6/29/85 - GCW Superstars

6/29/85 - GCW Superstars (TAPED: 6/17/85)
LOCATION: Mid-Hudson Civic Center - Poughkeepsie, NY

Summer is officially here, and this is the time of year when the chaos in GCW really starts to heat up! Gorilla Monsoon & Mark Niemiller were here to guide us through GCW Superstars. A big show on hand, with Bad News Brown in action, as well as the debut of the Fabulous Ones! In addition, we have Wahoo McDaniel making his first appearance on Superstars since returning to GCW, Arn Anderson is here, as well as Bruiser Brody! And to top it off, a big main event as Barry Windham and his new found no-fear attitude take on former World champion, Stan Hansen! But first, we cut back to an interview that was recorded earlier in the day. Monsoon said to watch all the way to the end, because what happens is simply shocking.


We cut back to a very serious looking Dusty Rhodes. Generally, the American Dream has a little fun in his promos, even if he is talking about a very serious issue. Not today. Rhodes said he had heard what Stan Hansen had to say at the end of Superstars last week. Rhodes said the time for this to end with Hansen is well past due. Rhodes admitted that the relationship with the Lariat had always been shaky, going way back to the days of the Texas Outlaws. They've had their battles in the past, and they sometimes got ugly, but in the end, he always at least respected Hansen. "Not anymore." Rhodes said Hansen walking out on him made him nothing more than a coward, and cowards get no respect. Rhodes also said that if Hansen was hoping he was going to keep his distance and let this slide, he was even stupider than he looked. Rhodes was about to finish up the interview, when out of nowhere he was blindsided by a chair! We had no idea who did it, but we heard someone yelling, "THE AMERICAN DREAM IS DEAD! THE AMERICA DREAM IS DEAD!" Finally the man stepped into the screen holding the chair and it was… SGT. SLAUGHTER!? What is he doing here? The interview came to an abrupt end when Slaughter pushed the camera, causing it to lose the feed.

Back to the arena, and Monsoon & Niemiller both could not believe what they just saw. Slaughter hasn't been seen in GCW in years, and now he's suddenly back attacking Dusty Rhodes? Monsoon was happy to report that Rhodes was shaken up, but managed to escape serious injury as security took Slaughter away before any further damage could be done. Niemiller threw it to the ring for our next match, still in disbelief over Slaughter's return.

Bad News Brown vs. Gary Starr

Monsoon & Niemiller were distracted during this match while discussing what had happened with Rhodes & Slaughter, but that didn't stop Bad News Brown from dominating his opponent this week, Gary Starr. Monsoon did comment on how dominating the Harlem street brawler has been recently, commenting that going out on his own may have been good for him. Niemiller agreed but said he needed to see the lone wolf go against some tougher competition before he could tell just how far this man was going to go. Starr was not that tougher competition, but he ate the Ghetto Blaster regardless and that was that.

Bad News Brown pinned Gary Starr with the Ghetto Blaster in 0:02:53.
Rating: 1/4*

Monsoon did mention post-match that Brown is a part of the 16-man field for the King of the Ring, and maybe his time to take the next step will be then.

Bruiser Brody vs. Steve Lombardi

Speaking of men in the King of the Ring, another man in the tournament was up next in the form of Bruiser Brody. Brody has perhaps the toughest first round draw in the tournament, having to take on King Kong Bundy. The two have battled before, but Bundy has been nearly unstoppable in recent months. Still, Brody is Brody and is certainly not going to be intimidated by anyone. Steve Lombardi was his draw tonight, and the young man from New York City was here to fight. He didn't back down from Brody at all, punching Brody right in the jaw early and often. You had to admire the gumption, but Brody is someone that seems to get stronger the more you battle him. Lombardi couldn't find enough fire power to overcome Brody, eating the Bombs Away and a loss.

Bruiser Brody pinned Steve Lombardi with the Bombs Away in 0:04:15.
Rating: ** 1/4

Monsoon said Brody might be the man to win the King of the Ring - IF he can focus more on winning instead of fighting. Niemiller said there was little to no chance of that happening - Brody loves to fight way too much.

