August 18, 1984 - Nassau Coliseum - Uniondale, NY

Tully Blanchard pinned Jim Powers after a powerslam in 0:04:44.
Rating: * 1/4

Jim Powers earned a contract from defeating Don Muraco, but he showed that he still has a lot of work to do before he is a top-flight star. Powers has a lot of potential and raw talent, but so far that raw talent is uncultivated. Tully Blanchard is a seasoned pro at this point, and he showed it by picking Powers apart. Powers had a flare of offense late, but when he went for for a crossbody, Blanchard turned it into a powerslam and took the win. The journey begins for Jim Powers, while Blanchard continues to shine in the ring.

The Foreign Legion (Dino Bravo and Nikolai Volkoff) defeated The U.S. Express (Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo) when Bravo pinned Windham with the Side Suplex in 0:15:04.
Rating: **
(The Foreign Legion retained the GCW World Tag Team Titles.)

The heart that Mike Rotundo & Barry Windham showed during the War Games match in Boston is the main reason why they were granted another opportunity to regain the World Tag Team Titles. The only problem was, they were facing Dino Bravo & Nikolai Volkoff at far less than 100%. The U.S. Express, especially Windham, took a substantial amount of punishment during the Match Beyond, and they paid for taking this match perhaps a bit too early. Rotundo & Windham again showed a phenomenal amount of mettle to last 15 minutes with the tag champions, but sometimes the heart is willing to go when the body is not. Bravo caught Windham with the Side Suplex to retain the titles for the Foreign Legion. Freddie Blassie may have walked away with the titles still, but Rotundo & Windham continue to show that they have that something special that will make them stars for a long time to come.

Larry Zbyszko pinned Don Muraco after a small package in 0:07:27.
Rating: ***

Larry Zbyszko showed that violent streak that made him so successful at our last show when he drilled Nick Bockwinkel with the Crunch Time on the concrete floor after he had won by countout. We thought at first it may have been a temporary return back to basics after another crushing loss to Bob Backlund, but those thoughts were put to rest immediately in this match with Don Muraco. Muraco was going through his posedown routine before the match, drawing the applause of no one but Mr. Fuji when Zbyszko jumped him from behind, and the fight was, as they say, "on." Muraco was back on his heels for the whole match, but the Cruncher had that look in his eyes that he wasn't going to let up until the Magnificent One was properly thwarted. By the end of this, Muraco was just trying to get away, but Zbyszko pulled him back in by the hair, locked him in a small package, and got the 3 count. That wouldn't be the end of Muraco's misery as when he tried to walk to the back, Zbyszko caught up to him and dropped him with Crunch Time on the floor as well. I don't think Zbyszko is going to stop his path of destruction until he gets one more match with Bob Backlund.

Bob Backlund pinned Davey Boy Smith after a fisherman suplex in 0:12:34.
Rating: *** 1/4

Speaking of Backlund, he was in action next, hoping to keep his recent hot streak going in a match with Davey Boy Smith. Davey Boy is a tag team wrestler primarily at this point in his career, but his performance against the former World champion showed that he has a promising singles career ahead of him as well. Davey Boy has a great amount of speed and is deceptively strong for his size, but if this match indicated anything, it's that the only thing he is truly lacking is experience. That will come in time, but tonight, he couldn't overcome the experience of Backlund, who put him away with the fisherman suplex. When asked about the recent performances by Larry Zbyszko, Backlund simply laughed it off and said he is done beating up the Cruncher. He has nothing left to prove. This is surely not going to make Zbyszko happy when he hears that.

The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton and Dennis Condrey) defeated The Rock 'N Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson) when Eaton pinned R. Gibson after the Rocket Launcher in 0:08:34.
Rating: *** 3/4

We were supposed to get this match in Boston, but since Dennis Condrey just HAD to take Mama Cornette to bingo that night, instead we got the debut of Jim Cornette's new bodyguard, Bad News Brown. Brown was at ringside again, and his presence was felt. Cornette was still all bandaged up, claiming his vision was still impaired thanks to the malicious and unprovoked hairspray attack by the Rock 'N Roll Express (Cornette's words, not mine). All of that stuff aside, we still had a tag team match between two of the finest young teams in all of wrestling. Brown and Cornette kept their distance for the most part, but Brown's menacing presence was in the back of the minds of Morton & Gibson. Bad News only made one major move, but it was a big one. While Gibson had Bobby Eaton in the ring and was calling for the Gibson Leglock, Brown pulled what appeared to be a small spike out of his pocket. He then pulled Morton off the apron and took him down with a clothesline. He finally took that spike and brought it down hard into the eye of Morton! Morton was screaming in pain on the floor, clutching his eye as blood trickled down his face. Gibson went toward the ropes to help his partner, but this left him open to Condrey grabbing his neck and hanging him on the top rope. After that, the Rocket Launcher followed and the Midnight Express had stolen a victory.

