December 9, 1979 - Cobo Arena - Detroit, MI

Paul Jones' Army (Paul Jones and The Masked Superstar) defeated The Wild Samoans (Afa and Sika) when Superstar made Sika submit to the Cobra Clutch in 0:11:20.
Rating: * 3/4

Paul Jones and his Army made an immediate impact in Chicago in their debut, Austin Idol picking up a win over Pedro Morales. We got to see Jones himself team with the massive Masked Superstar to take on the Wild Samoans. Captain Lou Albano has been trying to bring Afa & Sika back to their savage roots, and so far, it has been met with mixed results. They're on a small winning streak and wanted to close out the 70s strong, but Paul Jones had other ideas. Jones is a talented in-ring technician, no doubt about it, but The Masked Superstar is an absolute monster. He is 6'5", over 300 pounds, and has a bad attitude to boot. Jones would get in the ring and take his shots, and when he felt the momentum swinging in favor of the Samoans, he'd tag in Superstar who would make sure it stayed in favor of the Army. In the end, The Masked Superstar locked Sika in the Cobra Clutch. Sika struggled to get loose, but the grip of the Superstar was too strong to break and got the Army the victory. Jones has made it clear he wants to end Gorilla Monsoon's career and take the tag team titles, and he very well may be able to back it up.

Tito Santana and Ivan Putski defeated Victor Rivera and Jimmy Golden when T. Santana pinned Rivera with the Flying Forearm in 0:05:34.
Rating: ** 1/4

Tito Santana & Ivan Putski were a bit disappointed to not be the #1 contenders for the tag titles, but they used that disappointment and got right back to the grind against Victor Rivera & Jimmy Golden. Like a well-oiled machine, Santana & Putski picked their opponents apart en route to a solid victory.

Terry Funk vs. Don Muraco doesn't take place due to a brawl.

We never got a chance to see Terry Funk & Don Muraco locked horns, because they couldn't wait until they got to the ring to go at it. As Muraco was being introduced, Funk ran out from the back and tackled him from behind. From there, it got progressively more brutal as the two exchanged blows on the floor. As the fight went on, it was decided that the situation was too out of hand and the match was thrown out before it even started. These two are being put in a match together one more time for the New Year's show, and if another situation like this goes down again, President Hisashi Shinma has promised that fines and possible suspensions will be levied.

The Guerreros (Chavo Guerrero, Hector Guerrero and Mando Guerrero) defeated The Blackjacks (Blackjack Lanza and Blackjack Mulligan) and Ivan Koloff when M. Guerrero pinned Mulligan with the Mandosault in 0:09:51.
Rating: ** 1/4

Chavo Guerrero is very lucky that his brothers Hector & Mando were in attendance last month in Chicago or we might not have seen him at all in the ring tonight. Instead, we got to see the Guerreros all team up to take on Ivan Koloff & The Blackjacks. Freddie Blassie has been irritated with the Guerreros to say the least, feeling that the trio from El Paso were below his men and that they should be focusing on "bigger and better things." The Guerrero brothers took obvious exception to this and tried to shove it right down Blassie's throat. The Guerreros were firing on all cylinders for this match, a direct result of having something to prove. Still, Blassie's troops were not going to let this be a walk in the park as there is a lot of talent on that team. It would be a lapse in focus that would cost Blassie's team the duke. Mulligan had Hector tied up in the ring and told Koloff to get in the ring to take a cheap shot. Koloff hit the ropes and went for the Russian Sickle, but Hector wiggled free at just the last moment and the Russian Bear nailed Mulligan instead! Hector made the tag to Mando who, along with Chavo, sent Koloff flying out of the ring with a double dropkick. Mando went up top and connected with the Mandosault on Mulligan to get the 3 count much to the delight of the fans in Detroit!

The Masked Superstar made Roddy Piper submit to the Cobra Clutch in 0:07:42.
Rating: ***
(Austin Idol no-showed.)

