August 7, 1976 - Nassau Coliseum - Uniondale, NY

Blackjack Lanza defeated Dino Bravo when Dino Bravo passed out in the Blackjack Claw in 0:08:11.
Rating: * 3/4

The opening contest of the evening saw Dino Bravo take on one-half of the World Tag Team champions, Blackjack Lanza. The Blackjacks essentially stole the titles from Bravo & Larry Zbyszko, and this match saw Bravo trying to get some retribution. However, with Zbyszko focused on his match with Billy Graham later, Bravo was alone to contend with Lanza, Bobby Heenan, and Blackjack Mulligan. The odds were too great for him to overcome as Lanza got on the Blackjack Claw to take the win.

Dean Ho and Tony Garea defeated The Dirtbags (Dick Murdoch and Stan Hansen) when Garea pinned Hansen with the High Cross Body in 0:11:24.
Rating: *** 1/4

The matches between Dean Ho & Tony Garea and The Dirtbags continue to be heated back and forth events, and this one here in Uniondale was no exception. These two teams have become quite familiar with one another, and the competitive nature of the matches reflects this. Tonight's match would belong to Ho & Garea as Garea blocked a superplex attempt from Hansen, shoving him to the canvas, and then connecting with the High Cross Body to get the 1-2-3. The GCW Championship Committee recognizes what these two teams have been doing this year and has decided that they will meet one more time on September 1 at Madison Square Garden, the winning team earning a tag team title shot at the next show.

Mr. Wrestling I defeated Sgt. Slaughter when Sgt. Slaughter passed out in the Sleeperhold in 0:07:11.
Rating: *** 1/2

Mr. Wrestling I was pelted with garbage on his way to the ring, a direct result for his underhanded tactics that resulted in the popular Jack Brisco having to leave GCW. Wrestling I's opponent was Sgt. Slaughter, the youngster wrestling with a chip on his shoulder after the verbal lashing he received from Gorilla Monsoon after their match last show. Slaughter took Mr. Wrestling I to the limit, but the veteran savvy of Wrestling I was too much as he put Slaughter to sleep for the duke. After the match, Mr. Wrestling I was looking to make an example out of Slaughter, but before he could do anything, GORILLA MONSOON stalked down to the ring and got Mr. Wrestling I to back down and leave the ring.

Jumbo Tsuruta pinned Hiro Matsuda with the Jumbo Knee in 0:06:59.
Rating: **** 1/4

Jumbo Tsuruta got his first taste of the Heenan Family, taking on Hiro Matsuda. These two were familiar with each other's style of wrestling, leading to a great match between the two. Matsuda was positioning himself to put on the Japanese Sleeper, but he couldn't get Jumbo in a position to do so. Tsurutam however, can hit his Jumbo Knee on a dime, and that's exactly what he did to pick up the victory. KILLER KOWALSKI came in to go after Jumbo post-match, but Jumbo saw him coming and dispatched him from the ring in short order.

Peter Maivia defeated Nikolai Volkoff when Nikolai Volkoff passed out in the Stump Puller in 0:05:49.
Peter Maivia injured his left knee. He will be out for approximately 2 months.
Rating: **

Both Peter Maivia and Nikolai Volkoff were worse for wear after the chain match in Philly, but they were both ready to compete against each other in the Nassau Coliseum. The match was a bit sloppy, and Maivia looked to have tweaked his knee early on in the match, a match he would win when Volkoff missed a big splash and Maivia got the Stump Puller. Doctors checked out the High Chief and he did in fact injure his left knee, but he should only miss a show or two at the most.

Billy Graham made Larry Zbyszko submit to the Bearhug in 0:16:22.
Rating: *** 3/4
[Bobby Heenan interfered against Larry Zbyszko.]

Just when you think that Billy Graham can't sink any lower, he does something like he did here tonight. Larry Zbyszko's career may very well be over thanks to the Superstar. Zbyszko wanted this match against Graham after it was the Superstar who cost he & Dino Bravo the tag titles at the Spectrum, and perhaps Zbyszko's heart was bigger than his brain on that one. Zbyszko's been one of the biggest feel good stories in a long time in GCW, but Billy Graham is ruthless, especially as of late. He's not simply trying to win a match - he wants to end careers. Zbyszko showed that big heart that has made him so successful, and even though he came so close to the upset win on several occasions, Graham was too much for him. Once Graham hit a powerslam, it was all but over, the deal officially sealed by the Bearhug.

Like I said though, Graham wasn't content merely winning - he needed to send a message. The horrible assault continued, Zbyszko being incapacitated by the Bearhug to where he couldn't defend himself. At Bobby Heenan's urging, Graham grabbed a chair from ringside and used it to decimate Zbyszko's left leg. If that wasn't enough, Graham threw Zbyszko to the outside, scooped him up, and swung him leg first into the ringpost. We later found out Zbyszko has a severely broken leg and may very well never wrestle again. One day Billy Graham is going to get his, and he is going to deserve it.

