July 27, 1984 - Boston Garden - Boston, MA

Jim Powers pinned Don Muraco after a flying dropkick in 0:03:49.
Rating: *
[Mr. Fuji interfered against Jim Powers.]

The arena was set up with two rings side-by-side for War Games later in the evening, but for the matches leading up to it would be held in alternating rings. The first match of the evening was for Jim Powers to earn himself a contract. Powers dream is to be a professional wrestler, and if he could somehow find a way to beat Don Muraco, he would get that opportunity. It wasn't looking good. Not only is Muraco a former Intercontinental champion and one of the top professionals in all the world, but Muraco had no trouble defeating Powers at our last show. That being said, Powers has been training hard since then, and you could really see the improvement. Muraco tried humiliating Powers early, but when Powers slapped him across the face in retaliation, it completely threw the Magnificent One off his game. Muraco would get back to the advantage and went for the Tombstone, but Powers got out of it and hit a back suplex. Powers jumped up onto the second turnbuckle, waited for Muraco to get to his feet, and then caught him right in the mush with a flying dropkick. This was just enough to surprise Muraco and keep him down for the 1-2-3! Against all odd, Jim Powers has earned a GCW contract! Mr. Fuji told Muraco not to worry about it, because Powers would get killed on the GCW roster.

Jimmy Snuka defeated Ricky Steamboat by countout in 0:06:18.
Rating: ** 1/4
(Ricky Steamboat retained the GCW Intercontinental Title.)

Ricky Steamboat was thrilled to get to defend the Intercontinental Title against a man who he has publicly stated is a personal hero of his, GCW legend, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka. Leading up to this match, Snuka stated that it was some kind words from Steamboat that convinced him to come out of retirement, and now they were wrestling for the prestigious championship in front of a sold-out Boston Garden. We knew this had the potential to be a high-flying affair, and it looked like we were going to see that. After exchanging some great wrestling holds, Snuka took it to the air first with a nice crossbody for two. He also hit a dropkick for a nearfall as well. Steamboat didn't back down, hitting a dropkick of his own, as well as a flying karate chop from the top. At one point, Snuka clotheslined Steamboat over the top, but the Dragon grabbed onto the top rope and tried to skin the cat back into the ring. Snuka saw him doing so and dropkicked him into the stomach, causing Steamboat to topple hard to the floor. When the Dragon landed, he appeared to twist his left ankle. Steamboat had a lot of trouble getting back to his feet, and though he tried to roll back into the ring, he couldn't beat the count and was counted out. Steamboat finally got back in the ring and apologized to Snuka, saying his ankle was hurting him a lot. Snuka didn't seem too sympathetic at first, almost like he was accusing the Dragon of faking the injury. Steamboat apologized again and said he didn't want it to end like this. Cooler heads finally prevailed and the two friends went to the back with the Superfly helping the Dragon.

Larry Zbyszko defeated Nick Bockwinkel by countout in 0:06:00.
Rating: ** 3/4

This was not a good night to be Nick Bockwinkel. Now don't get me wrong, Bockwinkel can hold his own against anybody. But tonight, Larry Zbyszko wasn't just anybody. The Cruncher was a man on a mission. We were all curious as to how Zbyszko would react after another heartbreaking loss to Bob Backlund in the Garden, and he reacted violently. Bockwinkel was trying his psyche out moves early on, but when Zbyszko was punching him in the face every time he tried something, Bockwinkel soon figured out that the Cruncher wasn't in the mood for his shenanigans. After being bounced around a little bit, Bockwinkel & Bobby Heenan decided they wanted no more part of this and walked out for the intentional countout. That didn't sit too well with Zbyszko, who went after Bockwinkel and dropped him with the Crunch Time on the floor. Zbyszko yelled that this was a message for Backlund that he isn't finished with him yet.

The British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid) defeated Bret Hart and Tully Blanchard when Dynamite Kid pinned Blanchard after a flying headbutt in 0:10:00.
Rating: *** 1/4

Tully Blanchard & Bret Hart were unsuccessful in their last match as a tag team, but Bobby Heenan wanted to get a better look at Hart. The Brain is considering managing Hart, but needed to see more of him. Bret & Tully teamed up to take on the British Bulldogs, and we had a highly competitive tag team match on our hands. Bret & Tully had obviously been working together in the training room recently, because they looked a lot more cohesive than they did against the Rock 'N Roll Express in New York. That being said, they came up just short as Blanchard got caught, hit with a running powerslam by Davey Boy and finished off by a flying headbutt from Dynamite Kid. After the match, Heenan informed Hart that he would not be taking him on as a client. Bret said, "We'll see about that." I have no idea what that could possibly mean.

