May 13, 1984 - Civic Auditorium - Pittsburgh, PA

The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton and Dennis Condrey) defeated The British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid) when Condrey pinned D.B. Smith after a DDT in 0:06:48.
Rating: * 3/4
[Jim Cornette interfered against Davey Boy Smith.]

The feud between the British Bulldogs & the Midnight Express has waged on for months, but it took a drastic turn here in Pittsburgh. Jim Cornette was wearing an oddly much larger polyester jacket than we are used to seeing him in, and we would find out later in the match. Davey Boy Smith was in the ring with Dennis Condrey, and Davey Boy was bouncing Condrey around with clotheslines and backdrops. The Loverboy bought himself a little time when he grabbed Davey by the tights and pulled him throat first onto the middle rope. Condrey pulled referee Danny Davis aside and was complaining that Smith was pulling his tights and hair, which let Cornette pull a can of hairspray out of his jacket! We found out later that Cornette borrowed the hairspray from Mama Cornette. Cornette sprayed it into Davey's eyes, causing Davey to be blinded! Condrey grabbed Davey and planted him with a DDT to steal the victory. Dynamite Kid came in to check on his cousin but he was then hit by the Flapjack by the Midnight Express. Cornette had Eaton & Condrey hold Dynamite Kid open so he could spray the hairspray in his eyes too, but THE ROCK 'N ROLL EXPRESS sprinted down and made the save. The two Express teams will meet in Landover, and hopefully Davey Boy Smith will not have to miss much time.

Tony Atlas pinned The Iron Sheik after hitting him with the cane in 0:04:04.
Rating: *
[Freddie Blassie interfered against Tony Atlas.]

Some wrestlers have banded together to battle Freddie Blassie's Foreign Legion, and one of those wrestlers is Tony Atlas. Mr. USA takes great pride in his country, and he showed it by coming to the aid of Junkyard dog last month. Blassie welcomed the challenge of the American wrestlers, saying it will just prove once and for all how inferior the American wrestlers are. He sent the Iron Sheik after Atlas, and the plan was to get Sheik the cane so he could use it on the former tag team champion. The plan went into effect when Blassie got up on the apron and Dick Kroll tried to get the Classy One off the apron. Blassie threw the cane in over Kroll's head, but he overthrew it and Atlas caught it instead! Atlas hit Sheik in the jaw with it, removed the evidence, made the pin, and picked up the victory. Blassie was livid, but even more so as the Sheik and he were escorted to the back by USA chants.

Bobby Heenan tries to strike a deal with Bruiser Brody.

Before the scheduled match between Bruiser Brody & Ole Anderson, Bobby Heenan grabbed the microphone from Howard Finkel to have a conversation with Brody. Heenan told Brody that they got off on the wrong foot, and that they didn't need to be at each other's throat like this. Heenan said that if they joined forces, there would be no stopping them. He promised Brody fame, fortune, and championships as a member of the Heenan Family. Brody grabbed the microphone and said that there was no way in hell that he would ever join forces with a piece of trash like Heenan. Heenan was outraged and told Ole to attack. Ole ran at Brody but was met with a boot to the face, and the match was on!

Bruiser Brody pinned Ole Anderson with the Bombs Away in 0:09:37.
Rating: ** 3/4

This match was hard hitting from the word go. Brody and Ole are old school tough, and it's a good thing too - you'd have to be tough to absorb the bombs these two were throwing at each other. It was almost like these two were impervious to pain as they just kept brawling. Referee Dick Woehrle just threw his hands up when he realized his instructions weren't going to be listened to and let these beasts go at it. Ole would miss an kneedrop late, leading to Brody nailing him with a second boot to the face and the Bombs Away to take the win over the Heenan Family member, much to the Brain's chagrin. Heenan assured Brody this one wasn't over by a long shot.

The Foreign Legion (Dino Bravo and Nikolai Volkoff) defeated The U.S. Express (Mike Rotundo and Barry Windham) when Bravo pinned Windham with the Side Suplex in 0:13:35.
Rating: ** 3/4
(The Foreign Legion won the GCW World Tag Team Titles.)
[Kamala interfered against Barry Windham.]

