7/26/86 - The Spectrum - Philadelphia, PA

The Road Warriors (w/ Paul Ellering) vs. The Power Company (w/ Jimmy Hart)

There are 3 teams tonight who don't like each other locking horns in a small round-robin style event tonight, and our first match was The Road Warriors taking on The Power Company. The Power Company were late additions to this after the knee injury Nikita Koloff suffered. Dino Bravo & Hercules were wrestling one of the few teams in the world who can match them in power, and as a result we had a good old-fashioned bar fight to kick off this show. The fight would come to an end after some shenanigans though as not surprisingly, SGT. SLAUGHTER & STAN HANSEN became involved. Slaughter came out and pulled Hawk off the apron, getting in his face. Referee Joey Marella jumped out to make sure nothing could happen, but in doing so, he missed Hansen tossing his bullrope into Hercules. Hercules clocked Animal with the cowbell, disposed of the evidence, and stole a victory in the opener.

The Power Company (Dino Bravo and Hercules) defeated The Road Warriors (Hawk and Animal) when Hercules pinned Animal after hitting him with a foreign object in 0:10:25.
Rating: * 1/2
[Sgt. Slaughter interfered against Hawk.]

After the match, Bravo & Hercules tried to celebrate in the ring with the Unholy Alliance, and were greeted with a pair of lariats. They must have somehow forgotten they will be wrestling Slaughter & Hansen later.

Junkyard Dog/"The Birdman" Koko B. Ware vs. "Adorable" Adrian Adonis/Honky Tonk Man (w/ Jimmy Hart)

These four individuals have been at each other's throats since Honky Tonk Man debuted, tried to befriend JYD, and didn't wait too long to show his true colors as a scumbag. JYD's real friend, Koko B. Ware, has come to his side to help him, while HTM has aligned himself with Jimmy Hart and the First Family. But even though the First Family may be manipulative jerks, they are incredibly dangerous in the ring, mostly because they are willing to do anything to win. However, Koko did a great job of watching JYD's back tonight, allowing JYD to hit the Thump Powerslam on HTM to put this feud to bed.

Junkyard Dog and Koko B. Ware defeated The First Family (Adrian Adonis and Honky Tonk Man) when JYD pinned Honky Tonk Man with the Thump Powerslam in 0:07:11.
Rating: ** 1/2

The Road Warriors (w/ Paul Ellering) vs. Sgt. Slaughter/Stan "The Lariat" Hansen

The second match in the round robin was obviously the one filled with the most vitriol as The Road Warriors took on the Unholy Alliance, who cost them the opening contest. The person with the worst job in the world had to have been referee Tommy Young, who was tasked with trying to maintain order while 4 of the scariest men in the world tried to rip each other limb from limb. Young did the best he could, but… c'mon. The match spilled to the floor as all 4 men destroyed each other, Young made a fast count to try to end the chaos, and we had ourselves a double countout.

The Road Warriors (Hawk and Animal) and Sgt. Slaughter and Stan Hansen battled to a double countout in 0:05:25.
Rating: ** 3/4

With that, the Road Warriors are 0-1-1 in the round robin, while Slaughter/Hansen are 0-0-1 and the Power Company are 1-0-0. So what that means, the winner of the Unholy Alliance vs. The Power Company will win this round robin. That is, if Slaughter & Hansen can stop fighting with Hawk & Animal by then.

Dos Caras vs. Hector Guerrero

Dos Caras had one more change to extract some revenge on Hector Guerrero for turning his back on him, but unfortunately if you're a Caras fan, this wasn't going to be your night to see it. It didn't help Caras' case that as he was being introduced, Guerrero attacked him from behind by clipping his knee. The referee gave Caras the option to not compete, but Caras is a proud man and wanted to still fight. He fought valiantly and with a lot of heart, but his knee was clearly hurt. He would fall victim to a figure-four leglock from Guerrero.