The Fabulous Ones vs. Mike Moore/Brian Mackney

Right before we were about to start go to commercial, we got the introduction of the Fabulous Ones, Stan Lane & Steve Keirn. Well, the first part of it anyway. As "Sharp Dressed Man" by ZZ Top started, Lane & Keirn strutted out from behind the curtain… and then managed to take the longest journey to get to the ring in Superstars' short history. In fact, the Fabulous Ones were barely halfway to the ring when we cut it to commercial. When we got back to the show several minutes later, the Fabulous Ones were FINALLY getting into the ring. Monsoon speculated that we have never seen a more arrogant tag team in GCW's history, to which Niemiller countered by saying they were confident, not cocky. After watching them in action, they may very well deserve to be cocky, because they were highly impressive. Some tremendous tag team moves, and even with taking the time to play to the crowd, this one was never in any doubt. You couldn't ask for a better debut than this.

The Fabulous Ones (Steve Keirn and Stan Lane) defeated Mike Moore and Brian Mackney when S. Keirn pinned Mackney with the Facedrill in 0:03:46.
Rating: 3/4*

After the match while Lane & Keirn were dancing around the ring, we cut to the back where the Rock 'N Roll Express & the British Bulldogs were standing by for a brief interview. Monsoon asked them if they had seen the debut of the Fabulous Ones. Robert Gibson commented that they had, and that they all were impressed. Gibson said though that at King of the Ring, it will be an 8-man tag team match, and by the looks of things, the Fabulous Ones & the Electric Dream Machine are way too into themselves to get along. Niemiller chimed in and asked how the Express & the Bulldogs were going to work together, especially after the 45-minute draw in the Garden solved nothing. Davey Boy Smith told Niemiller not to cause any trouble. He said the four of them were on the same page, and there was no doubt Morton & Gibson were going to give them the title rematch that they deserve. The Rock 'N Roll Express looked taken aback by this, but didn't get to respond before we headed back to the ring.

"The Enforcer" Arn Anderson (w/ Bobby "The Brain" Heenan) vs. Aldo Marino

Back in the ring, Arn Anderson was already there ready to begin his match with Aldo Marino. The Enforcer was in a pretty rotten mood after he was pinned by Ricky Steamboat in the tag team match last Friday, and he took it out on Marino. Anderson picked Marino apart before planting him with a DDT for the quick victory.

Arn Anderson pinned Aldo Marino after a DDT in 0:02:04.
Rating: * 1/2


After Marino rolled out of the ring, King Kong Bundy joined Bobby Heenan & Arn Anderson in the ring. Bundy grabbed the microphone, and by the look on Heenan's face this was unplanned. Bundy made it clear that after helping Bob Backlund win the tag team main event at Madison Square Garden, he wanted a shot at the World Title. Heenan quickly stepped in and tried to discreetly as possible let Bundy know that couldn't happen right now. Bundy again reiterated that he wanted a title shot, and this time Heenan was a little more stern about the fact that couldn't happen right now. Bundy asked why, and Heenan skirted around the issue like the sneaky man he is. All Heenan could say is that he has something else planned for Bundy. Bundy didn't look happy, but he left with Heenan without incident.

Wahoo McDaniel vs. Sal Gee

It has been over a decade since Wahoo McDaniel has been in Global Championship Wrestling. Wahoo recently turned 47 years old, and has had a great career by all accounts, not only in GCW but around the world. His return to GCW was a bit of a surprise, but we got a little insight why he was here in an insert promo. Wahoo said he is a grizzled old veteran and he knows his career is winding down. He still had a little fuel in the tank though and wanted to prove himself against the best wrestlers in the world. Wahoo is going to have a lot of competition in GCW, but he didn't have much difficulty with Sal Gee, putting him down and out with the Indian Deathlock.

