August 26, 1975 - Boston Garden - Boston, MA

Dory Funk Jr. defeated Mr. Wrestling I when Mr. Wrestling I passed out in the Texas Cloverleaf in 0:16:14.
Rating: ****
(Dory Funk Jr. retained the GCW Intercontinental Title.)

Dory Funk Jr. has not shown himself to be the most noble of champions thus far, but he is still one of the best in the world - he wouldn't be the Intercontinental champion otherwise. He had his hands full with Mr. Wrestling I though, who was granted a big opportunity to win his first singles title. Mr. Wrestling can go hold for hold with anyone, including Funk who has few peers in this business. However, Mr. Wrestling couldn't find the right move to put the match in his favor, getting caught in the Texas Cloverleaf and passing out, letting Funk retain the gold.

Mr. Fuji and Toru Tanaka defeated Larry Zbyszko and Dino Bravo when Tanaka made Zbyszko submit to the Japanese Sleeper in 0:08:42.
Rating: **** 1/4

This match was originally set to take place last month, but Dino Bravo had some travel issues that prevented that from happening. He was here in Boston, but maybe he wishes he wasn't after this match with Mr. Fuji & Professor Toru Tanaka. Bravo & Zbyszko have shown they can compete with any team, and they're too young and naive to know when to back down, taking it right to the former tag team champs. But in the end, experience is often too much to overcome, and that was the case here as Zbyszko got caught in the Japanese Sleeper by Tanaka, putting this one in the record books.

Ivan Koloff pinned Johnny Rodz with the Russian Sickle in 0:02:45.
Rating: * 1/2

Ivan Koloff blasting through the challenge of Johnny Rodz was not surprising. What was surprising was Koloff being met by NIKOLAI VOLKOFF & CAPTAIN LOU ALBANO after the match. We couldn't tell for sure due to the broken English, but it sounded like Volkoff was calling Koloff a disgrace to Mother Russia by catering to the American fans. What was clear after Volkoff shoved Koloff is that he was challenging the Russian Bear. This match will take place on September 17 in Landover, MD.

Jimmy Snuka and Tony Garea defeated Hiro Matsuda and Ox Baker when J. Snuka pinned Matsuda after a kneedrop in 0:05:49.
Rating: *** 1/4

Bobby Heenan threw two of his charges together in a tag team, and the duo didn't seem to click tonight. Hiro Matsuda & Ox Baker have been causing havoc as singles competitors, but as a unit, they lacked the chemistry needed to be successful. Jimmy Snuka & Tony Garea, however, eat, breathe, and sleep tag team wrestling, and it has shown with what a formidable team they've become. Snuka & Garea eke out a win as they look to get another tag title shot in the near future.

Pedro Morales and Dusty Rhodes battled to a double disqualification in 0:02:41.
Rating: * 3/4

Dusty Rhodes came back after being mysteriously attacked weeks ago in a big way, assaulting Pedro Morales and ultimately leading to Morales & Rhodes' normal partner Dick Murdoch losing the World Tag Team Titles. Though we haven't gotten any certain answer over who attacked Rhodes, Rhodes has it set in his mind that it was Morales, having stating in the press that Morales had the most to gain by taking him out, seeing how he got a tag title reign out of the deal. Morales has pleaded his innocence, but Rhodes isn't buying it, leading to this match. Well I say "match" loosely as it became a fight in a big hurry. In less than 3 minutes, Willie Webber threw this match out as a double disqualification when Rhodes & Morales kept brawling. We don't have any real answers yet, but we do know this feud is just getting started.

Strap Match:
Billy Robinson defeated Don Muraco in 0:12:27.
Rating: *** 3/4

Billy Robinson has been waiting for this chance for a long time - the opportunity to get his hands on Don Muraco. His former protege has repeatedly been the cause of Robinson being unable to capture the Intercontinental Title from Dory Funk Jr., and Robinson was looking to get some revenge in a strap match! Robinson is known for his technical savvy, but he savored the chance to take Muraco out behind the tool shed. Though Muraco did get in his fair share of offense, he never seemed to be in real control, getting covered in welts by the leather strap shots from Robinson. After Robinson felt he had extracted enough revenge, he dragged Muraco to all four corners and got the decisive win.