Billy Robinson defeated Killer Kowalski by disqualification in 0:01:37.
Rating: **
[Bobby Heenan interfered against Billy Robinson.]

Not much of a match here between Billy Robinson & Killer Kowalski. The crowd was flat, obviously still shaken up after what just happened to Larry Zbyszko. Not only that, but Kowalski didn't want a thing to do with the star from England, getting himself disqualified when he wouldn't release a chokehold. Robinson picks up the win, but I bet he didn't feel like much of a winner afterwards.

Jimmy Snuka pinned Luke Graham after a sunset flip in 0:08:16.
Rating: ** 3/4

If there were any doubts about Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka being a main event player, they were all erased tonight after his match with Luke Graham. Graham has been a dominant force in GCW for over a decade, and has done everything there is to do. And Snuka beat him, clean, right in the middle of the ring. It wasn't easy, don't get me wrong. Luke Graham is anything but an easy out, but Snuka has stepped up his game so much this year that he found a way to both survive Graham's onslaught and win. Graham got too sure of himself, and when he lifted Snuka up for a suplex, the Superfly slid down into a sunset flip and got the flash pin! The roof nearly came off the building as Snuka jumped out of the ring the victor as Graham nearly blew a gasket! Luke Graham was going nuts, vowing to get revenge on Snuka.

Ivan Koloff pinned Dusty Rhodes with the Russian Sickle in 0:10:35.
Rating: **

"The Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff has that killer instinct back. I'm not sure what Captain Lou Albano has over him, but Koloff has chosen to channel that frustration into becoming a monster once again. Koloff was told to take care of Dusty Rhodes tonight for meddling in their business with Peter Maivia, and with Maivia being injured earlier in the night, Rhodes was on an island by himself. Rhodes isn't afraid of anybody though, and he went straight ahead at the former World champion. A timely distraction from Captain Lou proved the difference though, as it allowed Koloff to nearly decapitate Rhodes with the Russian Sickle for the pinfall victory. Rhodes felt that he could beat Koloff, and has asked for another match against the Russian Bear at MSG.

Dory Funk Jr. confronts his brother Terry.

Dory Funk Jr. didn't have a match tonight, but he did have something to get off his chest. Dory had Don Muraco in tow with him as he called out his brother, the Intercontinental champion TERRY FUNK. Terry came down, and Dory ripped right into him, asking what the hell he was doing back in GCW. Terry told Dory to calm down and not get all up in arms just because he did something Dory couldn't do, and that's beat Bobby Duncum and take the IC Title. Terry said that Duncum wasn't only beaten, but he was gone forever thanks to the beating he gave him, and that Dory was next. Terry said he hated Dory and was so hurt that his older brother did nothing to get him reinstated back into GCW when Dory brown nosed his way back in the door. Dory said that after how Terry tried to kill him with barbed wire the last time they wrestled all the way back in 1970, that Terry didn't deserve to be in GCW, or in wrestling at all! Dory said that he and Muraco were about to take care of that. However, instead Muraco attacked Dory Funk Jr.! Terry joined in as this was a clear double cross. Don Muraco is in cahoots with Terry Funk, and they were beating the tar out of Dory Funk! Officials broke it up, luckily just before Terry could piledrive him.

Harley Race and Pedro Morales battled to a draw in 0:45:00.
Rating: ** 1/4
(Harley Race retained the GCW World Title.)

Harley Race has a way of putting his foot into his mouth, but thus far, those verbal snafus have not cost him his undefeated streak or the World Heavyweight Title. That had a good chance of changing tonight though as in our main event, he defended against the former World champion Pedro Morales. Though Morales has been with GCW since the very first show back in 1963, he still has a lot in the tank and feels he has another reign as champion in him. He took Handsome Harley to the limit here, staying one step ahead of the champion and keeping him grounded. Both men wrestled a slow, methodical pace, a clear sign of the respect for the other. The problem was Morales took too long to make his move and ran out of time as this one ended in a time limit draw. Race once again escaped, World Title firmly around his waist. Officials and fans alike want to see a clear winner, and we will attempt to make that happen at MSG when these two go at it one more time!

Card rating: ** 1/2

Match observations:

September will kick off the push toward the end of the year, and the lineup for Madison SQuare Garden promises to be a big one!

WORLD TITLE REMATCH - Harley Race (c) vs. Pedro Morales
INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE - Terry Funk (c) vs. Dory Funk Jr.
WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES - The Blackjacks (c) vs. Dino Bravo/Mystery Partner
Jimmy Snuka vs. Luke Graham
Dusty Rhodes vs. Ivan Koloff
#1 CONTENDERS MATCH - Dean Ho/Tony Garea vs. The Dirtbags
Gorilla Monsoon vs. Mr. Wrestling I

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