December 10, 1981 - Los Angeles Supershow - Los Angeles, CA

The Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena was sold out as one of the biggest wrestling supercards in history was all set to take place! The top wrestling talent from all over the world was involved, featuring bouts from the United States, Japan, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, as well as wrestlers representing several other countries. This is definitely a night that will go down in history!

Dynamite Kid and Tiger Mask battled to a draw in 0:20:00.
Tiger Mask suffered a back injury. He will be out for approximately 2 months.
Rating: **** 1/4

The first match of the evening set the bar extremely high, as it was something we have rarely seen in the United States. The bout featured Tiger Mask and Dynamite Kid, two of the most highly acclaimed junior heavyweights in the world. The juniors aren't as popular in United States yet, but a match like this could go a long way. It was our opener, but experts are saying that it very well could be match of the night. The pace that these two cut for 20 minutes was just insane, filled with phenomenal chain wrestling and some of the most breath-taking high-flying I have ever seen. The crowd was dead at the start due to not being familiar with the two combatants, but by the end of it, the entire arena was on their feet cheering wildly. These two were so evenly matched, that it was no surprise that it ended in a 20-minute time limit draw. The fans wanted 5 more minutes, but unfortunately for them, they didn't get it (which is probably for the best, considering Tiger Mask seemed to tweak his back). However, Tiger Mask & Dynamite Kid received a standing ovation for the match they just put on. What a way to kick off the show!

Canek pinned Dos Caras with the Canek Press in 0:09:44.
Rating: *** 1/4

We got a great match from our friends from south of the border with two of the top stars in Canek & Dos Caras locked horns. This was the first exposure for a lot of people of the lucha libre, and Canek & Caras didn't disappoint. Canek & Caras are fan favorites in Mexico, but they went at it for almost 10 minutes showcasing the lucha libre style. This one could have went either way as both of the masked competitors were looking to impress, but tonight, that distinction would go to Canek, who hit the Canek Press to win a spirited contest. After the match, the two luchadors exchanged a handshake to a nice ovation from the crowd.

15-Man Battle Royal:

Andre the Giant simply towered over the other competitors in this battle royal, and that’s probably why all of them immediately charged at him. Most of the men in here were veterans of quite some time, and they knew that Andre the Giant had a history of dominating this style of match. With nearly ten other wrestlers trying to dump him up and over, it looked bleak for the Giant, but that all changed when Jacques Rougeau decided to make a daredevil dive on top of the heap. Andre simply moved to the side and Jacques went toppling up and out.

x Andre threw out J. Rougeau after a side step in 0:00:55

Andre the Giant used his amazing strength to power the entire group of wrestlers away from him, and things started to calm down from there. There really weren’t many friends in this thing, but an unlikely duo emerged when Dory Funk Jr. and Ivan Koloff started teaming up to attack other entrants. These were two of the more experienced wrestlers in the battle royal, and together they were a force. Nowhere was that more obvious than when Koloff and Funk double clotheslined out Riki Chosyu.

x I. Koloff threw out Chosyu in 0:01:55

Les Thornton and Jose Lothario made another odd pairing, but they decided to use their skills to try and eliminate Andre. Andre, surprisingly, had a tough time trying to fight them off. Two very big names in their respected regions of the world were Mil Mascaras and “Bullet” Bob Armstrong. They looked like they were having the time of their lives getting to duke it out with big names from other parts of the world. Baron Mikel Scicluna, on the other hand, did not appear to be too happy being stuck in such a chaotic brawl. His apparent reluctance cost him when Mascaras dropped him with an inverted atomic drop that sent him flying into the air and over the top rope.

x Mascaras threw out Scicluna after an inverted atomic drop in 0:02:07

Dory Funk Jr. and Ivan Koloff continued to terrorize the other entrance in the battle royal as they cornered off Bob Armstrong. Armstrong is tough, but there is only so much you can do against two men like that. Funk will wrestle you into submission and Koloff will just beat your head in. Meanwhile, Thornton and Lothario almost seemed ready to try and eliminate Andre, but Andre fired back with a series of headbutts. One sent Thornton right into the hands of Austin Idol, who sent him packing with a big kneelift.

x A. Idol threw out Thornton after a kneelift in 0:03:32

Rocky Johnson was probably one of the biggest fan favorites in the match, and he was getting his money worth. He went on a rampage, dropkicking nearly every wrestler in the ring. Bodies went flopping and flying, and one specific dropkick sent “Outlaw” Ron Bass to the showers for an early evening.

