January 12, 1972 - Paul Sauvé Arena - Montreal, QB, CA

Crusher & Bruiser (The Crusher and Dick the Bruiser) defeated Arnold Skaaland and Jimmy Snuka when Bruiser pinned Skaaland after hitting him with the chain in 0:06:01.
Rating: ** 1/2
[Lou Albano interfered against Jimmy Snuka.]
[Lou Albano interfered against Arnold Skaaland.]

1972 kicked off with the brand new World Tag Team champions Dick the Bruiser & The Crusher wrestling… in a non-title match, at the advice of Lou Albano surely. Their opponents were Arnold Skaaland & GCW newcomer Jimmy Snuka, who would love to make a name for himself with a win over the 6-time tag team champs. Snuka made a good showing for himself, but the team just couldn't match up with Bruiser & Crusher who just love to hurt people. Bruiser gets the pin on Skaaland by hitting him with his steel chain (thanks to a distraction from Albano). Bruiser & Crusher looked to inflict more punishment on Snuka, wanting to "welcome" him to Global Championship Wrestling as the Crusher was yelling. Luckily for young Snuka, GORILLA MONSOON chased them away with a steel chair. Monsoon's old partner Haystacks Calhoun was forced to leave GCW because of injuries sustained at the hands of Bruiser & Crusher, and he is out for revenge in the worst way. He's going to get that chance as he will partner with Jimmy Snuka and Arnold Skaaland to challenge Bruiser, Crusher, & Lou Albano in a 6-man tag team war! This match will take place at The Spectrum in Philly on February 22.

Wahoo McDaniel pinned Tony Garea after an inside cradle in 0:07:04.
Rating: **
(Wahoo McDaniel retained the GCW United States Title.)

Wahoo McDaniel was disturbingly proud of himself after he, as he claims, ran Karl Gotch not only out of GCW, but out of the United States as well. The United States champion couldn't rest on his laurels though as he had a tough title defense here against Tony Garea. Garea is a native of New Zealand but currently resides in the United States, but if you ask Wahoo, Garea is a foreigner and deserves no respect. Garea almost shocked Wahoo early with a small package, but Wahoo narrowly escaped. McDaniel was a bit embarrassed that he was getting outclassed, and had to resort to pulling the tights in an inside cradle to keep the gold around his waist. What a proud champion.

Ernie Ladd puts his "King" title on the line.

"King" Ernie Ladd was fuming over missing the year-end show because of a back injury suffered on December 1, and he wanted to put a beatdown on somebody. The Grand Wizard was so confident that Ladd couldn't possibly lose tonight, he even put Ladd's title of "King" on the line. Of course that is not an officially recognized title here in Global Championship Wrestling, but that's an argument for a different time. Ladd's challenge was answered by another GCW newbie, JERRY LAWLER.

Jerry Lawler pinned Ernie Ladd after a small package in 0:05:08.
Rating: ** 3/4

What a huge upset! It looks like we have a new king in GCW, and his name is Jerry Lawler. Ladd completely underestimated the unproven rookie and it cost him in a huge way. Ladd had the match well in hand and could have pinned Lawler several times, but he elected to pull his shoulder off the mat instead to inflict more punishment. This let Lawler surprise Ladd with a small package to get the win. Lawler wisely got out of the ring before an angry Ladd could get a hold of him. The Grand Wizard is claiming that it was a fast count, and wants a rematch for Ladd against Lawler on February 22 in Philadelphia.

The Minnesota Wrecking Crew (Gene Anderson and Ole Anderson) defeated The High Flyers (Jim Brunzell and Greg Gagne) when G. Anderson pinned G. Gagne with the Piledriver in 0:13:54.
Rating: *** 1/2

We had our third and final debut of the night in tag team action, as "Jumping" Jim Brunzell & Greg Gagne, collectively known as the High Flyers, took on The Minnesota Wrecking Crew. Greg Gagne is the son of wrestling legend Verne Gagne, but he has decided to apply his trade here in GCW to not rely on only the family name. Brunzell & Gagne looked great in their debut, using some high flying offense we haven't seen in quite some. They have the potential to be an explosive team. What they are missing right now is the experience, something that the Andersons have. The MWC picks up the win, but The High Flyers impressed the Canadian crowd with their debut performance.

Chief Jay Strongbow made Bill Watts submit to the Indian Deathlock in 0:07:33.
Rating: ****

Not a lot to say about this one, other than it was a great hard-hitting match for as short as it was. Chief Jay Strongbow goes to the winner's circle when he locked Bill Watts in the Indian Deathlock. The Cowboy is going to need to find the edge he once had when he was World champion if he wants to recapture success in GCW rings.

