8/3/85 - GCW Superstars

8/3/85 - GCW Superstars (TAPED: 7/9/85)
LOCATION: Mid-Hudson Civic Center - Poughkeepsie, NY

Gorilla Monsoon, Mark Niemiller, and a raucous Mid-Hudson Civic Center welcomed everyone to this week's episode of GCW Superstars! Two huge matches highlight today's show. In tag team action, Junkyard Dog seeks retribution alongside "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan to take on Intercontinental champion Tony Atlas & "The Japanese Assassin" Shiro Koshinaka! And the main event would be World champion Bob Backlund trying to capture his second title as a proud Wahoo McDaniel agreed to put the TV Title up for grabs! Niemiller said Wahoo's comeback story was about to come to a tragic end because Backlund was going to take his title and humiliate him into going back to the reservation. Monsoon quickly changed the subject from Niemiller's inappropriate comment to the first matches being announced for our next big live event on August 23 from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, MI, later on today on the Live Event Report with "Mean" Gene Okerlund!

Niemiller said they had huge news to start the show in the form of a video that was sent to us earlier in week. Niemiller said the fans at home were never going to believe this!


We knew right away that the video in question was sent in by Sgt. Slaughter. We're not sure exactly when it was shot, but it was after last Saturday's Spectrum show. Slaughter was loud and he was proud over how he beat Dusty Rhodes clean right in the middle of the ring, but he wasn't content yet. Slaughter said as long as Rhodes was still breathing and walking around Global Championship Wrestling, he wouldn't be finished with him. Slaughter said he was satisified by doing this mission alone, but he found someone else who wants the American Dream to die as much as he does. Enter STAN HANSEN. Hansen mentioned the past history with Sgt. Slaughter (they're not exactly friends as their violent feud a few years back would indicate) but he says he kind of likes this new Slaughter, the one who sees people like Dusty Rhodes for the frauds that they are. Hansen said Slaughter came to him about teaming up to rid the wrestling world of punks like Rhodes & Ricky Steamboat, and the Lariat was onboard. Hansen ended the interview by promising Rhodes, Steamboat, and anyone else that tried to stop them that they would get a beating they couldn't possibly imagine.

Monsoon was in shock as we cut back to the announce position, saying that if Slaughter & Hansen join forces, how can anybody stop them? Niemiller said that was the beauty of it - individually they are strong, but together they are invincible! Monsoon told Niemiller not to get carried away because nobody is invincible, and he was sure the American Dream & the Dragon would have something to say about all this.

Rick Martel vs. Keith Diamond

Rick Martel's ribs are still bothering him a lot, but he has refused to take any time off, choosing to work through the pain. It cost him in Philadelphia against King Kong Bundy, but having a few days to heal allowed him to get by Keith Diamond with little problem. This wouldn't be the last we'd see of Rick Martel today.

Rick Martel pinned Keith Diamond after a small package in 0:01:24.
Rating: **

King Kong Bundy (w/ Bobby "The Brain" Heenan) vs. Jim Londos

Rick Martel stuck around and joined Monsoon & Niemiller for commentary for our next match, which happened to feature King Kong Bundy. You could tell as soon as Bundy & Bobby Heenan came out from the back that this was going to be a tense situation. Martel could do nothing to hide his disgust toward Bundy, but he managed to keep his cool (even with Niemiller poking the bear a bit). Bundy had no trouble with his opponent, Jim Londos, putting him away with the Big Splash in short order.

King Kong Bundy pinned Jim Londos with the Big Splash in 0:01:24.
Rating: * 1/2

This is when Martel struck. While Bundy was yelling at the audience, he didn't notice Martel had stood up and grabbed his chair from the commentary position, sliding into the ring. Martel wound up and smacked Bundy in the back with the chair as hard as he could, knocking the big man through the ropes to the floor to a huge pop! Martel took a swing at Heenan too, but the Brain narrowly escaped and dove to the floor as well. Bundy didn't appear to be hurt, but he sure looked pissed as he tried to get back in the ring before Heenan convinced him to stay away from that "crazy chair-wielding Canadian."


