March 21, 1970 - Paul Sauvé Arena - Montreal, QB, CA

Luke Graham denies Bruno Sammartino a title shot.

Our show kicked off with World champion Luke Graham standing in the ring along with manager Lou Albano, Dick the Bruiser, & The Crusher. Graham wasted no time in letting everyone know that Bruno Sammartino has requested a World Title shot, and that request has been DENIED. Albano said you don't just go from being gone for years to suddenly being the #1 contender. Graham added that if Bruno wanted a title shot, he was going to have to go through some tests first. The first test? The Crusher.

Bruno Sammartino defeated The Crusher when The Crusher passed out in the Sammartino Backbreaker in 0:11:03.
Rating: * 1/2

Bruno Sammartino was told he has to go through some challenges first before Lou Albano and his champion Luke Graham will give him a shot at the World Title. First step is completed as Sammartino defeated The Crusher with his Sammartino Backbreaker. This was just the first step of the gauntlet as on April 18th at Madison Square Garden, Bruno meets Dick the Bruiser.

Ray Stevens pinned Terry Funk with the Bombs Away Kneedrop in 0:11:56.
Rating: *** 3/4

The first match in the best of 3 series went to The Cripplers as Ray Stevens defeated Terry Funk with the Bombs Away Kneedrop. It was decided that whoever won the majority of the singles matches tonight between the two teams would get to choose the stipulations for the 6-man tag on April 18th, and Stevens' win was a huge victory for the Cripplers. It'll be up to Peter Maivia next to turn things around against Ole Anderson.

Baron Mikel Scicluna pinned Tim Woods with the Fistdrop in 0:14:30.
Rating: ** 1/2

Baron Mikel Scicluna's susprising return to prominence continues here in Canada as he picked up another key win, this time over Tim Woods. Scicluna's cheating seems to finally be paying off for him. Scicluna wanted to add insult to injury but didn't get the chance as he was chased off by GORILLA MONSOON.

Peter Maivia defeated Ole Anderson by disqualification in 0:11:10.
Rating: **
[Ray Stevens interfered against Peter Maivia.]

Already being up 1 match to 0, Ray Stevens got a little overzealous when he tried to interference in the Peter Maivia/Ole Anderson match. Stevens didn't do a good job of hiding his attack, getting Anderson disqualified and evening the score at 1 apiece. The Dory Funk Jr./Gene Anderson match later will decide which team gets to pick the stipulations for the 6-man tag match next month.

Two-out-of-three-Falls Match:
Ernie Ladd beat Thunderbolt Patterson 2 falls to 0:
x Ernie Ladd beat Thunderbolt via a sleeperhold in 0:04:40
x Ernie Ladd beat Thunderbolt via the Boot to the Face in 0:08:19
Rating: **

Ernie Ladd never let Thunderbolt Patterson get out of the blocks in this 2 out of 3 falls rubber match. While Patterson was being introduced, the King attacked him from behind, leaving Patterson almost unconscious before the match had even began. Thunderbolt fought valiantly with what strength he had left, but he couldn't overcome Ladd's size and strength as he is one of the best in the world. Ladd wins in straight falls in sickening fashion.

Pedro Morales defeated Johnny Valentine by disqualification in 0:08:04.
Rating: * 1/2
(Pedro Morales retained the GCW United States Title.)

After Johnny Valentine turned his back on his friend and current US champion Pedro Morales, the fiery Puerto Rican was intent on not just beating Valentine, but maiming him. Valentine had a similar edict and this resembling a streetfight more than it did a wrestling match for a prestigious title. That was shown when Valentine put Morales in a choldhold and refused to let go, resulting in getting himself disqualified. Valentine's friend and tag team partner BILL WATTS ran down and pulled Valentine off, asking him what he was doing. It looked like Watts was the voice of reason and finally calmed Valentine down, only to get slapped! Valentine wisely jumped out of the ring before the Cowboy got a hold of him. What has happened to Johnny Valentine? A rematch for the US Title has been signed for MSG between Morales & Valentine, and Bill Watts will be in Morales' corner!