Billy Graham pinned Eddie Graham after hitting him with the cane in 0:11:43.
Rating: ** 1/4
[Lou Albano interfered against Eddie Graham.]

We still don't know what has gotten into "Superstar" Billy Graham, but it didn't look right seeing him with "Captain" Lou Albano. It looked even stranger seeing Billy wrestle his own brother, Eddie Graham. Because of Luke Graham's promises to take a piece out of Billy, the former World champion was banned from the building. Billy had an edge to him that we hadn't seen before, clearly the work of Albano who has a tendency to bring out the worst in all of his cilents. Billy wrestled Eddie like he was his most hated enemy, not his own brother. Albano's constant interference also made it so Eddie couldn't establish much offense and was beat down by the powerhouse Billy. Billy would pick up the win when he took Albano's cane and jacked Eddie in the throat with it. Billy continued the attack post-match, targetting Eddie's throat with the cane before dropping him with the Thumb to the Throat, a direct slap in the face to brother Luke as that is his finishing move. Eddie had to be taken to the back on a stretcher.

The Cripplers announce Bobby Heenan as their new manager.

Before their match, The Cripplers demanded some interview time and it didn't take long for us to find out why. Ray Stevens & Nick Bockwinkel introduced us all to their brand new manager, BOBBY HEENAN. Heenan said he was brought onboard because The Cripplers had been mistreated in GCW. They should be the ones getting World Tag Team Title shots, being that they held the gold for nearly a year, but instead they've been getting passed over. Heenan said that things will change with him in charge. Stevens & Bockwinkel won't have to worry about booking flights and hotels or renting cars. The only thing they will have to focus on is wrestling, and that is going to make them as dangerous as ever.

Dominic DeNucci and Johnny Weaver defeated The Cripplers (Ray Stevens and Nick Bockwinkel) when DeNucci defeated R. Stevens by disqualification in 0:06:48.
Rating: ** 1/2
[Bobby Heenan interfered against Dominic DeNucci.]

Bobby Heenan promised that The Cripplers would be better than ever, and after watching the brutality they inflicted on Dominic DeNucci & Johnny Weaver, I'd say he was right. Sure, Stevens & Bockwinkel didn't walk out with a victory, getting disqualified when they tossed the referee out of the ring to keep pounding on DeNucci & Weaver, but they were the duo left standing. After the match had been thrown out, CHIEF JAY STRONGBOW & BILLY WHITE WOLF came out to chase The Cripplers away before permanent damage could be done. A match between the two teams has been signed for The Spectrum.

Gorilla Monsoon pinned Stan Stasiak after a splash in 0:12:35.
Rating: 1/2*

Our main event saw a still fired up Gorilla Monsoon take on and defeat Stan "The Man" Stasiak in a hard-hitting affair. Stasiak was trying for his feared Heart Punch throughout, but the burly Monsoon would have none of it, taking it to Stasiak before ultimately finishing him off with a splash. DICK THE BRUISER, THE CRUSHER, & LOU ALBANO tried to get into the ring to attack Monsoon, but JIMMY SNUKA & ARNOLD SKAALAND ran down to keep them at bay.

Pedro Morales wants a rematch against Bruno Sammartino.

The end of our show came with Pedro Morales speaking in the ring, mostly saying it was outrageous that he wasn't wrestling Bruno Sammartino for the World Title tonight. Pedro made mention of the fact that although he didn't defeat Bruno, Bruno also didn't defeat him as they went through a one hour war and couldn't determine who the better man was. Morales said he was confident he was the better man and challenged Bruno to a rematch. Sammartino came out and being the man of few words that he is, only said, "I accept!" before sending Morales sprawling from the ring with a right hand. Officials held Morales back, but these two are going to tear each other apart when they get the chance. The next time they will meet will be at the Spectrum with the World Title once again on the line!

Card rating: ** 1/4

Match observations:

Before we get to the big Philadelphia show, however, Global Championship Wrestling is heading back to the Land of the Rising Sun! That's right, we will be in Tokyo for two huge shows, February 5 and February 8.

Two matches have been announced so far for the February 5 show:

WORLD TITLE - Bruno Sammartino (c) vs. Giant Baba
Antonio Inoki vs. Pedro Morales

More matches will take place though, featuring both the stars of GCW as well as the top talent in Japan!

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