As Bundy was backing up the aisle, Martel grabbed the microphone and demanded Bundy get back in the ring with him and finish this fight. Bobby Heenan wasn't going to let that happen, prompting Martel to call him a "weasel." This, of course, got the fans doing a "WEASEL!" chant toward Heenan, which did not make him very happy. Martel put over how Bundy was big and bad and had indeed injured his ribs, but told Bundy he made one major mistake - he didn't finish the job. Martel said he didn't know when it would happen, but he promised when he got the opportunity, he would pin Bundy's giant shoulders to the mat.


When we came back from break, we had a promo video air for GCW's newest tag team, Bret "Hitman" Hart & Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart - collectively known as the Hart Foundation. Under the tutelage of Jimmy Hart, we got to see a training video of Hart & Neidhart, and it was hard to be anything but impressed. Hart & Neidhart dominated their sparring partners with great tandem moves, including Neidhart scooping Hart up in a backward bodyslam and dropping him on the opponent and the Hitman slingshotting the 300-pound Anvil into the ring to hit a massive shoulderblock. The session ended with Neidhart picking an opponent up by the legs, the Hitman hitting the far ropes and taking the head off the opponent with a clothesline - a move called the Hart Attack. At the end of the video, a graphic popped up saying we would see the official debut of this team next week on Superstars.

Junkyard Dog/"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan vs. Tony Atlas (Intercontinental champion)/"The Japanese Assassin" Shiro Koshinaka (w/ "Classy" Freddie Blassie)

Tony Atlas escaped from Philadelphia with the Intercontinental Title still in his possession, but he wouldn't be done with Junkyard Dog just yet. He also has a lot of issues with Jim Duggan, and both men teamed today to get a piece of the IC champ & "The Japanese Assassin" Shiro Koshinaka. Atlas could tell how enraged JYD & Hacksaw still were at him, so in the early goings, he let Koshinaka do a lot of the leg work, only getting in the ring when he thought the advantage was clear for his team and bailing out of the ring when the tide began to turn. Koshinaka was fairing well for himself, but there is only so much you can do more or less by yourself against two tough guys like JYD and Duggan. JYD had been on the receiving end of a big beating, but he ducked a spin kick from Koshinaka and took him down with a headbutt. The Japanese Assassin tagged in Atlas, but Atlas couldn't stop JYD before he tagged in Hacksaw. Hacksaw came in with fists blazing, catching Atlas with thundering lefts and rights. Atlas got whipped into the ropes and Duggan took him off his feet with a big shoulderblock. When Atlas popped up, it was right into a bodyslam. Koshinaka tried to catch Duggan off guard, but Hacksaw saw him coming and sent him flying over the top. Atlas hit Duggan from behind and then whipped him into the ropes, but Duggan caught him with a kick on an attempted backdrop. When Atlas got back to his feet, he walked right into the Three Point Stance and ate the 1-2-3!

Junkyard Dog and Jim Duggan defeated The Foreign Legion (Shiro Koshinaka and Tony Atlas) when Duggan pinned Atlas with the Three Point Stance in 0:10:52.
Rating: **

This is the biggest win of Jim Duggan's short career to date! Monsoon speculated that Duggan has to be considered for an Intercontinental Title shot at this point. Niemiller tried to dance around it, but had a hard time coming up with a reason why that would be incorrect.


