6/1/85 - GCW Superstars

6/1/85 - GCW Superstars (TAPED: 5/7/85)
LOCATION: Mid-Hudson Civic Center - Poughkeepsie, NY

It's officially June, which means summer is almost here! And just like the weather, the action in Global Championship Wrestling is heating up! This show was going to big, and Gorilla Monsoon and Mark Niemiller were here to run the show down to start it off. In action today, Rick Martel, Kamala, Jimmy "Jam" Garvin, and the Television Title is on the line when Magnum T.A. defends against "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert!

Before we got to our first match, Monsoon & Niemiller were unexpectedly joined by BOB BACKLUND. Monsoon asked what the World champion was doing here, and Backlund said he was down here to scout tag team partners, of course. He also mentioned that with the egos of Dusty Rhodes & Stan Hansen, he could probably do it without a partner, but GCW officials won't let him do that. Niemiller asked if he had any front runners out there right now, and Backlund said it's an open playing field. Anyone who impresses him has a shot to team with the champ. With that, we headed to our first match.

Non-Title Match
"Mr. USA" Tony Atlas (Intercontinental champion) vs. Steve Lombardi

As Tony Atlas wrestled his match against Steve Lombardi, Monsoon asked Backlund about teaming with the Intercontinental champion at MSG. Backlund put over Atlas as one of the top wrestlers going today (you don't become IC champ by being a bum) but added that with how distracted Atlas is with Freddie Blassie and the Foreign Legion, he wouldn't make a good partner. If Atlas was distracted, he didn't it here. Atlas showed a diverse wrestling game, not just relying on his power, but bringing some mat work to the table. He countered a Lombardi backdrop with a sunset flip and using that strength, held him down for the 3 count.

Tony Atlas pinned Steve Lombardi after a sunset flip in 0:05:11.
Rating: * 3/4

Atlas yelled into the camera after the match that he wanted a piece of Shiro Koshinaka. No word on if that challenge has been accepted, but we do know that Koshinaka will wrestle Junkyard Dog next week on Superstars.


Before our next match, Lord Alfred Hayes was backstage with Jimmy "Jam" Garvin and the mystery woman he had with him in Boston. Hayes asked who the woman was. Garvin introduced her as PRECIOUS, his own personal valet. Garvin said when you look as good as he does, you have a lot of needs that have to be fulfilled. Booking flights. Booking hotels. Making sure all of his sweet ring jackets are the proper amount of sparkly. Precious chimed in at this point, letting Hayes know how lucky he should feel to be in the presence of such greatness and to stop crowding the Jammer. Garvin took Precious by the arm and strutted away as Hayes shook his head flabbergasted.

Jimmy "Jam" Garvin (w/ Precious) vs. Angelo Gomez

We now know who the woman is - Precious - and she is quite the asset. She is an attractive woman and proved she isn't shy about flaunting it to distract Garvin's opponent, Angelo Gomez. Monsoon was beside himself about this blatant interference, but Niemiller was too busy drooling over Precious to get too worried about it. It's interesting to note that Backlund showered Garvin with a lot of praise, considering the falling out they had after Super Cade. Monsoon pressed the issue, but Backlund wouldn't comment if Jimmy Jam would be the partner or not. Garvin did hit the DDT on Gomez and picked up an easy win.

Jimmy Garvin pinned Angelo Gomez with the DDT in 0:02:52.
Rating: -1/2*

Rick Martel vs. Rusty Brooks

Rick Martel was in action next, and as he was coming to the ring, an insert promo ran with Martel and RICKY STEAMBOAT. They announced that on June 21, they will be forming a team to take on Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson. Martel said that Bobby Heenan has been a thorn in his side for too long now, and that with the Dragon in his corner, he'd be done with the Heenan Family for good. Steamboat specifically talked about Blanchard, noting that there is no one cockier on the planet. But he said he beat Blanchard once at Saturday Night Slam Masters, and he would do it again at Madison Square Garden. To the match itself, Martel was crisp as always, putting Rusty Brooks away in short order.

Rick Martel pinned Rusty Brooks after a backslide in 0:03:14.
Rating: 3/4*


After a commercial break, we went right into a vignette with Mr. Fuji & "The Magnificent" Don Muraco. As they have done before, they were out in Hollywood. This was more specific though, as we saw Muraco getting ready to go into a room for an audition. Fuji is with him, and there is one other man there, another actor waiting to go in for his audition. This man is warming up, doing a variety of tongue twisters, which is grating the nerves of Fuji. Fuji finally can't take anymore and throws salt in this man's eyes, causing him to scream and run away blindly. Just then, the stage manager comes out of the room and calls for this man, but Muraco steps up and says that loser is gone and the man for the part was right here. Muraco goes in and proceeds to give the worst Shakespeare monologue of all-time. Muraco leaves with a big smile on his face, confident he just got the role. The last camera shot was of the director, shaking his head in disbelief at what he just saw.

Match #4
"The Ugandan Giant" Kamala (w/ Kim Chee) vs. Israel Matia

Bob Backlund was very impressed with a man in our next match, and that man was the Ugandan Giant. Backlund admitted he wasn't sure how communication with Kamala is, but he definitely was a beast and nearly unstoppable in the ring. Ask Israel Matia, who had absolutely no answers for Kamala. Kamala hit the Air Africa and won the match.