Stan Hansen defeated Dick Murdoch by disqualification in 0:14:18.
Rating: ** 1/4
(Stan Hansen retained the GCW World Title.)

After Dick Murdoch ruined the match between Stan Hansen & Dusty Rhodes in MSG, both Hansen & Rhodes were itching to get their hands on Captain Redneck. Hansen won the coin toss and defended the World Title against Murdoch. If you're a fan of two burly men beating the trash out of each other, you would have loved this match. The more experienced that Hansen gets, the more he seems to enjoy brawling. He loves to take a fight out to the ringside area where he can really wreak some havoc. This is right up Murdoch's alley as he is one of few men who wouldn't be intimidating to take the fight to Hansen. Murdoch is also known as someone who gets carried away in the moment, and that's what happened here. Hansen had him in a headlock on the floor and tried to ram Murdoch's head into the post, but Murdoch pushed him off, causing Hansen to crack his shoulder on the steel. Murdoch grabbed a chair and much like last show, blasted Hansen in the skull with it. Referee Danny Davis had been letting a lot go in this match, but a steel chair shot was too much and he called for the bell. That wasn't all Murdoch had in mind as he grabbed the bullrope that Hansen traditionally brings down to the match. Murdoch threw Hansen back in the ring, wrapped the rope around Hansen's neck, and then tossed him over the top! Hansen was being hanged by Murdoch! It took officially nearly 2 minutes to get Murdoch to release the rope. It was a bad scene as Hansen was seen coughing up blood in the back thanks to this brutal attack. Hopefully Hansen will not have to miss any time.

A blinded Jim Cornette introduces his new bodyguard.

We had a strange situation on our hands before our next match, which was supposed to be the Rock 'N Roll Express taking on the Midnight Express. Jim Cornette had his head completely wrapped up like a mummy, as "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton and a large man we had never seen before helped him into the ring. Cornette was given the microphone by Howard Finkel. Cornette first thanked all of the fans for the letters and the phone calls he received wishing their favorite manager a speedy recovery, which got a huge round of boos from the Boston faithful. Cornette said he has been seeing doctors all the time, and he may never get his vision back again, but since he is such a loyal manager and a professional, he wasn't going to let the Rock 'N Roll Express take him down like this. The hardest thing, Cornette said, was how since he hasn't been able to see, he hasn't gotten to help out his beautiful mother, Mama Cornette. He explained that Dennis Condrey wasn't here tonight because since Condrey is such a great guy, he volunteered to take Mama Cornette to her weekly bingo game tonight. Cornette said not to fear though, as this tag team match would take place tonight with a replacement, this mystery man he brought with him. He announced him as BAD NEWS BROWN, his own personal bodyguard, hired to protect him so something like this tragic hairspray incident can never happen again. Brown added he was going to break Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson in half tonight in honor of the greatest man he has ever known, James E. Cornette.

Bobby Eaton and Bad News Brown and The Rock 'N Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson) battled to a double countout in 0:09:26.
Rating: * 1/2
(Dennis Condrey no-showed.)

Bad News Brown wended up being quite the coup for Jim Cornette. The Rock 'N Roll Express were prepared for battle with Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey, so Condrey being replaced at the last minute by someone that Morton & Gibson know nothing about was brilliant strategy. Brown is 6'2", 280 pounds, and has a bad attitude. Morton & Gibson had many problems dealing with Brown, as a lot of their high-flying offense was rendered nearly ineffective by Bad News' strength. To make matters worse for the Rock 'N Roll Express, Brown apparently is a street brawler, and he showed how much he loves taking the fight to someone when he dumped Gibson to the floor. Brown wouldn't let Gibson get back in the ring, bodyslamming him hard on the concrete. Morton came over to help his partner, but he received the same treatment as Gibson did. Brown didn't hear the count though, or rather didn't care about the count, and both teams were counted out. They may not have officially lost the match, but the Rock 'N Roll Express certainly didn't look like winners after this one. This feud has taken a whole different turn.