The bigger news was the condition of Ricky Morton. Doctors tended to him and he lucked out in that he should have a full recovery, but he is supposed to wear an eye patch for the time being. It was also recommended that he take some time off, but he turned down that suggestion, wanting to get his hands on the Midnight Express. He is going to have that opportunity in Albany. A tag team rematch has been signed, with one added stipulation: Bad News Brown will be locked in a cage outside the ring, ensuring that he will not be able to interfere in the match!

Bret Hart defeated Bruiser Brody by countout in 0:06:27.
Rating: * 3/4
[Tully Blanchard interfered against Bruiser Brody.]

Bret Hart must really want to be a member of the Heenan Family, because after Bobby Heenan told him he wasn't interested in his services, he later attack Bruiser Brody, the man the Brain has a $10,000 bounty on. Hart was looking to officially collect that bounty tonight, but the biggest obstacle in the way there was Bruiser Brody himself. Not just Bruiser Brody, but a very pissed off Bruiser Brody. Hart softened up Brody's knee with a chair back in Boston, and his only real shot was going to be if he could target that bum wheel. Brody is known for his brawling skills, but he's also a lot smarter competitor than he is often given credit for. Brody knew Hart would be going after his leg, so he used that to his advantage, often taking the Hitman's aggression and reversing it into an offensive move of his own. It was only a couple of minutes in and Hart was getting the tar beat out of him. That's when TULLY BLANCHARD & BOBBY HEENAN came out, Heenan with that briefcase handcuffed to his wrist. Brody tried to ignore them, but when Blanchard tripped Brody up as he hit the ropes, that was the last straw. Tully had turned his back to the ring after this, pointing to his head and bragging to the crowd how smart he was. When he turned around again though, Brody was hitting him with a right hand to the jaw! Tully tried to escape, but Brody busted him with a big boot to the face. Brody went to get back in the ring, but Heenan hit him in the back with the briefcase! It didn't cause much damage, but what it did do is distract Brody long enough for him to be counted out, giving Bret Hart his first win! Hart was celebrating like crazy and demanding that Heenan give him his $10,000 for "kicking Brody's ass." Heenan told tried reasoning that he wasn't going to pay the bounty, but the conversation didn't get much further than that before Brody kicked Hart in the gut and dropped him with a piledriver. Tully got back in the ring and went for a chopblock, but Brody saw him coming and knocked him loopy with a kick to the head. He grabbed both Hart & Tully by the hair threw them both over the top rope. Heenan was livid and challenged Brody to take on Hart & Blanchard in a handicap match on September 13 in Albany. Brody didn't hesitate to accept, but one has to wonder if he will be able to withstand 2-on-1 odds.

King Kong Bundy pinned Tony Atlas with the Big Splash in 0:03:42.
Rating: * 3/4

Tony Atlas may be the strongest man in wrestling, and he was going to have to prove it as he took on King Kong Bundy. Bobby Heenan was still reeling a bit over what just happened in the previous match, but it turns out his managerial prowess was not needed all that much. This match didn't last long, and it was because of one big mistake from Mr. USA. He had Bundy on the ropes in the early stages, but he overestimated his strength a bit. He went for a bodyslam on Bundy, but Bundy wasn't wore down enough. Atlas collapsed under Bundy's shifting weight. Atlas took the brunt of Bundy's weight on his ribs and was clearly struggling to breathe. Bundy didn't waste any time following up with the Big Splash and it was all over but the shouting.

Kamala pinned Dynamite Kid with the Air Africa in 0:04:30.
Rating: ***
(Junkyard Dog no-showed.)

This match was supposed to be Junkyard Dog taking on Kamala after what took place during the War Games match. JYD was not cleared to wrestle though as he is still experiencing concussion symptoms after the Ugandan Giant split open the back of JYD's head with Freddie Blassie's cane. Dynamite Kid stepped up to take JYD's place, a very noble gesture indeed. Plus, if you show you're willing to step up when GCW needs you, you'll be more prone to get future opportunities when they come up. Unfortunately for Dynamite, Kamala didn't care about noble gestures; he was here to rip someone apart. Dynamite used his speed effectively to start, but once Kamala got a hold of him, it was a mauling. Dynamite couldn't get away from Kamala and fell victim to the Air Africa. Blassie's troops are looking more and more unstoppable by the minute. The scheduled match with JYD has been rescheduled for Albany.

Dusty Rhodes defeated Dick Murdoch by disqualification in 0:03:46.
Rating: * 1/4
[Adrian Adonis interfered against Dusty Rhodes.]