Hector Guerrero made Dos Caras submit to a figure-four leglock in 0:06:05.
Rating: * 3/4


A battle royal victory is a huge notch on one's belt under normal conditions, but this battle royal had even more behind it. Twenty competitors had a chance to earn themselves a World Title shot at The Big Event on August 28 in front of 70,000+ fans against the biggest star in the world, champion Hulk Hogan. The first man to hit the showers though was Koko B. Ware, as though he came out a house of fire, he took the time to flap his wings when he had the advantage on Jimmy Garvin, letting Honky Tonk Man kick him in the gut and send him over the top. Not long after, the now former Television champion Jim Duggan changed the complexion of this match considerably when he eliminated the giant Big John Studd, knocking a clear favorite out of the contest.

The bad luck Duggan had this morning on Superstars bled into this battle royal. Duggan looked primed to make a long run in this battle royal, but the man who stole the TV Title from him also stole his chance at a World Title match. Bad News Brown blindsided him with a lariat that sent him over the top. Bad News took the time to rub it in Duggan's face, and Hacksaw finally had enough. He pulled Brown to the floor under the bottom rope and knocked his block off with the Three Point Stance clothesline to a huge pop. Not a title shot, but a moral victory for Duggan.

The next elimination of note was Honky Tonk Man getting the last laugh of Junkyard Dog. JYD thought he had eliminated HTM when he threw him over the top, but that pesky Jimmy Hart helped make sure HTM didn't hit the floor. JYD made a huge mistake by not double checking that his feet hit the floor. HTM rolled back in and dumped JYD over the top, cackling like a mad man the whole time. In the next few minutes, the ring thinned out a bit as Jacques Rougeau was ousted by Ivan Koloff, his brother Raymond not long after by Jim Neidhart, and Koloff making his second elimination by tossing out Hector Guerrero. This was looking like it could have been a great run by the GCW legend and former World champion Koloff, but Kerry Von Erich caught him square with a kneelift and sent him to the showers.

We were almost halfway through the competitors, and at this point, the numbers advantage was becoming very obvious. Both members of the Hart Foundation remained, but that didn't last long because they were soon divided and conquered by the 4 members of the Heenan Family that still remained. Ricky Steamboat, Lex Luger, Tully Blanchard, & Arn Anderson started trying to single people out to eliminate them, the first being Bret Hart. On the other side of the ring, Bad News Brown took out Jimmy Garvin. The Heenan Family were running roughshot and looked like they were going to waltz into being the final four as they next targeted Von Erich, but Von Erich survived the assault and managed to get Blanchard out, putting a huge wrinkle in Bobby Heenan's plan!

There was another duo still in the match, but they had themselves a slight miscalculation. HTM & Adrian Adonis were trying to double team Von Erich as they saw him as a major threat. Adonis held Von Erich open for HTM, but the Modern Day Warrior got himself free and Honky Tonk's clothesline connected with his partner instead, sending the Adorable One toppling to the floor! Without having his backup anymore, HTM tried to make friends with the Heenan Family, spending some time trying to butter them up to join forces. It didn't work, as Arn Anderson would throw HTM out.

We were now down to our final 6: Anderson, Luger, & Steamboat of the Heenan Family, Jim Neidhart, Bad News Brown, & Kerry Von Erich. On paper, this obviously didn't not favor Von Erich in the least, as he was in the ring with a swarm of rulebreakers. He got a small bit of relief as the Heenan Family determined the biggest threat was Neidhart, as the Anvil was clearly the biggest and strongest man in the match. Neidhart tried to fight all 3 and did a decent job of it, but eventually the numbers got the better of him and he was unceremoniously dumped to the floor by Steamboat. At this point, the Heenan Family turned to Von Erich. Bad News Brown held back while Anderson, Luger, & Steamboat went after Von Erich like a pack of dogs. Von Erich was in deep trouble, but something snapped in him as Luger started to slap him in the back of the head with such disrespect. Von Erich fired up and seemed impervious to pain as he peppered the Heenan Family with wild Discus punches. Von Erich was so fired up, he even ran over and blasted an unsuspecting Bad News with a Discus punch, sending him flying to the floor! If that wasn't enough, Luger charged him and Von Erich ducked, elevated the Total Package with a backdrop and eliminating him too!