x R. Johnson threw out Ron Bass in 0:04:12

Rocky Johnson immediately went over to help Bob Armstrong deal with Dory Funk Jr. and Ivan Koloff. In the meantime, Austin Idol tried his best to make a name out of himself by eliminating Mil Mascaras. Pat Patterson and Tony Garea had done a pretty good job of staying out of the way of the heavy hitters, and decided to focus on one another. It looked like Patterson would be sent packing by Garea, but a poke to the eye by Pat stopped that attempt. And on the other side of the ring, without Thornton helping him out, there was nowhere for Lothario to go. Andre simply charged at him and his impact sent Lothario out of the ring.

x Andre threw out Lothario after a football tackle in 0:5:05

Armstrong had been pretty impressive in handling Koloff and Funk by himself, and things looked better for him when Rocky Johnson tried to save him. However, the damage had mostly already been done, and Armstrong was unable to stop Koloff from using his massive strength to lift him up and dump him over the top.

x I. Koloff threw out B. Armstrong after a bodyslam in 0:06:00

Tony Garea finally gave up on eliminating Patterson and went after Andre the Giant for some reason. Johnson avoided being teamed up on by Funk and Koloff by pulling Patterson into a brawl. Idol’s attempt at eliminating Mascaras failed, and was all of a sudden being met with a flurry of chops. One final blow almost sent Idol flying over the top rope, but he was able to catch himself just before. Mascaras thought he had completed the deed, and so he decided to ambush Koloff. Not an overly smart idea since Funk was there watching his back. Back on the other side of the ring, Andre had gained control in his brief scuffle with Garea and sent him packing with a clothesline.

x Andre threw out Garea after a clothesline in 0:06:14

Andre propped himself up in the corner to get some air, but resting was the last thing on Patterson’s and Johnson’s mind. They had turned their skirmish into a full out fight which was only escalated when Patterson kicked Johnson below the belt. Patterson thought this would give him the advantage, and it did for a few seconds, but Johnson got fired up eventually. Patterson didn’t know what to do with Johnson firing away at him rapidly. One powerful dropkick to the jaw was all that was needed to send Patterson flying over and out.

x R. Johnson threw out Patterson after a dropkick in 0:07:58

Almost immediately after the elimination, Idol went for the upset elimination of the night as he clobbered Johnson from behind. Idol drilled him with several rights and lefts, but Johnson still had all of that adrenaline going through him. Johnson took control over Austin, and it wasn’t long before Johnson dropped Idol with an atomic drop that used Idol’s own momentum to send him over the top rope and to the floor.

x R. Johnson threw out A. Idol after an atomic drop in 0:08:22

Andre the Giant and Rocky Johnson stared each other down, and the crowd grew excited at the thought of those two men going at it. Mascaras’ error of going after Koloff, however, had led to him being pummeled by Funk and Koloff. Those two veterans had really dominated the match, and this was no different. Mascaras did his best to fight them off, but Funk was able to break Mascaras’ grip on the top rope and dump him out.

x D. Funk Jr. threw out Mascaras in 0:09:19

There were now only four men left in the ring: Andre the Giant, Rocky Johnson, Ivan Koloff, and Dory Funk Jr. Johnson and Andre quickly realized that they would need to delay any actions towards one another until after they’d dealt with Koloff and Funk. Koloff tried to outmuscle Andre, but that didn’t go very far. Same can be said for Dory’s attempt at taking a leg out from under Andre. Johnson put a stop to that by pulling Dory into the corner. Out of nowhere, however, Koloff drilled Andre with the Russian Sickle! Andre simply fell back, and got his arms stuck in the ropes. He wasn’t out, but he was woozy, and there was no way for him to escape! Koloff and Funk laughed it up as they were able to single out Rocky. Johnson tried his best to fight them off, but even with the crowd’s support, there wasn’t much he could do as they muscled him over the top rope.

x I. Koloff threw out R. Johnson in 0:10:57

With Andre caught in the ropes, Funk and Koloff almost started to celebrate. They each took turns hammering away at the Giant, and there was no way for him to retaliate. People at ringside were growing crazy, but it looked like it would only be a matter of time until Andre was beaten into submission. That all changed, however, when Rocky Johnson reentered the ring! Johnson drilled both men with dropkicks and clotheslines. He then went to work on the ropes and broke Andre free! Andre grabbed Funk by the throat just as he was getting to his feet and eliminated him with one hand!

