6/8/85 - GCW Superstars

6/8/85 - GCW Superstars (TAPED: 6/4/85)
LOCATION: Mid-Hudson Civic Center - Poughkeepsie, NY


The show kicked off in unorthodox fashion as we were immediately in the New York office of GCW President Jack Tunney. Tunney, sitting behind his desk, said that due to missing scheduled appearances, most notably the scheduled title defense against Tully Blanchard at Saturday Night Slam Masters, Magnum T.A. has been fired and the Television Title has been vacated. Tunney said it was a tough decision for the Championship Committee and himself to make, but after much deliberation, this was deemed best for Global Championship Wrestling. Tunney wished Magnum T.A. the best in the future. Tunney added that the Television Title would not be vacant for long as today on Superstars, there would be a 12-man battle royal, the winner of which would be crowned the new TV champion.

We cut to the arena and the announcers, Gorilla Monsoon & Mark Niemiller, who had a lot to say about this huge news. Monsoon couldn't believe we were going to see a new TV champion crowned right here today on Superstars! Niemiller said that it's a tough pill to swallow, but Jack Tunney made the right call. If you don't fulfill your bookings as a champion, there are going to be consequences. Monsoon added that it might be bad news for Magnum T.A., but it is great news for another superstar! They then mentioned the rest of today's show, which included appearances by King Kong Bundy, the Rock 'N Roll Express, the Live Event Report with Gene Okerlund, and of course, a battle royal to crown a new Television Title!

Junkyard Dog vs. "The Japanese Assassin" Shiro Koshinaka (w/ "Classy" Freddie Blassie)

Jim Duggan wasn't able to stop Freddie Blassie's Japanese Assassin, so today, it was Junkyard Dog's turn to try to get that revenge. The playful JYD was once again absent from the arena, and the rough and tumble JYD was here in his place. JYD was a bulldozer from the opening bell, blitzing Koshinaka in the corner and nailing him with right hands and headbutts. Koshinaka was trying to duck out of the way, but JYD was all over him. JYD even almost got himself disqualified when he gave a little shove to Joey Marella for trying to pull him away. JYD was distracted by this though and caught a savate kick right under the jaw. JYD never fully got back into it after that. He had one last flurry late, but Koshinaka systematically picked him apart before a German suplex drilled JYD and that was the end of the match.

Shiro Koshinaka pinned Junkyard Dog after a German suplex in 0:06:41.
Rating: * 1/2

Koshinaka kept stomping on JYD after the bell rang, but TONY ATLAS & JIM DUGGAN ran down to make sure that couldn't continue. Atlas grabbed the microphone and said this nonsense with the Foreign Legion was going to end, and it was going to end next week. Atlas, on behalf of Duggan & JYD, was challenging the Foreign Legion to a 6-man tag team match next week on Superstars! Blassie was all ready to turn it down, until Atlas called him a chicken. Blassie changed his tune, and said he accepted the challenge!

Monsoon was happy as a clam about this, saying that the attacks from behind and underhanded tactics would be over and the Foreign Legion would have to finally face Atlas, JYD, & Duggan face-to-face. Niemiller said that's true, but Blassie is not stupid. He always has a plan, and thinks it was a huge mistake by the Intercontinental champion and his friends to make this challenge.


Lord Alfred Hayes was back with Ted DiBiase. DiBiase revealed he was one of the 12 men chosen to be in the Television Title battle royal later, and it was his big chance to win his first championship in GCW. Hayes turned the conversation to what Barry Windham did last week. A replay was shown of Windham running down and getting into it with Kamala. DiBiase said he has talked to Windham about it, and frankly, he wasn't happy with what Windham did. DiBiase said he promised Windham's father that he would look out for Barry, and last week, he failed. He knows Windham is a tough kid, but Kamala is a savage and could hurt you just like that. At this point, BARRY WINDHAM himself joined the interview, and he looked excited. DiBiase asked Windham where he had been, as he had been looking for him all day. Windham told DiBiase he was on the phone with Jack Tunney, and he had been granted a singles match against Kamala on June 21 at Madison Square Garden! DiBiase was angry, telling Windham he should have consulted with him before he did that. Windham said he would be fine - he could take care of himself. DiBiase & Windham walked away, arguing over this new development.