"Dirty" Dick Murdoch has upped his desire to take out Stan Hansen & Dusty Rhodes ever since his old partner Bobby Duncum was forced to retire after a serious knee injury. In the past few cards, Murdoch has beaten them both down with chairs, and almost hanged Hansen with a bullrope. Tonight, he made his next move, and it was a big one. Sure, Captain Redneck lost the match to the American Dream, but he found himself some new backup. Rhodes & Murdoch were brawling on the floor as they are wont to do, when someone jumped the rail, grabbed Rhodes by the back of the head, and threw him head first into the ring post! This man high fived Murdoch, and then they proceeded to stomp a mudhole in the Dream and walk it dry. Rhodes was wearing the crimson mask before long as he was peppered with punches. Officials broke it up, but the damage had been done. We later found out that this man is ADRIAN ADONIS, an old friend of Murdoch's he called to help him to "take out the trash." Unfortunately, this would not be the last we saw of these two.

Ricky Steamboat pinned Jimmy Snuka after a backslide in 0:12:10.
Rating: ** 3/4
(Ricky Steamboat retained the GCW Intercontinental Title.)

Jimmy Snuka was understandably disappointed by what happened in the last match he had with Ricky Steamboat for the Intercontinental Title. The Superfly won the match, but it was by countout when the Dragon suffered an unfortunate knee injury. Snuka wasn't overly caring about his friend's injury, but most attributed that to not winning the Intercontinental Title. His actions tonight, on the other hand, there are no excuses for. The two started off friendly enough with a handshake, and the match itself went how you would expect between these two men to go. There was a lot of flying, as well as some great technical wrestling. The crowd was split on who to cheer for, so they just cheered for both men wildly. An exchange at the end where both men traded sunset flips, cradles, and various other pin covers ended when Steamboat caught the Superfly in a backslide to just barely get the 1-2-3. Steamboat had successfully retained his title, and Snuka was not happy about it. Snuka argued with Tommy Young that he kicked out in time, and in all fairness, it was close, but Young said his decision was final and that Steamboat was still champ. Snuka was inconsolable after the match, insistent that he had been swerved in some way. The Dragon tried to calm him down, but Snuka kept pushing Steamboat away to go after Young. The third time Steamboat tried to hold the Superfly back, Snuka snapped and spit in the Dragon's face! Steamboat was shocked as Snuka went to the back to a smattering of boos. What has gotten into the Superfly?

The Iron Sheik defeated Stan Hansen by countout in 0:14:49.
Rating: ***
(Stan Hansen retained the GCW World Title.)
[Dick Murdoch and Adrian Adonis interfered against Stan Hansen.]

The Iron Sheik was granted a shot at the World Title after getting the deciding fall during War Games at our last show. Sure, Sheikie was a little beat up still, but "Classy" Freddie Blassie had him all primed and ready to go to take the title from reigning champion Stan Hansen. Hansen isn't exactly in tip top shape either after Dick Murdoch hanged him with a bull rope, but he is always ready to fight. If you like bruising type matches, you would have enjoyed this one. It was basically Hansen & Sheik taking turns hitting each other with haymakers and begging for more. Sheik would get the edge and put the boots to Hansen, and then Hansen would find a way to get on the offensive and lay in some wicked shots to Sheik. This is a match I'd love to see again in the future, because unfortunately, this match was ruined by some outside the ring tomfoolery. After a particularly violent exchange on the floor, Hansen tossed Sheik back in with ambitions on putting him away. Sheik was groggy as Dick Kroll checked on him to make sure he could continue. This was all the opening that DICK MURDOCH & ADRIAN ADONIS needed. They ran down to the ring and dropped Hansen on the floor with a double suplex. Hansen was hurt enough at this point that he couldn't get up, and thus, lost the match by countout.

Once the bell had rang, Murdoch & Adonis pounced on Hansen, trying to do to the champ what they did to the American Dream earlier in the night. The Iron Sheik looked to join in when DUSTY RHODES came running down to the ring. He wasn't alone either, as he was wielding a steel chair too! Rhodes' head was bandaged from before, but that didn't stop him from coming down like a bat out of hell. Murdoch, Adonis, & Sheik got out of there in a hurry as Rhodes helped Hansen to his feet. They didn't get any revenge tonight, but in Albany, it might be completely different. Rhodes will take on Adonis, and Hansen will defend the World Title against Murdoch in a Texas Bullrope Match!

Card rating: ** 1/2

Match observations:


WORLD TITLE TEXAS BULLROPE MATCH - Stan Hansen (c) vs. Dick Murdoch
Dusty Rhodes vs. Adrian Adonis
BAD NEWS BROWN LOCKED IN A CAGE - The Rock 'N Roll Express vs. The Midnight Express
Junkyard Dog vs. Kamala
HANDICAP MATCH - Bruiser Brody vs. Bret Hart/Tully Blanchard
Jim Powers vs. Don Muraco

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