x Andre threw out D. Funk Jr. after a chokehold in 0:12:47

Johnson left the ring to brawl with Funk all the way to the back while Koloff realized he was alone in the ring with Andre. You have to hand it to Koloff though. He didn’t back down. Andre went after him, but Koloff snuck in a thumb to the eye. While Andre tried to regain his sight, Koloff bounced off the ropes to try for another Russian Sickle. Andre was apparently playing a little bit of opossum this time, however, as he caught Koloff in a big bearhug. Andre walked Koloff to the ropes and simply dumped him to the outside with Ivan not being able to do a thing about it.

x Andre threw out I. Koloff in 0:14:40

Andre the Giant won a 15-man Battle Royal:
Rating: ***

Andre the Giant slouched in the corner after his hard fought victory. The fans went nuts for their fan favorite being able to outlast fourteen other men. He was awarded a six foot trophy to commemorate his win at the Los Angeles supercard which he hoisted above his head. Andre the Giant proved once again that he is the master of the battle royal.

Genichiro Tenryu, Animal Hamaguchi and The Destroyer defeated Akio Sato, Giant Baba and Takashi Ishikawa when Tenryu made Ishikawa submit to a bow-and-arrow submission in 0:08:21.
Rating: ** 1/2

A great hodge-podge of talent from Japan made up our next match, a 6-man tag spearheaded by Giant Baba. The teams involved a combination of Japanese veterans, famous gaijins, and young lions, honoring the past, present, and future of puroresu. Baba was captaining one team, bringing along Akio Sato & Takashi Ishikawa. The opposing captain was The Destroyer, a masked legend who has been a staple in Japan for decades and a frequent enemy of Baba. His teammates were Animal Hamaguchi and a man considered one of the top young prospects in all of Japan, Genichiro Tenryu. Though the match was short by normal 6-man tag standards, everybody involved got a chance to shine. It was fast moving and everyone got an opportunity to show exactly what they are bringing to the table. It would be Tenryu's star that shined brightest as he got one of the biggest wins of his young career by making Ishikawa submit to a bow-and-arrow submission.

Nick Bockwinkel defeated Hulk Hogan by disqualification in 0:14:47.
Rating: ** 1/2
(Nick Bockwinkel retained the AWA World Title.)

Hulk Hogan has been making waves in the AWA, chasing reigning champion Nick Bockwinkel for months now to try to get the World Title away from him. To this point, Bockwinkel has been away to escape by the skin of his teeth every time, but with the magnitude of this show and the raucous crowd, it looked like things would change. When this match was a wrestling contest, Bockwinkel had the clear advantage. Hogan is not going to win any awards for most technically savvy competitor by any stretch. But what he does have is a tremendous amount of power, and is developing the type of connection with the crowd that has rarely been seen in this sport. As the match wore on, it was looking like we were going to witness a big piece of AWA history. Hogan had the crowd rocking as he fought back from all of Bockwinkel's offense. We looked to be just moments away from a new champion being crowned when Hogan catch the arrogant Bockwinkel with an atomic drop. Unfortunately for Hogan though, the impact of the move propelled Bockwinkel over to the top rope and onto the floor. That was unfortunate because in the AWA, throwing someone over the top is a disqualification. Hogan tried to plead that it was accidental, but the referee made the call and awarded the match to the defending champion. The crowd exploded into boos as Hogan about flipped his lid, but the decision was final. A bad break for Hogan here in the City of Angels.

Harley Race and Paul Orndorff defeated Roddy Piper and Jack Brisco when Race pinned Jack Brisco after a diving headbutt in 0:14:05.
Rating: ***