Non-Title Match
The Rock 'N Roll Express (World Tag Team champions) vs. Mark Fleming/Tony Russo

The Rock 'N Roll Express want to keep sharp going into what might be their toughest title defense to date against their friends, the British Bulldogs, in 13 days, and they did so with a match against Mark Fleming & Tony Russo. As the match started, we cut back to see the British Bulldogs & Captain Lou Albano watching the match on a monitor in the back. Niemiller said it was smart of them to scout - they've been whining and complaining about this title shot, so they had better be prepared. Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson looked crisp as always, getting the win in under 3 minutes.

The Rock 'N Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson) defeated Mark Fleming and Tony Russo when R. Morton pinned Russo after a backslide in 0:02:46.
Rating: 1/2*

Monsoon said that the Express were looking on top of their game, and the Bulldogs would really need to bring it if they wanted to walk away with the tag titles later this month. Niemiller had to agree, but was just exciting to watch these two teams go at it. Niemiller doesn't believe they are as good of friends as they've been leading on, so he expects it to blow up at MSG.


Speaking of tag teams, it looks like we have a new tag team coming out way. They are Stan Lane & Steve Keirn, collectively known as The Fabulous Ones. We got a music video to hype their debut. Set to the song "Sharp Dressed Man" by ZZ Top, we got a good taste of what the attitude of the Fabulous Ones in. They are a couple of pretty boys. Throughout the video, Lane & Keirn were featured wearing top hats, fancy tuxedos, bow ties with no shirt, and various other outfits showing how proud of their physiques they are. At the end of the video, they were shown in tuxedos holding glasses of champagne, while a graphic appeared saying, "The Fabulous Ones - Coming SOON."

Niemiller was impressed by the video, saying finally there will be a tag team around that understands the trials and tribulations of being that handsome. Monsoon gave a trademark, "Will you be serious!?" before we cut to Howard Finkel in the ring for the next match.

King Kong Bundy (w/ Bobby "The Brain" Heenan) vs. Mario Mancini

King Kong Bundy's reign of terror continues. Whatever has snapped in Bundy, it sure is scary for anyone who has to look across the ring to face him. Today's poor victim was Mario Mancini. Mancini didn't run in fear like other opponents have tried against Bundy, but the one punch he got in did nothing but anger the beast. Bundy with a quick but definitely not painless win over Mancini.

King Kong Bundy pinned Mario Mancini with the Big Splash in 0:01:32.
Rating: -1/2*


After the match, Bundy threw Mancini over the top to the floor while Bobby Heenan grabbed the microphone. Heenan put over how dominant Bundy has been and said right now, there is no one in the world that can beat this monster. "Not Dusty Rhodes, not Stan Hansen. Not even you, Bob Backlund." The Brain said if he wanted to, Bundy could be the World champion. But instead, he had an offer for Backlund. He said he was willing to let Bundy be Backlund's partner for June 21 in Madison Square Garden… IF the price was right, of course. Heenan said there is no better partner for Backlund than Bundy if he wants Rhodes & Hansen taken care of. Heenan recommended that Backlund "do the right thing" because Bundy might just set his sights on the World Title if he doesn't.


We would have to wait long for Bob Backlund's answer, as he was in the studio with "Mean" Gene Okerlund to start the Live Event Report. Okerlund and Backlund both heard Heenan's offer, so Okerlund asked him point blank if he would accept. Backlund reiterated what he has been saying for a long time now, and that is that he is a smart man. Backlund said Bundy is exactly the type of destructive force he was looking for and that he would love to have him as his partner for MSG. Okerlund followed up by asking if Backlund was accepting this offer because he was scared of Bundy coming after the World Title. Backlund ignored the question and said he had to go. Either way, we now have the match ready to go - Bob Backlund & King Kong Bundy vs. Dusty Rhodes & Stan Hansen!

We now have four matches that are officially signed. The World Tag Team Titles are up for grabs with the Rock 'N Roll Express defending against the British Bulldogs. Okerlund mentioned that these two teams are friends, but they are keeping their distance leading up to this match, showing just how important the World Tag Team Titles are. Rick Martel & Ricky Steamboat will team up too as they take on Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard of the Heenan Family. Heenan has a lot of toes in the water right now, and insists he will have this team focused and ready to go. The final match was just announced earlier tonight, with Barry Windham taking on Kamala. Ted DiBiase is extremely concerned about Windham asking for this match, but Windham insists he knows what he is doing. We will find out on June 21.

