January 29, 1976 - Chicago Stadium - Chicago, IL

Jimmy Snuka pinned Hiro Matsuda with the Superfly Splash in 0:12:04.
Rating: ****

Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka has been with GCW for a few years now and he feels he is ready to break through and become a main event player. But to do so, he is going to have to string together a few wins. He started last month with a 32 second win over Johnny Rodz, and kept that momentum going with a victory over Hiro Matsuda. It was considering more difficult than his last match, but Snuka showed he could contend with adversity and come out victorious.

Gorilla Monsoon and Sgt. Slaughter defeated The Valiant Brothers (Jimmy Valiant and Johnny Valiant) when Slaughter defeated Johnny Valiant when Johnny Valiant passed out in the Cobra Clutch in 0:06:17.
Rating: **

Gorilla Monsoon brought in a new tag team partner for 1976, the young ex-military man, Sgt. Slaughter. Slaughter is a big young hoss with a big ol' chin, and although he is rough around the edges, he showed how much promise he has in this tag team match against the Valiant Brothers. Slaughter's Cobra Clutch was enough to make Johnny Valiant pass out and get this Monsoon/Slaughter union off to a tremendous start.

Killer Kowalski pinned Ernie Ladd after a flying kneedrop in 0:07:38.
Rating: ** 1/2

Wrestling is no doubt a dangerous sport, and it's situations like what happened in this match between Ernie Ladd & Killer Kowalski that cement this as true. These two monsters beat the tar out of each other for several minutes before Kowalski put Ladd down with a big clothesline. Kowalski went to the top rope and came off with a flying kneedrop on the Big Cat, but Kowalski landed awkwardly on Ladd. Kowalski made the quick pin and put this one in the books, but upon closer inspection, we saw that Kowalski's knee had RIPPED Ladd's ear off! A chunk of Ladd's ear was laying in the ring as Ladd clutched his bleeding head. This is one of those things that happens sometimes, as unfortunate as it is. We wish Ladd a speedy recovery from this gruesome injury.

Jack Brisco made Don Muraco submit to the Figure-Four Leglock in 0:10:13.
Rating: *** 1/2

Though Jack Brisco fell just short of winning the World Title in 1975, he has made it known that his quest to be a World champion is not over. He is going to have to climb back up the ladder to get another title shot, but a little hard work has never scared Brisco. He started that ascent with a match against Don Muraco. Muraco saw this match as a chance to really prove something and he wrestled with some extra motivation. Muraco more than held his own against Brisco, but in the end, he couldn't find that move that would get the job done. Brisco got the Figure-Four Leglock on and took this match by submission.

Pedro Morales defeated Stan Hansen when Stan Hansen passed out in the Boston Crab in 0:13:19.
Rating: *** 1/2

Stan Hansen is a newcomer that needs a lot of polish, but he has shown in his time in GCW so far that he is one tough customer. Pedro Morales has been one of the men to experience this first hand and the two locked horns in Chicago. After the match, Morales would say that in all his time in GCW, he's never felt punches that hit as hard as the ones Hansen gave him. Morales was physically bruised up after the match, but he did manage to escape with a victory when he dodged Hansen's Lariat, hit a bodyslam, and put on the Boston Crab. The burly Texan held on for awhile but eventually passed out from the pain of the hold.

Bobby Duncum pinned Dory Funk Jr. with the Full Nelson Slam in 0:09:55.
Rating: **** 1/4
(Bobby Duncum retained the GCW Intercontinental Title.)

Dory Funk Jr. wasted no time in asking for his rematch after losing the Intercontinental Title to Bobby Duncum in MSG and he was determined to recapture the gold. Duncum had no plans on relinquishing the title in his first defense though, and after a great back and forth battle, Duncum caught Funk out of nowhere with the Full Nelson Slam and remained IC champion.

Mr. Fuji and Toru Tanaka defeated Dean Ho and Tony Garea when Fuji pinned Ho after a headbutt in 0:05:41.
Rating: ***

Dean Ho & Tony Garea are going to be a good team, no doubt about it, but they have had some bad luck in their teaming thus far. Case in point, tonight's match against Mr. Fuji & Toru Tanaka. The match was going great for the fan favorites, but Fuji caught Ho with a big headbutt that knocked him loopy enough to let Fuji get the pin. Ho was very disappointed in himself, and has requested a rematch against Fuji & Tanaka for February 25 in Atlantic City.

