December 5, 1964 - Capitol Arena - Washington, DC

Danny Hodge pinned Mark Lewin with the Oklahoma Roll in 0:08:17.
Rating: *** 1/4

Danny Hodge needed a big victory as he is still positioning himself to get another match against Ernie Ladd for the United States Title. With no Jack Davis to distract him, Hodge showed that he is one of the best pure wrestlers in the world with this win over "Maniac" Mark Lewin. Hodge has requested one more shot at Ladd, and the Big Cat has granted it. However, Ladd has said this will be Hodge's last chance to take the title from him. Hodge agreed, but only if Jack Davis was banned from ringside!

Bill Watts and Johnny Valentine defeated Don Leo Jonathan and Edouard Carpentier when J. Valentine pinned Carpentier with the Figure-Four Leglock in 0:18:41.
Rating: *** 1/4

After losing the decisive match in his feud against Bruno Sammartino, Bill Watts has decided to focus on tag team wrestling with his partner Johnny Valentine in a quest to regain the World Tag Team Titles. They started that quest with a victory over Don Leo Jonathan & Edouard Carpentier, Carpentier being pinned while trapped in Valentine's Figure-Four Leglock.

Ernie Ladd pinned Pedro Morales with the Boot to the Face in 0:09:47.
Rating: ** 3/4
(Ernie Ladd retained the GCW United States Title.)
[Jack Davis interfered against Pedro Morales.]

"The Big Cat" Ernie Ladd is one of the best in the world - you don't become a 2-time United States champion if you're not. But ever since he's hired the services of Jack Davis as his manager, he has taken to cutting as many corners as possible, as he did here in his title defense against Pedro Morales. The fiery Morales was pumped up and wanted to taste gold for the first time, but Davis' distractions once again proved instrumental in allowing Ladd to hit the Boot to the Face for the 1-2-3. Danny Hodge ran out and chased them to the back before they could inflict anymore damage to Morales.

Crusher & Bruiser (The Crusher and Dick the Bruiser) defeated Skull Murphy and Brute Bernard when Bruiser made S. Murphy submit to the Stomach Claw in 0:06:36.
Rating: *

The Crusher & Dick the Bruiser came up short in their attempt to regain the tag titles, so they start the long road back up the ladder with a victory over the seldom seen Skull Murphy & Brute Bernard.

Baron Mikel Scicluna pinned Bruno Sammartino with the Fistdrop in 0:14:44.
Rating: ** 1/4

The fans in Washington, DC were in absolute shock at what happened in this match between Bruno Sammartino & the debuting Baron Mikel Scicluna. Scicluna claims he is of royal descent from the Isle of Malta and even offered Bruno a handshake before the match, wanting a good clean match. The match was going along fine until late in the contest, Scicluna pulled out a roll of coins behind the referee's back. He caught Sammartino with a hard shot to the throat and when Sammartino hit the mat, followed up with a big coin-aided Fistdrop to get a huge upset victory! Scicluna has already shown he is a man not to be trusted.

Abdullah Farouk is once again making ridiculous claims.

Abdullah Farouk & The Sheik were out once again for an interview to make outrageous claims. Farouk said that The Sheik proved how dangerous he could be last month against Lou Thesz, which is just ridiculous seeing how Thesz won that match. Farouk once again made the claim that everyone in the locker room was scared of what The Sheik could do to them, which brought out HAYSTACKS CALHOUN, the man who Sheik fireballed a couple of months ago. Farouk & The Sheik wisely ran for their lives.

Lou Thesz pinned Ray Stevens after a German suplex in 0:17:35.
Rating: ****
(Lou Thesz retained the GCW World Title.)

Ray Stevens made the best out of his shot at Lou Thesz & the World Title, but he came up just short. Though Stevens is a young man, he has been wrestling since he was 155 and has a ton of experience, learning a lot from former World champion Buddy Rogers. Many people wouldn't have given Stevens a chance, but Thesz knows better than to take anyone lightly. The Blond Bomber took Thesz to the limit, but when he missed his diving Bombs Away Kneedrop, that was all she wrote as a German suplex put Stevens out for the count.

Bobo Brazil pinned Boris Malenko with the Coco Butt in 0:09:25.
Rating: ** 1/2

Bobo Brazil continues to be a thorn in Abdullah Farouk's side as he gets the duke over his Russian assassin, Boris Malenko. The battle has been going on for a year and a half now and Farouk hasn't been able to get rid of Bobo Brazil. He has promised that will happen sooner or later.

Gene Kiniski pinned Abdullah the Butcher with the Backbreaker in 0:14:03.
Rating: * 1/4

Abdullah the Butcher took a huge chance by putting hiss GCW career on the line against Gene Kiniski for a chance to get 5 minutes alone in the ring with his former manager, Abdullah Farouk. Farouk was clearly nervous during this match as the Butcher was dominating the match with the surprising support of the DC fans. Farouk got desperate and grabbed the ring bell, jamming the Butcher in the ribs with it, letting Kiniski hit the Backbreaker. It might not be fair, but Abdullah the Butcher now has to leave GCW as Farouk has eliminated one of his top enemies.

Gorilla Monsoon and Killer Kowalski defeated Antonino Rocca and Miguel Perez when Kowalski made Perez submit to the Stomach Claw in 0:27:24.
Rating: ** 1/4
(Gorilla Monsoon and Killer Kowalski retained the GCW World Tag Team Titles.)

It's one thing to do whatever you can to retain the World Tag Team Titles, but to purposely injure one of your opponents is something entirely different. Antonino Rocca & Miguel Perez did everything they could, but the tide turned greatly when Monsoon caught Perez and drove his backs into the ringpost. From there, the attack was ruthless as Monsoon & Kowalski targeted Perez's back. Perez tried to fight back and make the tag, but he was clearly very seriously hurt as he succumbed to Kowalski's Stomach Claw. After the match, Kowalski tied Rocca up in the ropes as Monsoon hit Perez with two splashes, further injuring Perez. Miguel Perez will be out of commission for a couple of months. Rocca has demanded one more match with Monsoon & Kowalski, saying he will have a mystery partner if Perez is unable to compete.

Card rating: ** 1/4

Match observations:

1964 came to a wonderful close with this show, but 1965 promises to be even better! Our first show of the year is at Madison Square Garden on January 2nd with the following card:

WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES - Gorilla Monsoon/Killer Kowalski (c) vs. Antonino Rocca/???
Lou Thesz/Haystacks Calhoun/Bobo Brazil vs. The Sheik/Gene Kiniski/Boris Malenko
Bruno Sammartino vs. Baron Mikel Scicluna

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