What a miscarriage of justice! The battle of the Americans vs. Blassie's Foreign Legion has turned the corner as Blassie's men scored a huge victory tonight. The U.S. Express have been impressive in the tag team ranks, winning the tag team titles on their first match out. That is quite impressive, but it also makes you forget how young Rotundo & Windham are. Dino Bravo & Nikolai Volkoff are grizzled veterans of the sport, and with Blassie willing to do whatever it takes for his men to win, it ended up being a bad recipe for the U.S. Express. This match would see the debut of Blassie's newest charge, a large, African savage that would be revealed later as being KAMALA. Kamala is referred to as the Uganda Giant, and with good reason - this man is a beast. After Rotundo tackled Volkoff out of the ring after the Russian's constant interference became too much, referee Danny Davis was distracted trying to break up the fight. This is when Blassie brought out Kamala to attack Windham. Windham punched Kamala, but all it did was make the Ugandan Giant mad. Kamala roared and hit Windham with a shot to the throat, a bodyslam, and finally a huge splash that wiped Windham out. Bravo added the Side Suplex, you know, just to be sure. Davis saw the cover, made the 3 count, and the Foreign Legion have stolen the World Tag Team Titles! TONY ATLAS & JUNKYARD DOG sprinted out to run the Foreign Legion off, but too little, too late. The Americans are going to need to band together to fight this foreign menace.

[WINNER WRESTLES FOR IC TITLE ON 6/5/84]: 9-Man Battle Royal:
Nick Bockwinkel won a 9-man Battle Royal:
x Bundy threw out Dynamite Kid in 0:01:09
x Atlas threw out Bundy after a forearm smash in 0:02:06
x Brody threw out Eaton after a clothesline in 0:03:38
x Atlas threw out Sheik after an atomic drop in 0:05:37
x Bockwinkel threw out Atlas in 0:05:43
x JYD threw out Condrey in 0:07:12
x Bockwinkel threw out JYD in 0:08:16
x Bockwinkel threw out Brody in 0:09:28
Rating: *** 1/4
[Bobby Heenan interfered against Bruiser Brody.]

We were up to our battle royals tonight to determine the top contenders to the vacant Intercontinental champion. They were both supposed to feature 10 wrestlers, but this first one only had 9. Davey Boy Smith was scheduled to be a part of it, but he was still having a lot of trouble seeing after the hairspray attack earlier, so he was not allowed to participate. That was bad news for Dynamite Kid, as he still competed, as did the Midnight Express. Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey went right at Dynamite, double teaming him in the corner and not giving the Englishman any room to breathe. The Midnight Express then fed Dynamite to King Kong Bundy, who smashed Dynamite in the corner before throwing him over the top.

At this point, everyone in the ring turned on Bundy. Bundy was the biggest man in the match, and the sooner they could get him out, the better. Everyone except for Nick Bockwinkel, who is also a member of the Heenan Family, ganged up on the 450-pound monster. Bockwinkel tried to help his partner, but every time Bockwinkel tried to get in there, someone hit him with a punch to knock him back. Tony Atlas would officially be given credit for the elimination as his big forearm smash would be the blow that sent Bundy out of the ring, completely changing the complexion of the match!

The Midnight Express had a nice advantage being the only team in the match, and they decided to focus on getting Bruiser Brody out of the match, feeling he was the next biggest threat. They were doing pretty well with it, peppering Brody with punches. Eaton & Condrey would dump over the top and started celebrating big time, but they failed to notice that Brody caught himself on the apron and was back in the ring. Jim Cornette was going nuts trying to warn his men what was going on, but it was too late. They turned around right into a double clothesline from Brody. Condrey was up first and caught a boot to the face. Eaton got to his feet next, and was clotheslined right over the top rope and eliminated from contention.

Tony Atlas continued to have The Iron Sheik's number tonight as they locked up again in the battle royal. Sheik was still a bit sore from taking the cane to his jaw earlier, and Atlas hitting him with clubbing shots in the face were not helping matters in the very least. As a last ditch effort, Sheik loaded up his boot to take Atlas out. Sheik went for the boot, but Atlas caught it, spun Sheik around, and hit him with an atomic drop. The atomic drop propelled Sheik up and over the top. Atlas yelled down at Sheik and Blassie, which was a big mistake because Bockwinkel snuck up behind him and dumped him to the floor. Atlas & Sheik continued brawling while the referees tried to break it up.

