June 18, 1966 - Convention Hall - Atlantic City, NJ

Chief Jay Strongbow defeated Baron Mikel Scicluna by disqualification in 0:07:36.
Rating: * 1/2
[Abdullah Farouk interfered against Chief Jay Strongbow.]

The opening contest pitted Chief Jay Strongbow taking on Baron Mikel Scicluna. Scicluna apparently wasn't in the mood to deal with any frustrations tonight as it didn't take him long to get disqualified. Scicluna may have thought he got out of it, but these two will meet again next month on July 16th in an Indian Strap Match!

Antonino Rocca and Argentina Apollo defeated The Golden Grahams (Dr. Jerry Graham and Eddie Graham) when Apollo defeated Dr. J. Graham when Dr. J. Graham passed out in the Argentine Backbreaker in 0:14:42.
Argentina Apollo suffered a neck injury. He will be out for approximately 5 months.
Rating: ***

Antonino Rocca & Argentina Apollo were back to teaming again this month, taking on the Golden Grahams. Though they would ultimately get the win, they suffered a big loss when Apollo was dropped awkwardly on his head during a piledriver from Dr. Jerry Graham. It was thought to be a serious injury at first, but it's not nearly as bad as originally feared. However, he will still be out for a few months.

Ernie Ladd wants the GCW World Title.

Ernie Ladd came out with his normal cocky bravado, and along with Jack Davis, gave an arrogant interview like you'd expect from them. Ladd pretty much no sold the fact that he was unsuccessful in his bid to regain the United States Title, saying he wanted "bigger and better." The Big Cat called out World champion Bruno Sammartino, telling him it's about time someone worthy of respect held onto the gold. This match will be our main event.

Gene Kiniski defeated Spiros Arion by countout in 0:05:20.
Rating: *

Gene Kiniski is always in a bad mood, but he was in rare form tonight as he decimated Spiros Arion. Kiniski couldn't even be bothered to pin Arion as he nailed him with the Backbreaker on the floor and left him to be counted out. Kiniski will be Bobo Brazil's opponent next month if Brazil gets past Miguel Perez tonight.

The Blond Bombers (Pat Patterson and Ray Stevens) defeated Crusher & Bruiser (The Crusher and Dick the Bruiser) when Patterson defeated Crusher by countout in 0:06:43.
Rating: ** 1/4
(Crusher & Bruiser retained the GCW World Tag Team Titles.)

After two brawls between these two teams in recent months, we finally got the World Tag Team Title match between champions Dick the Bruiser & The Crusher and the Blond Bombers. The champs were anxious to take a piece out of Ray Stevens & Pat Patterson, and it cost them as the Bombers were able to cause the champs to get counted out. All this has done is serve to frustrate Dick the Bruiser & The Crusher more to the point that the champions have demanded another match with Stevens & Patterson in New York.

Gorilla Monsoon defeated Killer Kowalski by countout in 0:06:23.
Rating: 3/4*

The first ever meeting in a singles match between Gorilla Monsoon & Killer Kowalski was not pretty by any means, but there was a lot of raw emotion involved. Since GCW's inception, this was one of the best tag teams in all of wrestling, and now they were two giants beating the tar out of each other. The first battle officially goes to Monsoon, who took this one by countout. This issue is far from settled though as they meet again next month.

Luke Graham pinned Danny Hodge with the Thumb to the Throat in 0:12:56.
Rating: *** 1/2
(Luke Graham retained the GCW United States Title.)

Luke Graham is starting to get a little too sure of himself. The undefeated United States champion is assuming he has a victory in the bag every time he wrestles, and it almost caught up to him as Danny Hodge nearly caught him in the Oklahoma Roll several times. However, the crazy one finally got it together and hit the Thumb to the Throat to narrowly retain the title. Graham didn't like being embarrassed and kept attacking Hodge, which brought out DORY FUNK JR. to make the save. Funk Jr. said he is tired of Graham and wants to take the US Title off of him. Luke has rejected Funk's challenge saying he doesn't deserve it. The champ said he'd consider it if Funk & Hodge could beat his brothers Eddie & Dr. Jerry next month at MSG.

Pedro Morales and Dominic DeNucci defeated Bill Watts and Johnny Valentine when DeNucci pinned Watts after a cross-body block in 0:21:15.
Rating: ***

What a fantastic counter by Dominic DeNucci! Based on the fact that Bill Watts & Johnny Valentine are former 2-time tag team champs, not a lot of people gave DeNucci & Pedro Morales much of a chance in this one. Watts & Valentine dominated most of this match, but Watts had his front slam reversed into a cross-body block by DeNucci for the flash pin! Watts was in disbelief, and claimed that referee Danny Bartfield gave a fast count. Watts & Valentine have demanded a rematch, but this time with a different referee. The match has been signed for July 16th.

Bobo Brazil pinned Miguel Perez with the Coco Butt in 0:07:04.
Rating: ***
[Abdullah Farouk interfered against Bobo Brazil.]

In an attempt to eliminate Bobo Brazil from GCW, Abdullah Farouk has put his own hide on the line… if Brazil can complete the Farouk Challenge. The first of the four matches Brazil had to win was against the newest member of Farouk's stable Miguel Perez. Despite Farouk trying to distract Brazil any chance he had, Brazil wasn't about to let this opportunity to pass him by and took the win with the Coco Butt. Brazil's next opponent in the Farouk Challenge will be Gene Kiniski.

Bruno Sammartino pinned Ernie Ladd after a lariat in 0:23:45.
Rating: ** 1/2
(Bruno Sammartino retained the GCW World Title.)
[Jack Davis interfered against Bruno Sammartino.]

Ernie Ladd sure talks a big game, but it takes more than words to beat our World champion Bruno Sammartino. Ladd became increasingly frustrated every time he thought one of his big moves was going to put Bruno away and didn't. Sammartino rode out the storm and jacked the Big Cat's jaw with a lariat to retain the World Title.

Card rating: ** 1/2

Match observations:

The card for the July 16th Madison Square Garden show has the following matches signed:

WORLD TITLE 2/3 FALLS REMATCH - Bruno Sammartino (c) vs. Ernie Ladd
WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES - Dick the Bruiser/The Crusher (c) vs. The Blond Bombers
FAROUK CHALLENGE - Bobo Brazil vs. Gene Kiniski
INDIAN STRAP MATCH - Chief Jay Strongbow vs. Baron Mikel Scicluna
Gorilla Monsoon vs. Killer Kowalski
Dory Funk Jr./Danny Hodge vs. The Golden Grahams
Pedro Morales/Dominic DeNucci vs. Bill Watts/Johnny Valentine

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