Down to the final 3 to see who would face Hulk Hogan in Toronto, and the Brain was panicking on the outside. Von Erich was on fire and it was looking like nothing was going to stop him, so Heenan decided to try to take matters into his own hands. Heenan jumped up on the apron and took a wild swing at Von Erich, but Von Erich blocked it and grabbed Heenan by the collar. The crowd was in a frenzy wanting Von Erich to deck the Brain. Well they got their wish, but it was at a cost because the distraction worked. Steamboat snuck in from behind and tossed Von Erich out. If that wasn't shocking enough, the Enforcer then snuck up behind the Dragon and tossed HIM out! Arn Anderson wins!

Arn Anderson won a 20-man Battle Royal:
x Honky Tonk Man threw out K. B. Ware after a kick to the midsection in 0:01:54
x Duggan threw out Studd in 0:02:16
x Bad News threw out Duggan after a lariat in 0:02:56
x Honky Tonk Man threw out JYD in 0:03:48
x Adonis threw out Dos Caras in 0:04:50
x I. Koloff threw out J. Rougeau in 0:05:44
x Neidhart threw out R. Rougeau after a forearm to the back in 0:07:28
x I. Koloff threw out H. Guerrero in 0:08:58
x Von Erich threw out I. Koloff after a kneelift in 0:09:13
x Anderson threw out B. Hart in 0:10:15
x Bad News threw out J. Garvin after a fallaway slam in 0:10:43
x Von Erich threw out Blanchard in 0:12:14
x Honky Tonk Man threw out Adonis in 0:13:34
x Anderson threw out Honky Tonk Man in 0:15:19
x Steamboat threw out Neidhart in 0:17:58
x Von Erich threw out Bad News in 0:19:13
x Von Erich threw out Luger in 0:19:17
x Steamboat threw out Von Erich in 0:20:45
x Anderson threw out Steamboat in 0:20:49
Rating: *** 1/4

Steamboat was in absolute shock, looking on in disbelief on the floor as Heenan rolled back in holding his jaw to celebrate. Steamboat got back in himself and questioned Anderson over what just happened. It looked like this wasn't the original plan and tempers were definitely flaring. Heenan and the rest of the Family were able to calm the Dragon down, but there may be more to this story going forward. Don't let it be forgotten though that "The Enforcer" Arn Anderson will now get the biggest opportunity of his career as he challenges Hulk Hogan for the World Title at The Big Event!

The Barbarian vs. King Kong Bundy (w/ Bobby "The Brain" Heenan)

Bobby Heenan was obviously not completely focused on this match as there was still some turmoil going in the locker room with the rest of his charges. Somebody who noticed that was King Kong Bundy, who more than once during this match yelled at Heenan to pay attention. Bundy's credentials speak for themselves, but the fact that the former World champion was concerned with his manager helping is a testament to how scary The Barbarian has been in his early GCW career. Barbarian has been unstoppable, and made it very clearly on a recent Superstars that he wanted nothing to do with Bobby Heenan. This was a battle through and through, but Heenan's brain (pun intended) was clearly elsewhere. Bundy had bodyslammed Barbarian and turned to yell at the Brain one more time to help him out, not noticing that Barbarian had gotten to his feet. Bundy turned around into a mafia kick that did something that has rarely happened to him - knocked him flat down. The Diving Headbutt was next, and The Barbarian picked up a HUGE win.

The Barbarian pinned King Kong Bundy with the Diving Headbutt in 0:11:07.
Rating: 1/4*
[Bobby Heenan interfered against The Barbarian.]

The Power Company (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. Sgt. Slaughter/Stan "the Lariat" Hansen

We had our final round robin tag match now, and what a match it was! The Power Company & The Unholy Alliance locked up to see who would win this mini tournament. This was a surprisingly good wrestling match. These teams are known more for brawling, but early on, I think everyone involved knew this could go awhile and didn't want to make any mistakes. But once the gloves came off, they came OFF. As the fight raged on, HAWK & ANIMAL started their way to the ring, jawing and wanting to get at Slaughter & Hansen. This was all the opening that The Power Company needed as Hercules took this time to plant Hansen with a powerslam to steal the win!