One has to hand it to Dennis Condrey. He managed to keep himself scarce after his initial tomfoolery in this match, and had made his way down to the final four. He was trying to hit and run, and generally hide from the action as much as he could, and so far, it had been successful. That changed once we got down to 4 when JYD finally had enough of the Condrey annoyance. Condrey begged for his life when JYD came after him, but all the begging in the world could save him from being tossed from the match. Still, not a bad showing in the very least by the Loverboy. Now the former Intercontinental champion was in a tricky situation as he had to deal with both JYD & Brody, but luckily for Bockwinkel, Brody will fight anyone. It didn't save him from taking the brunt of Brody's blows, but it did give him a small window to hit Brody with a low blow to slow him down before throwing JYD out of the match, getting us down to our last two.

At this point, I don't think the Intercontinental Title was on Brody's mind as much as getting his hands on another member the Heenan Family was. Nothing was on Bockwinkel's mind more than winning this match (followed closely by surviving Brody). Bockwinkel still strongly believes he should be the IC champ anyway, and if he could throw Brody out somehow, he'd get that chance. Brody, however, is borderline crazy, and he stomped around the ring like a madman, hitting Bockwinkel any time the Beverly Hills native got in his way. Bobby Heenan was very nervous as Bockwinkel was getting no offense in, so he jumped up on the apron. Brody hussed his way over to him and took a wild swing, one that the Brain narrowly avoided. Brody was still trying desperately to get a hold of Heenan when Bockwinkel tried to dump him from behind. Brody was fighting back, which was when Heenan reached up, grabbed Brody's arm, and pulled him to the floor! Nick Bockwinkel qualifies for the IC Title match! Heenan didn't get long to celebrate before he was heading for the hills with a furious Brody hot on his heels.

[WINNER WRESTLES FOR IC TITLE ON 6/5/84]: 10-Man Battle Royal:
Ricky Steamboat won a 10-man Battle Royal:
x Blanchard threw out Zbyszko in 0:01:05
x Steamboat threw out B. Hart after the Flying Crossbody Press in 0:02:22
x O. Anderson threw out R. Morton after a powerslam in 0:03:53
x R. Gibson threw out Blanchard in 0:05:39
x O. Anderson threw out R. Gibson after a spinebuster slam in 0:05:51
x Steamboat threw out Backlund in 0:08:21
x J. Snuka threw out O. Anderson after an atomic drop in 0:10:58
x J. Snuka and Steamboat threw out Muraco in 0:11:42
x Steamboat threw out J. Snuka in 0:15:30
Rating: *** 1/2

Like the first battle royal, we thought that this match was going to only have 9 men too. However, before the bell rang, Howard Finkel announced the 10th participant, JIMMY SNUKA! Snuka was coming out of retirement for this huge opportunity. One man that was particularly happy was Ricky Steamboat, who shook his friend's hand as he entered the ring. This made a big stir in the ring as the match kicked off. Larry Zbyszko went right after Bob Backlund, having trouble dealing with the fact that he can't beat him in a singles match. Zbyszko completely took his eye off the ball when he was fighting with Backlund in the corner, being so one-track-minded that he never saw Tully Blanchard come from behind and toss him to the floor. Backlund showed the most emotion he has shown in months by laughing at Zbyszko as the Cruncher walked to the back, completely angry at himself.

Bret Hart is still new to GCW and hasn't won a match yet, but he has looked good in his efforts. If he could pull out this battle royal, that would be huge for him going right up the ladder and get a title shot. Hart went right at his early career rival, Ricky Steamboat, and did exactly what he has done in their past meetings. As soon as Hart would get a few good moves in, he would take the time to play to the crowd. He had the Dragon up on the top and gave him a shove, thinking it had eliminated Steamboat. Bret worked the crowd, not noticing that Steamboat held onto the ropes and climbed back to the top. Bret turned back, and right into the Flying Crossbody Press from the Dragon! Steamboat grabbed Hart by the tights and sent him soaring to the floor. Well, maybe next time, Bret.