Wahoo McDaniel made Sal Gee submit to the Indian Deathlock in 0:01:42.
Rating: 1/2*


"Mean" Gene Okerlund is becoming known for getting some big guests on the Live Event Report, but he has never had one bigger than he had this week - literally! His guest was none other than the great Andre the Giant. Okerlund asked Andre about the challenge Bobby Heenan issued last week. Andre called Heenan nothing but a little weasel and he's filled his family with nothing but lies. He wasn't going to join up with a bunch of jerks like that, and if Heenan had a problem with that, he could come get him. Okerlund said the Brain did challenge Andre for one of his charges to take on Andre in Philadelphia. Andre said he didn't back down from any challengers and he accepted this one. Okerlund let Andre know Heenan had told him earlier who the opponent would be, and that was going to be "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert. Andre said he would cool Gilbert down in Philly. After Andre left, Okerlund said with the addition of that match, we now have four contests signed for the July 27 show in Philadelphia at the Spectrum. He reminded everyone about Junkyard Dog getting his shot at the Intercontinental Title against the turncoat champion, Tony Atlas, Ricky Steamboat & Tully Blanchard settling their differences in a no-DQ match, and the British Bulldogs take on the Fabulous Ones!

But Okerlund reminded everyone that before we got to Philly, we had a stop at Sullivan Stadium in Foxboro, MA for the second King of the Ring! Sixteen men will vie for the crown of the King of the Ring. We got short interviews from four of those men - Jim Duggan, Dino Bravo (with Jimmy Hart), Chavo Guerrero, and Bret Hart. The gist of all of the interviews was the same - "I'm going to win the tournament." Everyone is confident going into the tournament, and it makes sense. With a tournament, anything can happen. Everyone has as good a shot as the next guy. The only way to see who is crowned the king? To be there live in Foxboro!

Barry Windham vs. Stan "The Lariat" Hansen

Barry Windham has found a new confidence in himself that is making him take some risks. The risk paid off at MSG when he defeated Kamala, but it was unsure how it would pay off against Stan Hansen in our main event. As the match started, this new found moxie was looking like it was going to lead to a trip to the winner's circle for Windham. Windham has great speed for a big man, and he was beating Hansen to the punch at every step. It wasn't until Hansen caught Windham with a fallaway slam that it got ugly for the youngster. Hansen is normally an angry man, but the early flurry of offense from Windham just served to piss him off. Windham did his best to stay in it, but Hansen beat the stuffing out of him, finally putting him away with the Lariat.

Stan Hansen pinned Barry Windham with the Lariat in 0:07:15.
Rating: ** 3/4

Hansen wasn't done proving his point though, choosing to continue the beatdown of Windham. Hansen hit Windham with two more Lariats before heading to the floor to obtain a chair. He never got a chance to use it though as TED DIBIASE ran down and pulled Windham to safety. DiBiase yelled threats at Hansen as we went off the air.

Match observations:

Join us next week on Superstars, where we will see Chavo Guerrero meet Dino Bravo! Also, the entire Foreign Legion will be in 8-man tag action, Ricky Steamboat will be here, as will Rick Martel! And the main event will see Don Muraco defending the Television Title against "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan!


16-man King of the Ring Tournament - First Round Matches

Ricky Steamboat vs. Bret Hart
Junkyard Dog vs. Tully Blanchard
Jim Duggan vs. Stan Hansen
Wahoo McDaniel vs. Dino Bravo
Rick Martel vs. Arn Anderson
Chavo Guerrero vs. Shiro Koshinaka
Bruiser Brody vs. King Kong Bundy
Ted DiBiase vs. Bad News Brown


The Rock 'N Roll Express/The British Bulldogs vs. The Fabulous Ones/The Electric Dream Machine

7/27/85 - THE SPECTRUM - Philadelphia, PA

INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE - Tony Atlas (c) vs. Junkyard Dog
NO-DISQUALIFICATION - Ricky Steamboat vs. Tully Blanchard
The British Bulldogs vs. The Fabulous Ones
Andre the Giant vs. Eddie Gilbert

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