"Mean" Gene Okerlund started off his popular segment, the Live Event Report, by discussing what a great time he had at the Spectrum last Monday, and that there is no better way to experience Global Championship Wrestling action than to do so live. Okerlund said the fans in Detroit would get that chance next as on August 23, just 20 short days from now, GCW would invade the Joe Louis Arena! Okerlund was excited to announce that he could reveal the first 3 matches that have been signed, starting with the main event. Okerlund said the unholy alliance that was formed between Stan Hansen & Sgt. Slaughter would be made even more dangerous, as they would team with King Kong Bundy to take on the team of Dusty Rhodes, Ricky Steamboat, & Rick Martel in a 6-man tag team war! Slaughter has had Rhodes' number ever since coming back to GCW, while Hansen has spent the better part of the last few weeks attacking the Dragon any time he had the chance. Factor that in with Martel's recent rib injuries at the hands of Bundy, and the fan favorite team is really going to need to work together if they want to overcome these odds. Can they do it? Only one way to find out, and that's by being there LIVE in Detroit!

The other two matches are big as well - one of them you could even say was a GIGANTIC match. Andre the Giant came to the aid of Ricky Steamboat on Monday, chasing Arn Anderson away when he interfered on the behalf of Tully Blanchard. The Enforcer of the Heenan Family came to the Brain and told him he wanted a match signed with Andre, and that match will take place on August 23. Anderson isn't scared of the Giant, but will he be able to chop the giant redwood down? And the third match signed is for a championship, the World Tag Team Titles in fact. As a result of their win over the British Bulldogs and Stan Lane's singles victory over Robert Gibson, the Fabulous Ones have been named the #1 contenders and will get their title shot against the Rock 'N Roll Express in Detroit. The Fabulous Ones have shown they can beat down the champs, and that they can win in a singles match, but it remains to be seen if they can win when the titles are on the line. That question will be answered in 20 days!

Television Title Match
Wahoo McDaniel (c) vs. Bob Backlund (World champion)

This was a match we were all looking forward to. The comeback story of Wahoo McDaniel has been a great one. He is closer to 50 than he is 40, but he has come back for one last run to see if he could still get it done. When he won the Television Title last month, he defied a lot of critics who said he was past his prime. World champion Bob Backlund came out on a recent episode of Superstars and told Wahoo he was going to give this fairytale story a nightmare ending, and because of today's circumstances, he may have just done that. Both veterans were feeling each other out, and Backlund was getting the better of the wrestling exchanges. Backlund was getting a little cocky when he had the advantage, and that's not something you want to do with Wahoo. The Native American fired back on Backlund with his highly effective chops. Wahoo hit the ropes and Backlund caught him with a back elbow. Wahoo got his feet tangled on him and fell down awkwardly, immediately clutching his left knee. We knew right away that something was wrong as referee Dick Woehrle got in between Backlund and pushed him back into the corner. He called for the bell and threw this match out.

Bob Backlund and Wahoo McDaniel battled to a no contest in 0:01:28.
Wahoo McDaniel injured his left knee. He will be out for approximately 5 months.
Rating: * 1/4
(Wahoo McDaniel retained the GCW Television Title.)

Wahoo was clutching his left knee and in severe pain. The match had to be thrown out because there was no way Wahoo could continue. The show came to an end with doctors checking on Wahoo.

Match observations:

Next week on Superstars, the debut of the Hart Foundation! We will also see Chavo Guerrero in action, as well as the first teaming of the new unholy alliance, Sgt. Slaughter & Stan Hansen! And in our feature match, Junkyard Dog will take on Bad News Brown!


It was reported this week in PWI Magazine that the injury to Wahoo's knee was a fairly severe one. The specifics of the injury were not immediately available, but the doctor's belief is that Wahoo McDaniel will be out of action around 5 months. This is a huge setback to Wahoo's comeback story. We wish McDaniel a speedy recovery and hope his illustrious career can pick up right where it left out.

8/23/85 - JOE LOUIS ARENA - Detroit, MI

Dusty Rhodes/Ricky Steamboat/Rick Martel vs. Sgt. Slaughter/Stan Hansen/King Kong Bundy
WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES - The Rock 'N Roll Express (c) vs. The Fabulous Ones
Andre the Giant vs Arn Anderson

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