12-man Battle Royal for the Vacant GCW Television Title
Participants: Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, Chavo Guerrero, Bruiser Brody, "The Enforcer" Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, Bret "Hitman" Hart, "The Magnificent" Don Muraco, Ted DiBiase, Barry Windham, "Canadian Strongman" Dino Bravo

This was an unexpected but exciting main event as we would be seeing the crowning of a new champion on Superstars, the first time that would ever happen. Twelve men would get the opportunity to become the Television champion in this battle royal. A lot of big names in this battle royal, and it's crazy that two of the biggest would be the first two men out. It didn't take long for Ricky Steamboat to find Tully Blanchard. Steamboat seems to think that if Tully wants to talk trash about a fight, he was going to give him a fight. Blanchard has been railing for months about how he should have been the first TV champion anyway, but the Dragon was here to make sure that wasn't going to happen. Blanchard couldn't get away, no matter how many of the other wrestlers in the ring he tried to thrown in the way to run interference. Steamboat caught him with one big chop that sent Blanchard toppling over the top and out of the match.

x Steamboat threw out Blanchard in 0:01:18

That was a huge shock, but not as big as what happened next. Blanchard couldn't handle being the first man eliminated and showed it by reaching back in the ring and grabbing a hold of Steamboat's foot. Steamboat tried to get himself away, turning his back to the action in the ring and trying to reach out to get a hold of Tully. But in doing so, he left himself blind to EDDIE GILBERT coming from behind and dumping him out of the match!

x E. Gilbert threw out Steamboat in 0:01:35

Steamboat had a look of fury on his face like we have never seen before. Tully recognized this and headed for higher ground in a hurry, the Dragon hot on his tail. There were a couple of alliances in the battle royal that were going to prove to be major factors. Mr. Fuji had both Bret Hart & Don Muraco in the match. We also had Barry Windham & Ted DiBiase, and naturally, these teams found a way to find each other. If you could eliminate one member of the other team, you'd have the advantage of being the only true team left in the battle royal. Problem was I don't think Fuji & Muraco were as onboard with this team as Hart was. Hart thought he had backup, but when he saw Muraco over with Fuji checking on his hair and "magnificent face" to make sure he wasn't bleeding, the Hitman got mad. He tried to get over to confront Muraco, but he never made it there before Windham got a hold of his hair and tossed him out of the ring.

x Windham threw out B. Hart in 0:02:37

Hart couldn't believe it, but he was even more upset when he didn't get any sympathy from Fuji. Hart just went to the back fuming. Muraco went back into the fray, locking up with Jim Duggan. Chavo Guerrero tangled up with Arn Anderson, while the loose cannon in the match, Bruiser Brody, was going at it with Dino Bravo. There are not a lot of men who can go toe-to-toe with the power of Canada's Strongest Man, but that's just what Brody did. Brody is nuts, plain and simple, and that makes him dangerous in a match like this. Bravo started to see he wasn't going to get the better of this particular exchange and tried to create some distance. Unfortunately for him, Brody had focused in on him, and wasn't going to leave him alone until he threw him out, which is exactly what he did at around the 4 minute mark.

x Brody threw out Bravo in 0:03:45

Brody didn't waste any time before turning his aggressions on his old enemy, Eddie Gilbert. Now up until this point, The Magnificent Muraco didn't seem to be taking a lot of this match too seriously, worrying more about talking to Mr. Fuji than winning this battle royal. That all changed here when Chavo Guerrero interrupted one of those conversations and caught Muraco in the jaw with a forearm. Muraco cried out, "My face! My beautiful face!" This got a laugh out of the crowd (and Monsoon on commentary) but not so much the other men in the ring. Muraco lost his mind for a bit, running around the ring punching anyone who crossed his path. Muraco had knocked down everyone in the ring - except for one man, Bruiser Brody. The crowd got into a frenzy as Brody & Muraco squared off. Some of this new courage seemed to wear off when Muraco realized he was going nose-to-nose with the wild man, but now Brody was all over him. Muraco tried to cower away, but Brody hussed his way after him. It looked bad for Muraco as he was leaning up against the ropes, seemingly out of it. Brody ran at him with a big boot, but Muraco moved. Brody got himself crotched on the top rope, and with an assist from Muraco, was sent to the outside.