Gene Anderson defeated Dory Funk Jr. by countout in 0:12:01.
Rating: *** 1/2
[Ray Stevens interfered against Dory Funk Jr..]

Between the last match and this one, Ray Stevens figured out how to be more covert with his outside interference. While Ole Anderson distracted referee Danny Bartfield, Stevens pulled Dory Funk Jr. out to the floor, bodyslammed him, and then hit the Bombs Away Kneedrop. TERRY FUNK & PETER MAIVIA ran down to chase them both away, but the damage had been done and Dory got counted out, awarding Gene Anderson the win and the Cripplers the series. They will now get to pick the stipulations for the 6-man tag team match in MSG.

Giant Baba pinned Gene Kiniski after a running neckbreaker drop in 0:06:16.
Rating: ** 1/2

Gene Kiniski is as rough and rugged as they come, but he had trouble dealing with the youth and size of Giant Baba here tonight. Kiniski couldn't find a way to consistently keep the Giant from the Far East off his feet, leaving him open to the running neckbreaker drop and eating the loss. After this show, GCW officials announced a huge match signing as on April 18th in the Garden, Giant Baba will meet his former best friend Antonio Inoki in a singles match, a match that could end up being for the World Title if Inoki can beat Luke Graham in tonight's main event.

Nick Bockwinkel pinned Bobo Brazil with the Piledriver in 0:11:13.
Rating: *** 1/4
[Gene Anderson interfered against Bobo Brazil.]

Nick Bockwinkel has successfully gotten under Bobo Brazil's skin, and what happened tonight is just going to add fuel to the fire. Bockwinkel got a bit of an assist in this match after Brazil hit him with the Coco Butt. Brazil hit the ropes only to be met in the back with a chair by Gene Anderson. Why wasn't Bockwinkel disqualified? Because Ole Anderson had referee Jack Davis' attention. Bockwinkel followed up the wicked chair shot with the Piledriver and picked up the biggest win of his career. The Minnesota Wrecking Crew & Ray Stevens joined Bockwinkel in the ring and all shook his hand. Bockwinkel is the newest member of the Cripplers.

Luke Graham pinned Antonio Inoki with the Thumb to the Throat in 0:28:58.
Rating: ****
(Luke Graham retained the GCW World Title.)

The GCW Championship Committee felt Antonio Inoki was worthy of one last shot at the World Title. Lou Albano disagreed, but he didn't have a choice. However he did get it put into the contract that this would be Inoki's last shot at Graham. The Committee threw in a curveball of their own though, banning Albano from ringside for the match. If Graham was going to get the monkey off his back and beat Inoki, he was going to have to do it alone. Though not as good as some of their previous battles, this was a great match and worthy of being our main event. Inoki's strategy was to keep Graham close to him and grounded with a variety of holds, which he was able to do with great success. Graham's offense is based on brute strength and power, and he can't use that if Inoki has him tied up. Inoki made a costly mistake late though when he strayed from his strategy and went to the top rope, but Graham moved out of the way of his dive. Graham doesn't need much opening to hit the Thumb to the Throat and he did for the 1-2-3 and a great title defense.

Card rating: ** 3/4

Match observations:

We are back in Madison Square Garden on April 18th and it looks to be a gigantic card!

UNITED STATES TITLE - Pedro Morales (c) (w/ Bill Watts in his corner) vs. Johnny Valentine
Bruno Sammartino vs. Dick the Bruiser
Antonio Inoki vs. Giant Baba
STIPULATIONS TO BE NAMED BY THE CRIPPLERS - Peter Maivia/Bobo Brazil/The Funk Brothers vs. The Cripplers
Gorilla Monsoon vs. Baron Mikel Scicluna

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