Not only has Paul Jones' Army showed that they are gifted in-ring competitors, but Jones and his men have shown that there is no depth to their shadiness. It was supposed to be "Rowdy" Roddy Piper taking on Austin Idol, but when Idol was introduced, he came down with Jones & The Masked Superstar on a pair of crutches. Idol announced that he sprained his ankle earlier this week training (mentioning how he spends a lot of time in the gym) and has not been cleared my doctors to compete in this match. Piper came out and said he smelled a rat and didn't think Idol was hurt at all. He also said he didn't care, as he would fight all 3 of them if he had to in order to get a match tonight. Jones cut him off and said all 3 wouldn't be necessary because if Piper wanted a fight, he need look no further than The Masked Superstar. Piper thought about it for a second before slapping Superstar in the face, an acceptance of a challenge if I've ever seen one. Unfortunately for Piper, his initial assessment of the situation was correct because Idol showed he wasn't injured at all. During the closing moments of the match, Piper hit the ropes while Jones had the referee's attention. Idol took this opportunity to drill the Rowdy Scot in the spine with the crutch. Piper stumbled right into the Cobra Clutch of the massive Superstar and this one was over. I hope Paul Jones knows what he's doing for his sake, because he's making an awful lot of people angry already.

Larry Zbyszko and Stan Hansen defeated Jumbo Tsuruta and Dusty Rhodes when Hansen pinned Tsuruta with the Lariat in 0:17:47.
Rating: **** 1/4

As a punishment for getting involved in a Dusty Rhodes' match while still under suspension, Larry Zbyszko was put into this tag match tonight, teaming with the Intercontinental champion Stan Hansen to take on Rhodes & Jumbo Tsuruta. It's not known at this point if Zbyszko has the same misguided viewpoints on foreign policy that Hansen has, but either way, he's not exactly popular amongst GCW's fans. Rhodes & Tsuruta brought a vigor to this match, never more noticeable than when the American Dream was in the ring with Zbyszko. This is no longer a mere rivalry - it has turned into a fiery hatred. Zbyszko was furiously going after the hand of Rhodes that he had shattered months ago with a ferocity I'm not entirely comfortable with. Meanwhile, Hansen & Jumbo weren't pulling any punches either. Hansen feels he is a superior athlete to Jumbo (being American and all), but the series of suplexes that Jumbo was dropping the Lariat with told a different story. As these matches tend to do, it broke down into an all-out brawl that first saw Rhodes hit Zbyszko with a clothesline that sent both men toppling over the top rope to the floor. Meanwhile, Jumbo thought he had Hansen prone as he went for a German suplex, but Hansen grabbed the ropes. Referee John Stanley came in to try to break it up, but in doing so, he missed Hansen hit Jumbo with a back kick to Jumbo's groin! That's going to slow anyone down, I don't care who you are. Even worse for Jumbo, he ate the Lariat from Hansen and the pinfall. This feud isn't over by a long shot, as at the January 1 bringing-in-the-1980s show, these two teams will meet again in a STEEL CAGE MATCH.

Gorilla Monsoon and Pedro Morales defeated The Can-Am Strongmen (Dino Bravo and Ken Patera) when Monsoon pinned Bravo with the Big Splash in 0:10:38.
Rating: * 1/4
(Gorilla Monsoon and Pedro Morales retained the GCW World Tag Team Titles.)

Since Gorilla Monsoon announced that he would be retiring from the ring whenever Pedro Morales and he have lost the World Tag Team Titles, the champs have become an even bigger target. The first to take their shot was Dino Bravo & Ken Patera, collectively known as the Can-Am Strongmen. Monsoon knows Bravo very well as they have teamed a few times in the past, but this is not the same Dino Bravo. The champs had their hands full with the challengers, as Bravo & Patera are two of few men who can over power Monsoon & Morales. And over power them they did. The Strongmen wore the champs down, but the mistake they were making was letting Monsoon get back in the ring. They're ego wouldn't settle for just winning the titles - they wanted to win the titles by pinning Monsoon. This allowed the champs the opening to mount a comeback that culminated in Morales hitting a vertical suplex on Bravo which Monsoon followed with the Big Splash for the 1-2-3. Monsoon's career is still in tact for now, but there are many great teams waiting in the wings.

