March 22, 1969 - Madison Square Garden - New York, NY

Gene Kiniski pinned Tony Altimore with the Backbreaker in 0:16:28.
Rating: * 1/4

Tony Altimore has yet to register his first victory in GCW, and he didn't have much better luck against former World champion Gene Kiniski in our opener. Kiniski toyed with the newcomer before putting him away with the Backbreaker.

Dominic DeNucci and Victor Rivera defeated The Brisco Brothers (Jerry Brisco and Jack Brisco) when DeNucci pinned Jack Brisco with the Airplane Spin in 0:18:50.
Rating: ***

Dominic DeNucci & Victor Rivera took the momentum they had from taking Dick the Bruiser & The Crusher to the limit and brought it into this match against the Brisco Brothers, who have been slumping a bit since getting runner-up in the round robin tournament back in November. That momentum carried over to this match as DeNucci & Rivera picked up their biggest win to date, taking the contest from the Briscos. It has been announced that DeNucci & Rivera will get a shot at the World Tag Team Titles on April 19th in Washington, DC, regardless of who the champs are.

Thunderbolt Patterson pinned Baron Mikel Scicluna with the Thunderbolt Right in 0:08:35.
Rating: * 3/4

Thunderbolt Patterson hasn't gotten the competition he is looking for since coming to GCW. Patterson's third match went very similarly to his first two - he dominated. The opponent tonight was Baron Mikel Scicluna, who couldn't cut enough corners to avoid Patterson's Thunderbolt Right.

The Crusher and Johnny Valentine battled to a double countout in 0:14:47.
Rating: **

The Crusher was in a rare singles match as he took on Johnny Valentine. The fans have really come back around on Valentine since he dumped Lou Albano as a manager and they were firmly on his side during this match. Unfortunately we were deprived of seeing a clear winner as the fight went to the floor and neither man could get into the ring, leading to a double countout.

Gorilla Monsoon made Boris Malenko submit to the Airplane Spin in 0:23:43.
Rating: * 3/4

After losing to Boris Malenko last month in a chain match, Gorilla Monsoon wanted to even the score against the Russian in this no-disqualification match. Monsoon seemed more comfortable in this environment and used the lack of rules to his advantage. Malenko would once again try to use the chain, but Monsoon blocked the blow and got it away from him. Using the chain to aid him, Monsoon wrapped it around Malenko's neck and put him in the Airplane Spin. Malenko submitted and we had ourselves a winner.

Peter Maivia pinned Dick the Bruiser after a cross-body block in 0:07:39.
Rating: ****

Peter Maivia is one of the strongest men in wrestling, but it was a rare occasion tonight for him to be wrestling someone who was stronger than him in the form of Dick the Bruiser. Maivia showed that he can adapt though and wrestled more of a speed match, and it paid off with a victory when he reversed a back suplex into a cross-body for the 1-2-3. The Bruiser wasn't thrilled with the result, but he was outsmarted - plain and simple.

The Minnesota Wrecking Crew (Gene Anderson and Ole Anderson) defeated The Funk Brothers (Terry Funk and Dory Funk Jr.) when G. Anderson pinned D. Funk Jr. with the Piledriver in 0:17:29.
Rating: *** 1/2
(The Minnesota Wrecking Crew retained the GCW World Tag Team Titles.)

The Funk Brothers have been robbed of the World Tag Team Titles! After a grueling match, it looked like they were within seconds of defeating the Minnesota Wrecking Crew and taking back the gold. However, there was a commotion in the crowd that took their attention. It turns out it was PAT PATTERSON, who had been banned from the arena by GCW officials, and he was trying to get in the ring to go after the Andersons! Unfortunately all it served to do was distract Dory Funk Jr. in the ring. This let Gene Anderson catch him with the Piledriver and the MWC are still the champs. The Funks are furious at Pat Patterson, especially Terry Funk who is known for being a little off his rocker to begin with. Terry has challenged Patterson to a match for Washington, DC, which the Blond Bomber has accepted.

Ernie Ladd pinned Pedro Morales with the Boot to the Face in 0:16:51.
Rating: ** 1/4

Ernie Ladd is always a dangerous opponent to have because he will stoop to any level in order to win a match. Pedro Morales knew this and tried to prepare for it, but when you are going against someone like Ladd, there is only so much you can do. The Big Cat hit a new low when during the match he "accidentally" caught referee Dick Bartfield with an elbow. Morales, being the upstanding individual he is, checked on the fallen official, which let Ladd hit him with a shot below the belt and the Boot to the Face. Bartfield recovered enough to make the 3 count and Ladd had stolen another win.

Wahoo McDaniel and Chief Jay Strongbow defeated Nick Bockwinkel and The Sheik when Wahoo made Sheik submit to the Indian Deathlock in 0:32:05.
Rating: **

What a shocking turn on events! But when you think about it, maybe it isn't all that surprising. Chief Jay Strongbow & Wahoo McDaniel were clearly on the same page in their battle against The Sheik, but Nick Bockwinkel had kind of injected himself into the matter. We would find out why in this match. Bockwinkel was supposed to be The Sheik's partner, but in the end, Bockwinkel turned on The Sheik by dropping him with the Piledriver while the US champ was the legal man. Wahoo put the Indian Deathlock on The Sheik and that would get his team the win. The Princess was livid and wanted a match for The Sheik against Bockwinkel, which Bockwinkel instantly accepted - as long as it was for the United States Title. Bockwinkel will get his wish, but when The Princess promised him there would be no controlling him, Bockwinkel's disposition soured. He may have bitten off more than he can chew.

Luke Graham pinned Lou Thesz with the Thumb to the Throat in 0:40:41.
Rating: **** 1/4
(Luke Graham retained the GCW World Title.)
[Lou Albano interfered against Lou Thesz.]

Considering Lou Thesz has been retired for over 3 years now since he last held the GCW World Title, many people wondered how he would fair against the current champ and perhaps most feared man in wrestling, Luke Graham. Thesz showed that despite his age and his time away from the ring, he still had it as he took Graham to the edge and back again. Thesz did what no one else has really been able to do thus far and that is ground Graham, keep him on the mat and locked in a hold. Sure, Thesz took his lumps as everyone does against the reigning champion, but he had a sound strategy and damn near pulled it off. However, Graham's willingness to break the rules helped power him through to a victory after raking Thesz's eyes and taking him down with the Thumb to the Throat in short order. Graham felt that Thesz had tried to show him up, and instead of being satisifed with defeating Thesz, he wanted to hurt him. Graham nailed Thesz with the Thumb to the Throat 4 more times before JOHNNY VALENTINE ran down with a chair and chased the World champion and his former manager away. Valentine hasn't forgotten what Graham & Albano did to him, and he wants to get his revenge one way or another.

Card rating: ***

Match observations:

We will be in the nation's capital on April 19th, and the following matches have now been announced:

WORLD TITLE - Luke Graham (c) vs. Johnny Valentine
UNITED STATES TITLE - The Sheik (c) vs. Nick Bockwinkel
WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES - The Minnesota Wrecking Crew (c) vs. Dominic DeNucci/Victor Rivera
Pat Patterson vs. Terry Funk

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