Bruiser Brody pinned King Kong Bundy with the Bombs Away in 0:05:35.
Rating: * 1/2

Bruiser Brody may not have beaten King Kong Bundy in the New York Streetfight, but he did survive and as of now, the bounty on Brody's head by Bobby Heenan goes unclaimed. Bundy had another chance to collect, and this time, it didn't go as well as last time did. Bundy had dollar signs in his eyes instead of trying to win the match, and that translated into Bundy being far too aggressive. Brody was a step ahead of Bundy at every turn, causing Bundy to hurt himself almost as much Brody hurt him. Brody sent Bundy face first into the corner on a missed avalanche, became one of the few men to ever bodyslam Bundy, and then finished him off with the Bombs Away kneedrop. Brody got no chance to savor the victory because before he could even get to his feet, BRET HART smacked him in the back with a chair! Hart then brought the chair crashing down on Brody's knee several times before officials pulled him away. Heenan gave Hart a nod of impressed respect before they all went to the back. Maybe Heenan is reconsidering representing the Hitman…

Bob Backlund pinned Dusty Rhodes after a backslide in 0:13:11.
Rating: *** 3/4

The battles that Dusty Rhodes & Bob Backlund have had are legendary, and this one was no exception. Bob Backlund has been working himself up to getting another shot at the World Title that he covets so much, and a win over the American Dream would go a long way to getting him that title shot. Rhodes has been enthralled in a feud with his former partner, Dick Murdoch, and that feud would spill over to this match in a big way. The match was split about 50-50 for who was on the offensive, and it had a really big feel of being up in the air. When you have two men who have two World Title reigns under their belts, you're bound to be evenly matched. Rhodes managed to hit a big piledriver for a 2 count, and called for the Bionic Elbowdrop when MURDOCH made an appearance at ringside. Now Captain Redneck didn't get physically involved, but he didn't have to. Rhodes was so irate at his mere presence, that he took the eye off the ball. Backlund recovered and caught him with a backslide. With the aid of his feet on the ropes, Backlund had defeated Dusty Rhodes! Murdoch went to the back yelling, "That's what you get, Dusty!" These two old rivals will meet once again on August 18 in Uniondale.

War Games No-Countout-No-DQ-Match:
The Foreign Legion (Dino Bravo, Kamala, Nikolai Volkoff and The Iron Sheik) defeated The All-Americans (Barry Windham, Junkyard Dog, Mike Rotundo and Tony Atlas) when Sheik made JYD submit to the Camel Clutch in 0:24:29.
Rating: ** 3/4

For only the second time in history, the double cage was set up, and we had WAR GAMES! The All-Americans and the Foreign Legion have been embroiled in a feud for months, and the only way to settle it was going to be in the Match Beyond. As a result of winning 2 of the 3 matches in New York, Freddie Blassie's squad would have the one man advantage in this match, so the order in which wrestlers would compete was very important. The All-Americans started out with Barry Windham of the U.S. Express. This was a risky move as he is more or less a rookie, but there is no doubt that he is a stud and is hungry, so he was a good choice for the long haul. He got to start out with Dino Bravo, 1/2 of the current tag team champions. The Foreign Legion had the upper hand in the strength and brawling department, but the All-Americans were hoping to counter that with their stamina. The first period in War Games is 5 minutes long, and this was a good showcase for how talented Windham truly is. Windham used his deceptive speed to keep Bravo off his game, locking on several armbars to both counteract Bravo's strength and often him up for a possible submission later. Windham did a great job of minimizing damage as well, which was important because when the 5 minutes was up, NIKOLAI VOLKOFF entered the fray.

Windham didn't see Volkoff coming from behind, and that was bad news for him. For the next two minutes, Windham was trapped in the double cage alone with the tag team champions. Bravo & Volkoff picked Windham apart, but it got really bad for Windham when Volkoff threw him 3 times in succession into the cage, busting Windham wide open. To be bleeding this early in the match was not an enviable position to be in, and it made Windham a liability going forward. Volkoff had Windham locked tightly in the Bearhug while Bravo hit him with occasional punches as the clocked ticked down to start the new period, and in came TONY ATLAS! Atlas had a ways to go as Bravo & Volkoff had isolated Windham in the other ring, but when he got there, he took Bravo down with a dropkick. Volkoff released the Bearhug on Windham and charged at Atlas, only to be backdropped from one ring all the way into the other! Atlas had the building going crazy as he grabbed Bravo and sent him arm first into the side of the cage, putting him down enough to go after Volkoff in the other ring. He gave Windham enough to time to get his bearings back somewhat, catching Bravo with some right hands while Atlas hit Volkoff with a backbreaker.