Jimmy Snuka pinned Luke Graham with the Superfly Splash in 0:07:05.
Rating: ** 3/4

Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka has been begging for this match for a year, and he finally got it as he went one-on-one with Luke Graham in our first of two big main events. Problem was, he had to put his career on the line to do it. If Snuka came up short against the former 2-time World champion, we would never see him in a GCW ring again. Despite how badly Graham claims that he is injured, he looked like the same old Crazy Luke, which did not bode well for Snuka. As Graham put a hurting on Snuka, one had to wonder if the Superfly had any regrets for putting it all on the line. Snuka was getting a bit of offense in, but he couldn't string together enough to really put Graham in much danger of losing. We thought this one was going to be over when Graham reached into his tights and pulled out a roll of quarters and nailed Snuka with them, but somehow Snuka got his foot on the ropes to break the count. Graham was livid in that he thought he had gotten rid of Snuka and got in referee Mario Savoldi's face, nearly striking him with a punch. All he was doing was giving Snuka time to recuperate. Graham came back to Snuka, who hit a drop toehold on him which sent Crazy Luke's face smashing into the second turnbuckle. Graham was bleeding from the nose and it only got worse as Snuka got fired up, hitting Graham with everything he had. Graham couldn't slow down Snuka's momentum and was more or less out when Snuka hit a piledriver on Graham's weak neck. That wasn't enough for Snuka though, who went to the top and hit the Superfly Splash. He could have gotten the cover, but he pulled Graham's shoulders off the mat at two so he could hit a second Superfly Splash before putting Graham out of his misery. Word has it that Graham once again suffered a back injury and is therefore leaving GCW. Now that he is done with this feud, Snuka can move onto bigger and better things, like his World Title match on New Year's day! But who would he be wrestling?

Bob Backlund pinned Ric Flair with the Atomic Drop in 0:17:27.
Rating: ***
(Bob Backlund retained the GCW World Title.)

"Nature Boy" Ric Flair - cocky, arrogant, flamboyant, and possibly the World champion after tonight. He was Bob Backlund's challenger for the World Title, and what a match it was. This was Flair's first opportunity to become World champion, something that makes many wrestlers get overwhelmed by nerves. Not the Nature Boy. He looked like he belonged in the main event, which is half the battle. But fitting in and beating Bob Backlund are two entirely different things. Flair is used to being the one who controls his opponent on the mat, but Backlund didn't give him much opportunity to do that in this one in the early going, working over Flair's arm. You could see the frustration setting in with Flair. He was in no danger of submitting, but it was getting him out of his game for sure. He turned the tide with a thumb to the eye, then went to work on Backlund's leg. Nothing flashy about the strategies of both men, just tried and true wrestling. To Flair's credit, outside of the occasional thumb to the eye or choke, he kept the action clean. Flair is a prideful man and sincerely thinks he is the best wrestler in the world. That may be true in the future, but for now, that crown still belongs to Backlund. Backlund takes the win when he reverses Flair's Figure-Four attempt by kicking him into the turnbuckle and hitting the Atomic Drop for the 1-2-3. Backlund's title reign continues, but as you can tell, the matches are getting more and more competitive.

Card rating: ** 3/4

Match observations:

Goodbye 1970s, hello 1980s! We kick off the New Year in STYLE with GCW wrestling action! The ball in Times Square won't be the only must-see event in New York this New Year's, as we have this card lined up for MSG:

WORLD TITLE - Bob Backlund (c) vs. Jimmy Snuka
CAGE MATCH - Dusty Rhodes/Jumbo Tsuruta vs. Larry Zbyszko/Stan Hansen
Gorilla Monsoon/Pedro Morales/Roddy Piper vs. Paul Jones' Army
Terry Funk vs. Don Muraco
$10,000 Battle Royal

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