June 2, 1978 - Madison Square Garden - New York, NY

Jumbo Tsuruta pinned Roddy Piper with the Jumbo Knee in 0:11:34.
Rating: ** 3/4

The show kicked off here in NYC with the former World champion Jumbo Tsuruta in his second stage of getting revenge against the men instrumental in costing him the title, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. Jumbo managed to keep his emotions in check better this month (a hefty fine for shoving an official will do that to you) but still found Piper's unorthodox style to be a handful. Jumbo was almost put out at one point by Piper's Sleeperhold, but he drove the Rowdy One into the turnbuckle to break it up. He hit the Jumbo Knee right after that, and Piper was out for the count. A great way to kick off our night here in the Garden.

Pedro Morales made Rene Goulet submit to the Boston Crab in 0:04:03.
Rating: ***

Pedro Morales didn't win the World Title from Harley Race, but he did get back on the winning track with a resounding victory over Rene Goulet. Morales is showing he still has plenty left in the tank and he still has that fire to compete at a high level.

Stan Hansen pinned Jerry Brisco after a small package in 0:12:44.
Rating: *** 1/4
(Stan Hansen retained the GCW Intercontinental Title.)

Jerry Brisco has shown he is an excellent tag team wrestler with his brother Jack, having held the World Tag Team Titles. But in the singles ranks, he's still a bit of an unknown commodity. He had a chance to put himself on the singles division map as he was granted a shot at the Intercontinental Title due to pinning champion Stan Hansen in the 6-man tag match last month. Hansen took the challenge from the younger Brisco very seriously as he has already been pinned once, and he has grown to be a great IC champion (much like his Gunslinger teammates Dory Funk Jr. & Terry Funk were before him). Hansen laid a beating on Brisco from the opening bell, but he couldn't seem to keep the challenger done no matter what he tried. Hansen was clearly aggravated every time Brisco would kick out, and it almost cost him when Brisco had a flurry of offense late. It took Hansen catching Brisco in a small package out of the blue to keep the title around his waist. A close call, but another successful title defense for the Lariat. His next challenge will be huge as he puts the gold up against Pedro Morales in Puerto Rico.

Gorilla Monsoon and Peter Maivia defeated The Blackjacks (Blackjack Lanza and Blackjack Mulligan) when Maivia made Mulligan submit to the Stump Puller in 0:07:41.
Rating: ** 3/4

Mike Graham has left GCW to pursue his career elsewhere, leaving Gorilla Monsoon in need of a new partner. Step in Peter Maivia, another competitor who has been in GCW for quite some time and is looking to climb the mountain to a championship reign. They teamed up to take on the Blackjacks, a team that is no stranger to success. Many thought that Monsoon & Maivia had little chance against the former two-time champs, but that's why they wrestle the matches. Monsoon & Maivia not only won, but they won convincingly. Maivia's Stump Puller proved to be the difference to help get this new team of old veterans their first win.

Jimmy Snuka defeated Mr. Wrestling II by countout in 0:04:41.
Rating: ***

We were all pleasantly surprised by our next match to see the GCW return of JIMMY "SUPERFLY" SNUKA! Snuka was on the brink of superstardom here in GCW before he lost a cage match to Terry Funk thanks to the interference of an unknown attacker from the crowd. Snuka is back to pick up where he left off, and that's to win. He started that path in MSG by getting a countout victory over Mr. Wrestling II. Word as it that Snuka plans to find out who attacked him in that cage match and knocked him out of action for a year.

Larry Zbyszko pinned Bobby Duncum with the Shoulderbreaker in 0:16:45.
Rating: **** 3/4

Larry Zbyszko shocked everyone in Philly with a clean pinfall victory over Bobby Duncum. No one was more shocked than Duncum who vowed it wouldn't happen again in this rematch. Perhaps Duncum took Zbyszko lightly last time, but he didn't this time around as he looked highly focused and his wrestling reflected it. Zbyszko was getting beaten like a red-headed stepchild, and the look of sheer terror on his face as he tried to figure out what to do about the onslaught Duncum was hitting him with. Zbyszko found his sanctuary by luck when he was on the floor. Duncum went for a big lariat, but Zbyszko moved and Duncum smashed his shoulder into the steel of the ring post. Zbyszko followed up by tossing that same shoulder into the ring post again and then went to work back in the ring. Duncum was in serious pain and Zbyszko was relentless on the attack, working to soften Duncum up for the Shoulderbreaker. Duncum kept fighting back though and drilled Zbyszko with a hard lariat. He went for the Full Nelson Slam, but his shoulder was too injured to hit the move. Zbyszko scooped Duncum up and hit the Shoulderbreaker and for the second show in a row, pinned Duncum clean in the middle of the ring.

If that wasn't stunning enough, Zbyszko saw how injured Duncum was and pounced on him like a vulture. Zbyszko grabbed a chair from the timekeeper and brought it in the ring. Zbyszko brought it crashing down on Duncum's injured shoulder. Duncum was severely injured, but the worst was yet to come. Zbyszko dragged Duncum over to the corner and positioned him so he was on his stomach with his injured arm wrapped around the ring post. Zbyszko took the chair and in one of the most disgusting acts in GCW history, crushed Duncum's arm on the post. Duncum had to be taken to a hospital and the injury is said to be serious. Despite the horrible attitude and generally being an awful person, Zbyszko has cemented himself firmly as a dangerous man.