The Power Company (Dino Bravo and Hercules) defeated Sgt. Slaughter and Stan Hansen when Hercules pinned Hansen after a powerslam in 0:14:00.
Rating: ****

Hansen wasn't down long though as he & Slaughter rolled out of the ring and went right after the Road Warriors, causing a wave of security and officials to pour out from the back to break it up. It's clear that something desperate is going to have to be done before somebody gets seriously hurt.

"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan vs. Tully Blanchard (w/ Bobby "The Brain" Heenan)

This has not been a good day for Jim Duggan. Hacksaw lost the Television Title earlier today on Superstars to Bad News Brown. He was eliminated early on in the #1 contender's battle royal. Could he turn his luck around against Tully Blanchard here? No, no he could not, and he has Bad News to thank for that. Bad News wasn't content merely taking Duggan's title and eliminating him in the battle royal - he wanted to embarrass him here too. Nobody even knew Bad News was out there until it was too late. Apparently he just stayed under the ring after being eliminated earlier from the battle royal, because he rolled out when Duggan was on the floor and dropped him with the Ghetto Blaster! Brown rolled Hacksaw's lifeless body back in the ring where Blanchard was more than happy to take the assist, hitting the Slingshot Suplex for the 1-2-3.

Tully Blanchard pinned Jim Duggan with the Slingshot Suplex in 0:03:19.
Rating: ***
[Bad News Brown interfered against Jim Duggan.]

Brown might be enjoying all the laughs now, but he better remember that Duggan gets his rematch at The Big Event.

Ted DiBiase (c) vs. Barry Windham

The history between these two is well documented. This was Barry Windham's big chance in his mind to finally step out Ted DiBiase's shadow and show he could do it on his own. For DiBiase, this match was how he was going to end these issues with Windham once and for all. Despite all of the bad blood, it was a bit surprising to see how the match started. Very technical with a lot of mat-based wrestling and counters. It was as if both men were trying to prove a point. As the match passed its infancy and got into the meat of it, that went out the window. Sure, there was some great wrestling, but there is a lot of aggression between these two and they laid it all out. It was hard to ever say who had the advantage as the momentum changed hands several times, but it took a big swing when referee Dick Kroll was caught by an errant backhand from Windham, taking him out of the action.

Windham saw that Kroll was down, and his frustration to put DiBiase away had been boiling over at this point. Windham rolled out to grab a chair. He brought it in and had DiBiase in his sights. Windham took a wild swing but DiBiase ducked and locked on the Cobra Clutch! Windham was fading fast, which is when things took a turn. Unexpectedly, ARN ANDERSON & TULLY BLANCHARD came down to ringside and began barking at DiBiase. What were they doing here? DiBiase released the hold and turned to them, yelling for them to get out of there. What DiBiase didn't notice was that a masked man had jumped the rail and was now in the ring holding the chair Windham had dropped! When DiBiase turned around, this masked man absolutely CRACKED DiBiase over the head with it. DiBiase was completely busted open now as Windham had recovered. The masked man left the ring leaving Windham to hit the Superplex for the pinfall. New Intercontinental champion!

Barry Windham pinned Ted DiBiase with the Superplex in 0:19:13.
Rating: **** 1/4
(Barry Windham won the GCW Intercontinental Title.)
[Mystery Man interfered against Ted DiBiase.]

The fans in Philadelphia couldn't believe what was happening as Windham was handed the IC Title as Anderson & Blanchard ran in and celebrated with him. Bobby Heenan was now in the ring too and started laughing, hugging Windham! Windham is a part of the Heenan Family? Disgusting. But we still didn't know who the masked man was. The masked man got back in the ring and… started strutting? He ripped off his mask to reveal… oh no… RIC FLAIR! Ric Flair is back in Global Championship Wrestling! The show came to a close with Flair, Anderson, Blanchard, Heenan, and the new IC champion celebrating as they were pelted with debris from the crowd.

Card rating: ***


8/28/86 - THE BIG EVENT - CNE Stadium - Toronto, ON, CA

WORLD TITLE - Hulk Hogan (c) vs. Arn Anderson
TELEVISION TITLE - Bad News Brown (c) vs. Jim Duggan

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