rock 'N Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson) defeated Scott McGhee and John Centeno when R. Morton pinned McGhee after the Double Dropkick in 0:01:41.
Rating: * 1/4

After the bout, they were joined in the ring by Lord Alfred Hayes, who asked what was next for the reigning tag champs. Morton & Gibson said that the tag team division in GCW has never been better, and there are a lot of worthy contenders. Gibson said that they have always prided themselves on their willingness to take on all comers, and this third title reign would be no different. At this point they were interrupted by JIMMY HART & THE HART FOUNDATION. Bret Hart proclaimed that if the Rock 'N Roll Express were looking for their next challengers, look no further than the Hart Foundation. Jim Neidhart added that if they didn't believe them, just watch what they did to the Rougeau Brothers tonight. We went to commercial with the two teams engaged in a staredown.


"Mean" Gene was fired up as usual as he ran down the card for tonight's Saturday Night Slam Masters airing on NBC. The main story is obviously going to be the World Heavyweight Title clash between King Kong Bundy and Hulk Hogan. Okerlund went into detail about what went down in the 6-man tag at MSG with Bundy essentially running from Hogan and Hogan getting the pin on Ricky Steamboat. A clip was shown of the Heenan Family after the match all but losing their minds about what happened, Steamboat saying that he would make personally sure Hogan didn't leave Slam Masters with the World Title. Back to Okerlund, who was joined by his guest RICK MARTEL. Martel said he heard Steamboat's words, and he was making a promise to Hulk Hogan and all of the GCW fans - the Dragon would not be a factor in tonight's title match. Martel concluded by saying that on May 24 in Pittsburgh, he would make sure Steamboat wouldn't be a factor in GCW period. Okerlund thanked Martel and finished by saying that he would have more updates on the Pittsburgh show next week.

Animal (w/ Hawk/Paul Ellering) vs. Stan "The Lariat" Hansen (w/ Sgt. Slaughter)

This one was set to combust from the start. Animal and Stan Hansen are two guys bound to get out of control under normal circumstances. Add their tag team partners at ringside, and it was not a matter of if, but when this one would turn into a debacle. Referee Tommy Young was in the most unenviable position of keeping order in this match, and he did the best he could. But once Hansen tossed Animal to the outside, all bets were off. Slaughter came over to immediately get involved, but Hawk cut him off and those two started fighting. Animal took exception to this and nailed Slaughter in the back. Hansen jumped to the floor and attacked Animal again, and Tommy Young had no choice but to throw this one out.

Animal and Stan Hansen battled to a double disqualification in 0:07:14.
Rating: ** 1/2

The show came to a close with all four men tearing each other, and subsequently all of the ringside area, apart.

Next week on Superstars, we will have the fallout of Saturday Night Slam Masters! On the program, Ricky Steamboat will be in action, as will the Rougeau Brothers! Andre the Giant will be here as well, and in a huge main event, we will see Bob Backlund taking on Bad News Brown! See you tonight in Providence!


Based on the chaos at the end of the broadcast, it was announced that on May 24 in Pittsburgh, the Civic Arena will host a match between Hawk & Sgt. Slaughter, and to prevent any kind of large brawl like this taking place, tag team partners will be banned from ringside.

5/3/86 - SATURDAY NIGHT SLAM MASTERS - Providence Civic Center - Providence, RI

WORLD TITLE - King Kong Bundy (c) vs. Hulk Hogan
INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE - Ted DiBiase (c) vs. Adrian Adonis
Andre the Giant vs. Big John Studd
The Rougeau Brothers vs. The Hart Foundation
Jimmy Garvin vs. Steve Regal
Koko B. Ware/The Mexican Eagles vs. Tully Blanchard/Arn Anderson/Lex Luger
An appearance by Honky Tonk Man

5/24/86 - Civic Arena - Pittsburgh, PA

Rick Martel vs. Ricky Steamboat

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