Don Muraco and Great Kabuki defeated Chief Jay Strongbow and Billy White Wolf when Muraco pinned White Wolf with the Tombstone in 0:06:09.
Rating: * 3/4

Let's be honest here - nobody likes "Classy" Freddie Blassie. Hell, I'd venture a guess that even his charges don't like him that much. But so far since coming to GCW as a manager, he has been tremendously successful. He has a team in the form of Don Muraco & Great Kabuki that have proven to be very formidable. If you don't believe me, ask Chief Jay Strongbow & Billy White Wolf, who again came up short against Blassie's men. Strongbow & Wolf are proud competitors and not done just yet, wanting one more shot at Blassie's goons. It'll take place in Lowell, MA on July 22.

The Gunslingers (Dory Funk Jr. and Terry Funk) defeated Pat Patterson and Jack Brisco when T. Funk defeated Jack Brisco via pinfall in 0:19:07.
Rating: ** 1/2
(The Gunslingers retained the GCW World Tag Team Titles.)

The Funks had to defend their World Tag Team Titles against the unusual team of Jack Brisco & Pat Patterson. Despite an impressive display from the challengers, their lack of tag team experience together would prove to be their downfall. Dory Jr. & Terry cut corner after corner en route to a successful title defense.

Bob Backlund made Ric Flair submit to an abdominal stretch in 0:15:34.
Rating: ** 1/2

Bob Backlund again was forced to wrestle one of Harley Race's partners-in-crime instead of getting the World Title shot that he deserves, taking on "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. The more that we see Ric Flair in the ring, it's very apparent that we have a star in the making. He is smooth in the ring, and with the tutelage of Harley Race, he is only going to get better. Flair more than held his own against the undefeated Backlund, matching him hold for hold like few have done up to this point in Backlund's GCW career. The moment that swayed the momentum for good was when Flair had Backlund set up in the corner, seemingly ripe for the pickings. Flair charged in hard, but Backlund moved and Flair cracked his ribcage hard on the turnbuckle. Backlund floated over right into an abdominal stretch, taking advantage of the injury. Flair held on as long as he could, but was forced to submit to the pain. Backlund stays undefeated, and more importantly, has gotten by Race's second challenge. Logic would dictate that a title shot is next. Backlund's manager, Arnold Skaaland, is already hard at work to get this match signed.

Harley Race pinned Dino Bravo with the Piledriver in 0:12:19.
Rating: ***
(Harley Race retained the GCW World Title.)

Harley Race was feeling generous (according to him) and wanted to defend the World Title against anyone on the roster who had never wrestled him for the World Title (excluding Backlund, of course). The challenge was answered by Dino Bravo, looking to make a huge name for himself by pulling off a gigantic upset. Bravo is known for being a great tag team wrestler, but in recent months, Bravo has been doing well for himself in the singles division. On paper, Bravo shouldn't have had a snowball's chance in hell at winning, but he took Race to the very brink. There were several moments where I was convinced Bravo was walking away as the new World champion, particularly when he hit the Side Suplex. Referee Willie Webber counted three, but he saw right after that Race had his foot on the bottom rope. Bravo couldn't believe that he hadn't won the title, but he protested too much and it let Race hit him with the Piledriver to retain the title. Race needs to be careful or his second title reign is going to end far more quickly than his first.

Cage Match:
Dusty Rhodes defeated Ivan Koloff by escaping the cage in 0:31:29.
Rating: *** 1/4
[Freddie Blassie interfered against Dusty Rhodes.]

Our main event was one of the more emotionally charged in GCW history with Dusty Rhodes meeting Ivan Koloff in a steel cage match. There may be no more personal feud ever than the one between the American Dream & the Russian Bear. The original bloody feud had led to a friendship between the two, with Rhodes even helping Koloff become a citizen of the United States so that he wouldn't be deported. And how did Koloff repay him? By stabbing Rhodes in the back. This cage match was Rhodes' time to get his hands on Koloff and in his eyes, take him out once and for all. The sheer violence in this match was off the charts. Rhodes is a lovable guy, no doubt about it, but he can bring the brutality with the best of them. But Koloff is a former World champion, and was a dominant one at that, and he is a bad dude. Rhodes suffered a lot of punishment in this one, Koloff spilling the Dream's blood all over the canvas. It didn't help Rhodes that "Classy" Freddie Blassie continually interfered, making his presence known with many distractions to keep Koloff in control. Rhodes was too motivated to quit though, and his will to get revenge wouldn't let him lose. Rhodes fought back and fought back until he had Koloff down and out in the middle of the ring with a piledriver. Rhodes went for the door to escape, but Blassie was holding the door closed! Blassie thought he had outsmarted Rhodes, but Rhodes kicked the door and sent Blassie crashing into the crowd! The American Dream exited the cage and won a bloody war to end our show.

Card rating: ***

Match observations:

We are honored and excited to be presenting our first GCW show from Puerto Rico on June 14! From Roberto Clemente Stadium, we will see the best of GCW taking on some of the top stars from Puerto Rico! Only two matches have officially been announced, but they are huge matches indeed!

WORLD TITLE - Harley Race (c) vs. Carlos Colon
INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE - Stan Hansen (c) vs. Pedro Morales

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