This match combined two of the biggest names in the sport in Jack Brisco and Harley Race with two men that are on verge of hitting that level themselves in Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff. Orndorff really wanted to prove himself in such a big setting as he wanted into the ring at every opportunity. This would eventually work against him, however, as Piper and Brisco would take control of the match as they took turns cheap shotting him. Orndorff was in for a world of hurt as Piper and Brisco continued to work him over in their corner and refused to allow him to tag Race. Race was going nuts on the ring apron, pacing back and forth, and begging Orndorff to break free so he could get in there. Race has had some major problems with both Brisco and Piper, and all he wanted was to get his hands on one of them but especially Piper. Piper got the crowd riled up by taunting Race several times which sent Race storming into the ring, but the referee cut him off before he could do any damage. This led to Brisco and Piper having free reign to double team Orndorff as much as they wanted. Things began to look like they were headed to the end when Piper locked Orndorff into the Sleeper, but Orndorff still had one last surge of energy as he ran backwards and smashed Piper’s back into the buckles. Piper released the hold, and this allowed Orndorff to make a diving tag to Race. Race came in a house of fire just as Piper tagged in Brisco. Brisco and Race went right at it, but Race had waited for far too long as he wasn’t about to let Brisco regain control. Race pounded Brisco with fists and uppercuts that sent him bouncing around the ring. Just when it looked like Race had him where he wanted him, though, he appeared to be letting Brisco make the tag to Piper. Brisco crawled over, but Piper was having none of that as he hopped off the apron, refusing to tag himself in. Brisco looked confused for a second, but that didn’t last long as Race blasted him with a clothesline before climbing to the top and diving off with a headbutt. It connected squarely, and there was no chance of Brisco kicking out.

After the match, Race and Orndorff celebrated in the ring together. They both motioned for Piper to join them in the ring, but Piper pointed to his head to point out that he was far too smart for their tricks. Race will have to wait for another day to get his hands on Piper, but he and Orndorff were victorious in front of this large crowd.

Carlos Colon pinned Abdullah the Butcher with the Figure-Four Leglock in 0:08:02.
Rating: **

Few men have been involved in as many bloody battles as these two. They’ve shed blood all over Puerto Rico and the United States, and a lot of those have been matches against one another. This match would be for bragging rights since it was taking place on such a large show. Carlos Colon is a proud man, and he did not want to let his fellow Puerto Ricans down with a loss. Abdullah didn’t much care about pride as he simply likes taking pounds of flesh from his opponents. It didn’t take long for this match to turn bloody as Carlos and Abdullah brawled around ringside. Both Colon and Abdullah were busted open within the first couple of minutes, but it would only get worse as Abdullah pulled out a fork from his tights. Abdullah has been known for using this object, and he didn’t disappoint. For several minutes Abdullah raked at Carlos’ flesh. Things began to look bleak for Colon, but he was eventually able to rip the fork out of Abdullah's hands and drive it into the Butcher’s forehead several times. The last blow was enough to send Abdullah to the mat a bloody mess. Carlos was not done, however, as he brought a steel chair into the ring which he crashed over Abdullah’s head. Abdullah was out, and it was doubtful he even felt Carlos locking in the Figure-Four Leglock. There would be no submission, but Abdullah’s shoulders were down on the mat long to get the three count. Carlos had his hand raised, but the ovation seemed a little muted. The fans looked like they were in shock at the amount of blood loss and gruesome action put forth by the two competitors. I don’t think the casual wrestling fan in Los Angeles is quite used to this style of wrestling.

Dusty Rhodes pinned Bob Backlund with the Bionic Elbowdrop in 0:17:34.
Rating: **
(Dusty Rhodes retained the GCW World Title.)

The crowd was still in a state of awe after the bloody battle they had just witnessed, but they were still geared up for what was our main event. A plethora of wrestling talent made up this card, but only one match got the honor of being the main event of this show. That distinction went to Global Championship Wrestling and their World Title match between reigning champion Dusty Rhodes and former 2-time champion Bob Backlund. This is not the first time that these two have locked up, as it was Rhodes who ended Backlund's second reign as GCW World champion to capture the title. Backlund has been unable to win the title back, but he felt there was no better way to cap off one of the biggest wrestling shows in US history than with becoming a 3-time champion. This was a good match, but after all the great wrestling that we've seen tonight, the fans in Los Angeles were a bit tired. That didn't matter to Backlund though, as he was going to be the wrestling machine that he always has been. Rhodes was getting embarrassed on the mat, and he knew to have a shot at walking out of LA with his gold in tact, he was going to have to turn this into a fight. He baited Backlund into a slugfest, and it helped the American Dream to get back into this one. Backlund has learned to fight, but it is definitely more Rhodes' element. Backlund took his lumps, but he had the crowd fired up for a title change when he avoided a Rhodes' elbow and got the Dream in the Crossface Chickenwing! Backlund had it locked on tight, but he couldn't get the hefty Rhodes down on the mat. Rhodes used his last bit of strength to push Backlund back into the turnbuckle to break the hold. Backlund was stunned and went for it again, but he was a bit too careless and got caught in a side slam from the champ. Rhodes dropped a huge elbow to follow up and retained the title. A quality match to end what was a historic night of wrestling!

Card rating: ** 1/2

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