Kamala pinned Israel Matia with the Air Africa in 0:01:54.
Rating: -3/4*

The Ugandan Giant was not even close to done, as he hit two more Air Africas on the defenseless Matia. As Kim Chee was calling for a third post-match Air Africa, Backlund was getting up and indicated to Monsoon and Niemiller that he was going to ask Kamala to be his partner. He wouldn't get that far as BARRY WINDHAM ran out to save Matia! Windham fired up Kamala with a flurry of punches, knocking him out of the ring with one big Discus punch. Kamala had to be physically restrained by Kim Chee from going back in the ring. We went to our next segment with Monsoon and Niemiller speculating why Windham would get involved like that (Niemiller's leading theory was that he had a death wish).


We have a Madison Square Garden show coming up, and the most excited man about it was none other than our favorite bowtie wearing announcer, "Mean" Gene Okerlund, who brought us the Live Event Report! The main event is on everyone's mind, and there are still a lot of unanswered questions about it. We know one side of the equation - it will be "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes teaming with Stan "The Lariat" Hansen. Problem is, these two aren't getting along. Okerlund was joined in the studio by Rhodes himself, and asked the Dream about the turmoil with Hansen. Rhodes said it doesn't surprise him. Even when Hansen and he were friends, Rhodes said they never really got along. He added that they are men of two different personalities, but it's like brothers - sometimes they butt heads, but when push comes to shove, they'll work together to take down Bob Backlund. Okerlund asked if Rhodes said he was worried about who Backlund would choose as a tag team partner. Rhodes knew it would be someone formidable - for all of Backlund's faults, he's not stupid. But the Dream said he is focused and there's nothing that's going to stop Hansen and him from being victorious on June 21.

After Rhodes left the studio, Okerlund brought up the other two matches signed for the event so far. Okerlund said it's looking to be a night of great tag team action, as not only is the main event a big tag team match, but so are the other two matches currently signed. The first is a highly anticipated World Tag Team Title match pitting the Rock 'N Roll Express defending their titles against the British Bulldogs. Though these two teams are friends, a lot of bad blood has been brewing ever since Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson chose to defend against the Midnight Express at our last house show instead of the Bulldogs. The Bulldogs have their shot now, and they looked poised to make the best of this opportunity. The other match, which was announced earlier today on Superstars, will have Rick Martel & Ricky Steamboat teaming for the first time to take on Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard. Martel's issues with the Heenan Family go back years, ever since Nick Bockwinkel broke his neck in a match. Steamboat has had his troubles with them as well, becoming a target after he stepped in for Magnum T.A. to defeat Blanchard at Saturday Night Slam Masters. The match is sure to be spectacular at MSG. Okerlund reminded fans that tickets are still available but the show is sure to sell out, so don't delay and get your tickets today!

Television Title Match
Magnum T.A. (c) vs. "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert (w/ Bobby "The Brain" Heenan)

The main event was a title match, with Magnum T.A. defending the Television Title against "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert of the Heenan Family. Bobby Heenan has not been shy about how he wants the TV Title, accusing Magnum of deliberately hiding from Tully Blanchard at Slam Masters to keep his championship. Monsoon had some serious issues with that, saying Magnum is a proud man and he couldn't be at Slam Masters because of travel issues. Niemiller wasn't buying it, and neither was Backlund. Backlund said he knew how Magnum was, and called him a sneak, adding that there is no way Magnum T.A. would be his partner. Magnum came out fast against Gilbert, but one of Hot Stuff's best traits is his ability to frustrate an opponent through stalling and cheap tactics. Any time Magnum would get some offense going, Gilbert would take a powder to the outside. The third time this happened, Magnum went out after him. After a Heenan distraction, Gilbert knocked Magnum into the ring post, and the tide turned. Gilbert went after Magnum with a renewed vigor, knowing the door was cracked open now to win the TV Title - he just had to walk in. Magnum wasn't ready to relinquish the title just yet though, and kept fighting back. He eventually caught Gilbert completely off guard and planted him with the Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Magnum only got a two count though, because TULLY BLANCHARD ran in and broke it up, leading to the disqualification!

Magnum T.A. defeated Eddie Gilbert by disqualification in 0:12:29.
Rating: ** 1/2
(Magnum T.A. retained the GCW Television Title.)
[Tully Blanchard interfered against Magnum T.A.]

Blanchard was all over Magnum, peppering him with punches before hitting the Slingshot Suplex. The attack could have been a lot worse, but RICK MARTEL ran down and chased him off. The show went off the air with Martel standing in the ring holding Blanchard at bay.

Match observations:

Next week on Superstars, we will learn more about the upcoming Madison Square Garden show! Also, we will see Junkyard Dog take his crack at revenge against Shiro Koshinaka as they go one-on-one! See you next week, everybody!

6/21/85 - MADISON SQUARE GARDEN - New York, NY

Bob Backlund/TBA vs. Dusty Rhodes/Stan Hansen
WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES - The Rock 'N Roll Express (c) vs. The British Bulldogs
Rick Martel/Ricky Steamboat vs. Arn Anderson/Tully Blanchard

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