Dick Murdoch pinned Dusty Rhodes after an inside cradle in 0:13:14.
Rating: ***

"Dirty" Dick Murdoch's running buddy lost earlier in the night, but Murdoch was going to make sure he didn't suffer the same fate against former partner Dusty Rhodes, by hook or by crook. With the hatred that now exists between Rhodes & Murdoch, the devastating blow to the ego of the loser is unacceptable to either man. Each punch has a little extra behind it, and the crowd gets a hell of a match as a result. Rhodes looked like he would be the one to pick up the win, but Murdoch got him in an inside cradle out of nowhere, and with the aid of a pull of the tights, Murdoch stole a win in Chicago. After the bell, the fight continued and they were joined by PEDRO MORALES & STAN HANSEN before officials broke it up. GCW matchmakers have determined that this feud needs to end before it gets even more out of control, and have signed a tag team Texas Death match. We are going to see a clear winner one way or another.

Harley Race pinned Billy Robinson with the Piledriver in 0:09:42.
Rating: **
(Harley Race retained the GCW World Title.)

We're not really sure what it was, but Billy Robinson was not on top of his game tonight. Not on top of your game is not something you want when you get a shot at the World Title and Harley Race, who has never been defeated in GCW action. Robinson was a step off the entire match, and that is not something you want to be against Race. Race will take advantage of any opening you give him, getting Robinson with the Piledriver for another successful title defense. With Race continuing to rack up win after win, who will step up to be his next challenger?

Nikolai Volkoff pinned Peter Maivia after a bodyslam in 0:03:24.
Rating: * 1/2
[Lou Albano interfered against Peter Maivia.]

You have to feel for Ivan Koloff. He's obviously in a situation he doesn't want to be in, having to take on the managerial services of Captain Lou Albano once again due to some information Albano holds over him. The things Albano is asking him to do don't sit well with him, but he's being forced to. Case in point, his involvement in the match between Nikolai Volkoff & "High Chief" Peter Maivia. Albano demanded that Koloff get involved and help Volkoff win, and despite some protest, the Russian Bear did just that, holding Maivia's foot down from the outside after Volkoff hit a bodyslam, causing Maivia his first loss since returning. Koloff was not happy about what he had to do, but the only man who was more upset was Maivia, demanding an explanation from Koloff. The Russian Bear wanted to apologize, but Albano ordered him to leave. Word has it that the High Chief will be confronting Koloff in Atlantic City.

Larry Zbyszko and Dino Bravo defeated The Graham Brothers (Billy Graham and Luke Graham) when Zbyszko pinned B. Graham after a spinebuster slam in 0:41:32.
Rating: *****
(Larry Zbyszko and Dino Bravo retained the GCW World Tag Team Titles.)

To beat the Graham Brothers one time can easily be considered a fluke. To do it twice in a row, this time in the main event is talent, plain and simple. That is exactly what Larry Zbyszko & Dino Bravo managed to do, and in one of the greatest tag team matches we have ever seen in Global Championship Wrestling, no less. Zbyszko & Bravo got the crap beat out of them for much of this match, no one would deny that. But the heart in these two youngsters is off the charts, and it is exactly why they have become the World Tag Team champions. For over 40 minutes, the young duo survived, escaping from pinfall after pinfall like their team name could have been the Houdinis. It looked all over though when "Superstar" Billy Graham got the Bearhug on Zbyszko and began squeezing the life out of him. Zbyszko refused to give up though and slid his arms through to break the tension, showed tremendous will by lifting Billy Graham up and driving him into the canvas with a spinebuster. Bravo cut Luke Graham off from getting in the ring, and just BARELY Zbyszko held Billy down for the 1-2-3 and a triumphant title defense. The Grand Wizard nearly lost his mind, but his men failed to recapture the gold. He vowed that this wasn't over though, not by a long shot.

Card rating: ***

Match observations:

We make a glorious return to Atlantic City on February 25, the following matches already on the books:

INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE - Bobby Duncum (c) vs. Don Muraco
TEXAS DEATH MATCH - Dusty Rhodes/Pedro Morales vs. The Dirtbags
Larry Zbyszko vs. Luke Graham
Dino Bravo vs. Billy Graham
Dean Ho/Tony Garea vs. Mr. Fuji/Toru Tanaka

And Peter Maivia will look for some answers from Ivan Koloff! All this and a whole lot more!

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