December 23, 1976 - Tokyo Dome - Tokyo, Japan

Stan Hansen pinned Osamu Kido with the Lariat in 0:14:04.
Rating: **** 1/4

Global Championship Wrestling was honored and excited to return to Japan for this huge supercard. The first match featured one of the young lions of GCW, Stan Hansen, taking on Osamu Kido. If this match was any indication of how this day of wrestling was going to go, we were in for an epic event. Hansen is fresh off of breaking the neck of Pedro Morales, and as sick as it sounds, his confidence was at an all-time high. Kido had home-field advantage, so to speak, and he wasn't going to let a young, loud, burly Texan simply have his way. Despite Kido's efforts, he couldn't avoid Hansen's huge Lariat. Fortunately Kido's neck wasn't broken, but he did lose the match as Hansen got another win.

Dory Funk Jr. defeated The Destroyer when The Destroyer passed out in the Texas Cloverleaf in 0:13:03.
Rating: *** 1/4

This match was one a lot of fans were looking forward to as Dory Funk Jr. took on a wrestling legend, the masked Destroyer. Dory did not have an easy go of things as The Destroyer is one of the most notorious cheaters in wrestling history, and he certainly lived up to that reputation here. Funk knows how to get down and dirty with this best of them, which appeared to catch Destroyer off-guard. The Destroyer didn't know how to contend with this and got himself captured in the Texas Cloverleaf, a move he passed out in to lose the fall.

Gene Anderson and Ole Anderson defeated Dusty Rhodes and Peter Maivia when G. Anderson pinned Maivia with the Piledriver in 0:14:48.
Rating: *** 1/4

We had a nice treat for long time GCW fans as we got to see Gene & Ole Anderson in action. The Minnesota Wrecking Crew are former 2-time World Tag Team champions, and it looks like during their time away from GCW, they have only gotten better. They took on the game team of Dusty Rhodes & Peter Maivia, who are as tough as nails, but as a team, you aren't going to find much better in the world than the Andersons, who picked up a win in a great contest.

Billy Graham made Mitsuo Momota submit to the Bearhug in 0:06:24.
Rating: * 1/2
[Bobby Heenan interfered against Mitsuo Momota.]

We got to see Mitsuo Momota, the son of the legendary Rikidozan, who many consider to be the father of professional wrestling in Japan. "Superstar" Billy Graham wasn't even remotely impressed with who Momota's father was, as he pummeled Momota from bell-to-bell en route to taking a win in Tokyo.

Terry Funk made Kintaro Ohki submit to the Spinning Toe Hold in 0:11:33.
Rating: *** 1/4
(Terry Funk retained the GCW Intercontinental Title.)

Terry Funk put his Intercontinental Title on the line against a legend in Japan and a former GCW talent, Kintaro Ohki. Ohki never held a title while in GCW, and wanted nothing more than to bring that championship back to the Land of the Rising Sun. Funk has a lot of experience wrestling in Japan and thus wasn't intimidated. Ohki looked great, but he couldn't find the move to get over the top to find the win. A missed kneedrop allowed Funk to lock on the Spinning Toe Hold to keep the title around his waist.

Riki Chosyu pinned Mr. Wrestling I after a fisherman suplex in 0:09:56.
Rating: *** 1/2

Mr. Wrestling I came into Japan thinking he was going to easily beat whoever he wanted, but then he ran into Riki Chosyu. Chosyu isn't exactly popular in Japan either, but got the benefit of the doubt for being the "hometown" guy. Chosyu grabbed a big win by hooking a fisherman suplex to garner a 1-2-3.

The Blackjacks (Blackjack Lanza and Blackjack Mulligan) defeated Mr. Fuji and Toru Tanaka when Mulligan defeated Tanaka when Tanaka passed out in the Blackjack Claw in 0:13:28.
Rating: ** 1/2
(The Blackjacks retained the GCW World Tag Team Titles.)

We had our second of of three scheduled title matches next with The Blackjacks defending the World Tag Team Titles against another team who have held the titles in the past, Mr. Fuji & Professor Toru Tanaka. The Blackjacks definitely had their hands full, and Bobby Heenan was sweating bullets as Fuji & Tanaka took it to Lanza & Mulligan. The match was tightly contested, but the champions showed just how much of an equalizer their dreaded Blackjack Claw is. Mulligan caught Tanaka out of nowhere with the Claw, and he cinched it in tight enough that the pain caused the Professor to pass out, giving the Blackjacks a close title defense.

Abdullah the Butcher pinned Luke Graham with the Sudanese Elbowdrop in 0:11:31.
Rating: 1/2*

Before we got to our much anticipated main event, we all beared witness to a tremendous, bloody brawl pitting Luke Graham against Abdullah the Butcher. Many people call Graham "Crazy," and anyone who is willing to take on the Madman From Sudan with no disqualifications has to be a little off his rocker. The match didn't take long to become a bloodbath, and as sinister as Luke Graham has shown us he can be over the years, Abby is the sickest man in all of wrestling. After a lot of bloodshed from both men, Abdullah gets the win after a fork-aided Sudanese Elbowdrop.

Harley Race and Antonio Inoki battled to a draw in 1:00:00.
Rating: *** 3/4
(Harley Race retained the GCW World Title.)

No man is unbeatable, but if anyone is close, it is our World champion Harley Race. Harley has been the reigning champion for over two years now, and he has gotten by challenge after challenge after challenge. Tonight, he had one of his toughest to date against a former World champion, Antonio Inoki, in Inoki's backyard. If there was ever a time where a wrestler could find lightning in a bottle, it was Inoki here. Inoki looked to wrestle a conversative match with Race, knowing that Race specializes in capitalizing on his opponents' mistakes. Inoki's strategy worked almost to perfection. I saw almost, because if anything, he was TOO conservative. It was a great mat wrestling affair, but Race has tremendous stamina, and he rode Inoki out all the way to a well fought one hour time limit draw. Race seemed content with taking this non-finish, but he would later be distraught to find out that the GCW Championship Committee has determined that Antonio Inoki deserves a rematch, and he will get it at the year-end show on December 30! Now only that, but it will be 2-out-of-3 falls!

Card rating: ** 1/2

Match observations:

It's time for Global Championship Wrestling's biggest show of the year, the huge show to close out the year from Madison Square Garden! Look at the lineup we have announced so far:

WORLD TITLE REMATCH 2/3 FALLS - Harley Race (c) vs. Antonio Inoki
INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE - Terry Funk (c) vs. Bobby Duncum
FLAG MATCH - Dusty Rhodes vs. Ivan Koloff
Jack Brisco vs. Mr. Wrestling I
Jumbo Tsuruta vs. Billy Graham
Dory Funk Jr. vs. Don Muraco
Mike Graham vs. Hiro Matsuda

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