x Muraco threw out Brody in 0:04:47

Muraco's confidence was suddenly back now that the scariest man in the match was gone. He went to pick on Ted DiBiase next, but he got cut off by Windham. Windham was the first man back up and was all fired up, seeing that this was his moment to have some spotlight in this match. He punched away at Muraco while Fuji yelled, "Not the face!" at ringside. Windham caught Muraco with one particularly big punch, and this seemed to wake Muraco up. Muraco grabbed a hold of Windham and hiptossed the big youngster over the top like he was a child, ending Windham's chances at winning his first singles championship.

x Muraco threw out Windham in 0:05:54

Note to the competitors of GCW: stop hitting Muraco in the face too hard, I guess. Jim Duggan was the next one to step up to the plate against Muraco, while Chavo matched up with Anderson and DiBiase locked up with Gilbert. Hacksaw had more success against Muraco as he throws one of the hardest punches in wrestling, and not even Muraco's new found love of his chiseled features could withstand those shots. Fuji, however, could distract Duggan by hitting him in the ankle with his cane. Not enough to cause any physical pain to Duggan, but enough for Muraco to regain his bearings and toss Hacksaw out of the ring.

x Muraco threw out Duggan in 0:07:01

We were down to 5, and Bobby Heenan had a great chance to be walking out with the TV champion as he still had two of his clients in the match. Heenan told them to work together to take everyone else out, and then they could duke it out to crown a new champion at the end. Anderson & Gilbert did work together, going around the ring and taking the time to double team Chavo, DiBiase, & Muraco. Problem was, they were beating them down but not throwing them out. Heenan made note of that and told Gilbert to get Chavo out of there first. Gilbert was all cocky smiles as he picked up the nearly unconscious body of Guerrero. Gilbert scooped him up and went toward the ropes, but Chavo suddenly turned it into a spinning headscissors that propelled Hot Stuff right to the floor and out of the match!

x C. Guerrero threw out E. Gilbert after a spinning headscissors in 0:09:20

The fan favorites and the rule breakers naturally paired up at this time, DiBiase & Chavo on one side of the ring, Muraco & Anderson on the other. Muraco & Anderson bum rushed DiBiase, seeing him as the bigger threat, I suppose. Chavo tried to come over and help, but Anderson caught him with a hard elbow to the side of his head. Chavo was stunned and stumbled back, letting Muraco & Anderson get DiBiase out of the ring.

x Muraco & Anderson threw out DiBiase in 0:10:08

Muraco & Anderson were still looking to work together, turning their focus Chavo. Chavo had a look on his face that said he knew he was in trouble. Chavo had been impressive lasting this long, but his luck could have very well run out. They had Chavo backed down into a corner when Anderson surprised everyone and nailed Muraco with a clothesline out of nowhere! Fuji was yelling at Heenan for this treachery while the Brain was telling the Enforcer to get Muraco out of the match. Anderson never got the chance though as in the confusion, he forgot about Chavo, who came up from behind and tossed him out!

x C. Guerrero threw out Anderson in 0:11:06

Chavo's feeling of excitement was momentary as Muraco got back up and powered him over the top, winning the battle royal in the process. Don Muraco is the new Television champion!

x Muraco threw out C. Guerrero in 0:11:10

12-Man Battle Royal for the vacant GCW Television Title:
Don Muraco won a 12-man Battle Royal:
Rating: *** 1/2
(Don Muraco won the GCW Television Title.)

Unbelievable - The Magnificent Muraco is the new TV champion. I am sure we will never hear the end of this. The show went off the air with Muraco being presented his new championship.

Match observations:

Next week on Superstars, a massive 6-man tag team match pitting Intercontinental champion Tony Atlas, Junkyard Dog, & Jim Duggan against Shiro Koshinaka, The Iron Sheik, & Nikolai Volkoff! If that was enough, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat takes on "The Enforcer" Arn Anderson! See you next Saturday, everybody!

6/21/85 - MADISON SQUARE GARDEN - New York, NY

Bob Backlund/King Kong Bundy vs. Dusty Rhodes/Stan Hansen
WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES - The Rock 'N Roll Express (c) vs. The British Bulldogs
Rick Martel/Ricky Steamboat vs. Arn Anderson/Tully Blanchard
Barry Windham vs. Kamala

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