Atlas did a great job of helping to even things up for his team, but it wasn't long before this period was over and in came KAMALA. Kamala is largely untested and from the looks of it, seems difficult to communicate with. However, if there is one thing we know for sure, it's that the savage is a handful to deal with in the ring. The Ugandan Giant set his sights on Tony Atlas, and it didn't really look like he had anything else he cared about. Kamala was so dead set on causing Mr. USA physical harm that he would even growl at Bravo & Volkoff if they came too close. That was all the same to the tag champs, as they were trying to spill all of Windham's blood. Windham showed great heart by ducking a double clothesline, bouncing off the ropes, and hitting a double clothesline of his own. Still, he had lost a lot of blood, and there was only so much he could take. Luckily, the period was up and his tag team partner MIKE ROTUNDO joined the match. Kamala saw Rotundo coming in and immediately floored him with a back kick. This gave Atlas a small window to fight back, hitting the big Kamala with a bodyslam. Atlas then slingshot himself over the ropes from one ring to the other, taking Bravo & Volkoff down with a double clothesline! The All-Americans had everything in their favor, except for one thing - the period was up and in came THE IRON SHEIK, the final advantage the Foreign Legion would have in terms of numbers.

The Iron Sheik is tough as is, but he wasn't coming into the ring alone, bringing Blassie's cane with him. Sheik brought the cane crashing into Rotundo's ribs, and when Windham came at him, caught him in the bleeding forehead. Sheik was having his way with the cane until Atlas confronted him. Atlas told him to drop the cane and fight him like a man. After some prodding, Atlas challenged Sheik's manhood enough to get him to drop the cane, but only when sheik was Bravo & Volkoff ready to pounce. Sheik dropped the cane, Bravo & Volkoff hit Atlas with a double back suplex, and for good measure, Kamala crashed down on Atlas with the Air Africa. At this point, Junkyard Dog was chomping at the bit to get into the ring, but there was still 30 seconds left. The Foreign Legion made sure to make good use of that time, stomping away at Atlas, Rotundo, & Windham before the period finally ended, and in came JYD! JYD was delivering lefts and rights to all the members of the Foreign Legion as they came at it, bringing the crowd into a frenzy. JYD caught Volkoff with a particularly stiff headbutt that busted the big Russian wide open.

At this stage in the match with everyone having entered, it was now a matter of making a member of the opposite team give up. Kamala went back to only wanting to fighting Atlas while the tag champs were trying to do a number on the bloodied Windham, who was still fighting despite having come in first and been bleeding during most of this. Rotundo was helping his partner out, and even got Bravo in a Fujiwara armbar, but that was broken up by a big kick to the head by the Iron Sheik. One important part of the match that had been forgotten was that Blassie's cane was still in the ring, and it played into the finish of the match. JYD had pretty much had the run of the ring since he came in, headbutting every one on the Foreign Legion as necessary. That was until Kamala got a hold of the cane. After some coaxing by Blassie (Kamala didn't quite understand what to do with the cane), the Ugandan Giant blasted JYD in the back of the head with it, splitting the back of JYD's skull wide open and causing him to drop like a sack of stones. The Iron Sheik put JYD in the Camel Clutch and pulled back as hard as he could. Atlas & the U.S. Express tried to save JYD, but any time one of them would get close, Kamala would smack them with the cane and roar like a wild elephant. Despite holding out for nearly two minutes, JYD is only human and had to call it quits while in the painful hold. The rings were immediately pelted with a barrage of garbage as the Foreign Legion were announced the winners of the second war Games match. The All-Americans have nothing to be ashamed of as they fought their hearts out, but it was just not their night.

Card rating: ** 1/2

Match observations:

8/18/84 - NASSAU COLISEUM - Uniondale, NY

INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE - Ricky Steamboat (c) vs. Jimmy Snuka
WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES - Dino Bravo/Nikolai Volkoff (c) vs. The U.S. Express
Dusty Rhodes vs. Dick Murdoch
Junkyard Dog vs. Kamala
Bruiser Brody vs. Bret Hart
The Rock 'N Roll Express vs. The Midnight Express

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