The Graham Brothers (Billy Graham and Luke Graham) defeated The Valiant Brothers (Jimmy Valiant and Johnny Valiant) when L. Graham pinned Johnny Valiant after hitting him with a foreign object in 0:25:49.
Rating: **
(The Graham Brothers retained the GCW World Tag Team Titles.)
[The Grand Wizard interfered against Jimmy Valiant.]

Very rarely do we get to see what we saw here, and that's two teams of brothers go at it, but that's what happened as the champion Grahams defended against the Valiants. Not only that, but both of these teams are pretty well hated by the fans of GCW, so the crowd was rooting for these two teams to tear each other apart. It was interesting because both teams are known for cheating that they were unsure on how to defend it, being accustomed to doing the cheating rather than having the cheating done to them. In the end, some brass knuckles used by Luke Graham helped The Grand Wizard's team retain the titles.

The Blackjacks (Blackjack Lanza and Blackjack Mulligan) defeated Gorilla Monsoon and Killer Kowalski when Lanza pinned Monsoon after a short lariat in 0:06:26.
Rating: ** 1/2
[Bobby Heenan interfered against Gorilla Monsoon.]

Gorilla Monsoon recruited some backup in his battles against the Blackjacks, and we were all surprised to see he had brought out KILLER KOWALSKI! Monsoon and Kowalski go way back, having been a team when GCW first opened its doors and holding the tag titles together back in 1964. It was just like old times as Monsoon and Kowalski were again a team, but it was also like old times in that the team was destined to break up. We found out that Kowalski was in the pocket of Bobby Heenan all along, turning on Monsoon by smashing him in the back with a kick, causing Monsoon to stumble into a short lariat from Blackjack Lanza that ended the match. After the contest, Kowalski locked Monsoon in the dreaded Claw before leaving with the Heenan Family. Absolutely disgusting.

Jack Brisco made Bobby Duncum submit to the Figure-Four Leglock in 0:33:39.
Rating: **** 1/4

Before our main event, the fans in Boston were treated to a wrestling classic between two wrestlers with tons of momentum these days, Jack Brisco & Bobby Duncum. This is one of those matches where there's no real personal issue behind it, but rather it's two of the world's best trying to prove who the better man is. Brisco has already thrown his name into the mix for getting a World Title shot, and you know a win by Duncum puts him right in that discussion as well. For over 30 minutes, these two warriors went tooth and nail, trading the advantage back and forth, hitting about every move they had in their arsenal. Duncum was going for the Full Nelson Slam, but was frustrated in his inability to do so. Duncum seemed to make it his lone mission to hit that move, and it may have ultimately cost him the match. Brisco reversed a late attempt at the Full Nelson Slam and took Duncum to the mat with a single leg takedown, putting him in position to put on the deadly Figure-Four Leglock. Duncum tried with all his might to break or reverse the hold but could not, having to tap out instead. The two men received a well deserved standing ovation for their efforts here in Boston.

Harley Race pinned Ernie Ladd with the Piledriver in 0:16:02.
Rating: ** 3/4
(Harley Race retained the GCW World Title.)

Harley Race had to have watched the performance by Jack Brisco in the previous match, but if it affected him, he didn't let it show. Race had a tough challenge in GCW veteran Ernie Ladd, who has many times challenged for it but has never been able to capture the World Title. Early on, it looked like this could be his night, but Race may very well be unbeatable right now. Race used all of his cunning to retain the title and keep his title reign going strong. The question still remains though, with as clearly talented as Harley Race is, why is he seemingly ducking Jack Brisco?

Card rating: ***

Match observations:

We return to the Capital Centre in Landover, MD for the second time this year on September 17!

WORLD TITLE - Harley Race (c) vs. Kintaro Ohki
TEXAS DEATH MATCH - Pedro Morales vs. Dusty Rhodes
Ivan Koloff vs. Nikolai Volkoff
Gorilla Monsoon vs. Killer Kowalski
Battle Royal for a World Title shot on 10/13/75

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