February 26, 1966 - National Arena - Washington, DC

Luke Graham pinned Spiros Arion with the Thumb to the Throat in 0:06:57.
Rating: ** 1/4
(Luke Graham retained the GCW United States Title.)

Could Luke Graham be any more dominating? Spiros Arion won this United States Title shot by winning a battle royal last month, but he may wish now that he hadn't after the beating he received from Graham. Graham keeps his US Title and undefeated streak in tact. Who will step up to challenge this man?

Ernie Ladd pinned Edouard Carpentier with the Boot to the Face in 0:17:04.
Rating: ***
[Jack Davis interfered against Edouard Carpentier.]

It looks like Ernie Ladd may have gotten his mojo back. Ladd earned a hard fought victory over his bitter enemy and the man who took the United States Title from him, Edouard Carpentier. It was by no means easy, but the Big Cat picked up a big win for his confidence. Ladd has also announced that he has his sights set on regaining the US Title, no matter who has it.

Chief Jay Strongbow made Eddie Graham submit to a wristlock in 0:12:19.
Rating: ** 1/2

Eddie Graham did not have the same kind of night that his brother Luke did. Eddie wanted to get the winner's purse too, but that would not be the case as Chief Jay Strongbow successfully worked over his arm before making him submit to a wristlock. Dr. Jerry Graham wasted no time in mocking his brother for the loss and has challenged Strongbow to a match at MSG on March 26th so he can "show Eddie how it's done."

Baron Mikel Scicluna defeated Bobo Brazil by disqualification in 0:01:28.
Rating: 1/4*

Bobo Brazil has completely snapped, and considering what Abdullah Farouk & Baron Mikel Scicluna did to his manager James Dudley, it's hard to blame him. This was hardly a match as it was more just a massive beatdown. Brazil was by himself and didn't have Dudley there to calm him down, which caused Brazil to get himself disqualified early in the match. Brazil had stashed a chain underneath the ring that he went for early, bloodying Scicluna up pretty badly. It took awhile, but Brazil was finally restrained and taken to the back.

The Blond Bombers (Pat Patterson and Ray Stevens) defeated Haystacks Calhoun and Pedro Morales when Patterson pinned Morales with the Atomic Drop in 0:08:44.
Rating: *** 1/4

On paper, Pedro Morales & Haystacks Calhoun seem like a great team, but teams are using Calhoun's size to their disadvantage - they're simply not letting Calhoun in the ring. Morales is taking a ton of punishment in these matches that he hasn't been able to withstand, including in this match against the Blond Bombers. Stevens & Patterson singled Morales out and pinned him. Morales & Calhoun have agreed to part ways as a team.

Antonino Rocca made Miguel Perez submit to the Argentine Backbreaker in 0:15:06.
Rating: *** 1/4

It looks like Antonino Rocca got the final say in his feud with his former partner, Miguel Perez. The story of this match was Perez going for the Jumping Piledriver, but Rocca constantly escaping it until he locked on the Argentine Backbreaker, forcing Perez to submit in the middle of the ring and hopefully ending this feud once and for all.

Killer Kowalski defeated Danny Hodge by disqualification in 0:06:28.
Rating: ** 1/2

Killer Kowalski may live to regret his decision to turn on his partner Gorilla Monsoon. Kowalski was confident that Monsoon wasn't here and that he could do as he wished in his match against Danny Hodge. That turned out not to be the case as Monsoon came out from the back and the brawl was on! These two monsters beat the tar out of each other before officials pulled them apart. The first single matches between the two has been signed for next month at MSG.

Crusher & Bruiser (The Crusher and Dick the Bruiser) defeated Gene Kiniski and The Sheik when Crusher pinned Sheik with the Bolo Punch in 0:26:26.
Rating: *
(Crusher & Bruiser won the GCW World Tag Team Titles.)
[Abdullah Farouk interfered against The Crusher.]

For the second time, Dick the Bruiser & The Crusher are the proud holders of the World Tag Team Titles! A couple shows ago, they were screwed out of the titles thanks to Abdullah Farouk deliberating getting Gene Kiniski & The Sheik disqualified. Farouk had a similar plan this show, trying to throw his shoe into the ring for The Sheik to use on The Crusher. However, Dick the Bruiser ran in and got the shoe from The Sheik while Kiniski had referee Terry Taranova's attention. The Bruiser waffled The Sheik in the head with the shoe, which The Crusher followed with the Bolo Punch. Three seconds later and we had brand new World Tag Team champions. This was not a good night for Abdullah Farouk. He has already enacted the rematch clause for the tag titles, but it will have to wait until April 23rd in Chicago. Next month at MSG, a big 8-man tag match has been signed pitting Bobo Brazil, Dick the Bruiser, The Crusher, & Antonino Rocca against Gene Kiniski, The Sheik, Baron Mikel Scicluna, & Miguel Perez.

Bill Watts and Johnny Valentine defeated Bruno Sammartino and Dory Funk Jr. when J. Valentine pinned B. Sammartino with the Figure-Four Leglock in 0:40:08.
Rating: **** 1/4

A big main event as World champion Bruno Sammartino & Dory Funk Jr. took on the 2-time former tag team champions Bill Watts & Johnny Valentine. These men are all very familiar with each other and as a result we got a good long tag team main event. The different came when referee Dick Kroll was inadvertently struck by an elbow from Bruno. Bruno got Valentine up in the Sammartino Backbreaker, but Watts broke it up by entering the ring and smashing Bruno in the face with the cowbell! Bruno was out cold. Funk jumped in and tossed Watts out of the ring, brawling with him to the back. With Sammartino being out cold, Valentine locked on the Figure-Four Leglock and was able to pin the World champ in it! Because of this, regardless of how it happened, Valentine has been named the #1 contender and will challenge for the World Title next month. Meanwhile, Dory Funk Jr. & Bill Watts will meet in the first Texas Bullrope match!

Card rating: ** 3/4

Match observations:

The following matches have been signed for the March 26th card at Madison Square Garden:

WORLD TITLE - Bruno Sammartino (c) vs. Johnny Valentine
TEXAS BULLROPE MATCH - Dory Funk Jr. (c) vs. Bill Watts
Bobo Brazil/Dick the Bruiser/The Crusher/Antonino Roca vs. Gene Kiniski/The Sheik/Baron Mikel Scicluna/Miguel Perez
Gorilla Monsoon vs. Killer Kowalski
Chief Jay Strongbow vs. Dr. Jerry Graham

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