Ole Anderson was still in a foul mood after losing to Bruiser Brody, and he was taking it out on Robert Gibson in the corner. Ricky Morton was in the match too though and came over to save his partner. Before we knew it, Tully Blanchard was in the mix as well. During the chaos of this fight, Ole caught Morton with a powerslam. He went to throw Morton out, and was almost stopped by Gibson. Tully pulled Gibson away though which let Ole power Morton out of the ring. A couple minutes later though, Gibson got some revenge by ducking a Blanchard clothesline and backdropping him to the floor. Gibson's high note wouldn't last long though as Ole caught him with a spinebuster slam soon after before making his second elimination of the match.

We hadn't talked much about Jimmy Snuka yet, but he had looked great in the match. He had developed a bit of a rivalry with Don Muraco during the match, as every time you looked, they were going at it. Snuka may have been retired, but he was still obviously hitting the gym because he looked in great shape. On the other side of the ring, Backlund & Ole were working over Steamboat, working together to get rid of the Dragon. These are the type of situations where Steamboat excels though, as it seems like the more the odds are against him, the more Steamboat rises to the occasion. He ducked a double clothesline attempt from Backlund & Ole, bounced off the far ropes, and hit them with a double clothesline of his own. Steamboat fired off on both of them, and Snuka helped out by peeling Ole off so Steamboat could send Backlund over the top and out of the match.

Snuka & Steamboat seemed like a natural team, and for the next few minutes, they were in sync with each other. Their teaming led to them not only led to Superfly taking Ole out with an atomic drop, but Snuka & Steamboat both grabbed a handful of Muraco's hair after taking turns nailing him with chops to send the Magnificent One to the locker room. This left us with a bit of a dream matchup as the final two were good friends Snuka & Steamboat. The two shook hands before going at it for the next four minutes, each exchanging chops, armdrags, and showing off their high-flying style. The fans were going crazy for it, and rightfully so. Snuka had come close to winning the IC Title before he originally left, and it was like he was coming back to right that wrong. Unfortunately if you're a Snuka fan, that wouldn't happen tonight. Snuka crashed and burned hard when he went to the top for the Superfly Splash. He never got a chance to leap as Steamboat got back up and crotched Snuka on the top turnbuckle. Steamboat capitalized with a dropkick that sent Snuka crashing to the floor below, and with that, Steamboat moves on to face Nick Bockwinkel for the vacant Intercontinental Title!

After the match, Steamboat went to the floor to check on Snuka, who had taken a very hard fall on the floor. Snuka was shaken up, and when Steamboat went to help him, the Superfly shoved him away. Steamboat was a bit taken aback, but he didn't seem to take it personally. Nobody likes to lose, especially someone like Snuka. Eventually, Snuka calmed down, the two shook hands, and they headed to the back together.

The Texas Outlaws (Bobby Duncum and Dick Murdoch) defeated Dusty Rhodes and Stan Hansen when Murdoch pinned Dusty Rhodes with the Gourdbuster in 0:19:39.
Rating: ****

You'd be hard pressed to find another tag team match with the animosity of our main event. Dusty Rhodes has finally come back to the side of good, and the fans were more than happy to welcome him back with open arms. Not only that, but he was back on the same page as his greatest rival, the World champion Stan Hansen. They joined forces tonight to do battle with their former stablemates, Bobby Duncum & Dick Murdoch. Duncum & Murdoch again insisted that Howard Finkel introduce them as the "Texas Outlaws," something that certainly got under the skin of Rhodes. Once the match started though, none of that mattered as it was on like Tron. Hansen & Rhodes didn't have a lot of teamwork in terms of tandem offense, but they did make frequent tags and clapped when the other punched someone hard in the face. All of this aside, when it comes to tag team wrestling, Duncum & Murdoch had the distinct advantage. They have tagged together for years and have racked up 2 reigns as the World Tag Team champions, which is hard to look past. They also had all the sneaky tricks of tag team wrestling mastered. The evenly contested match would come to a close when Duncum reached into the ring illegally and clotheslined Rhodes' throat on the top rope. The American Dream stumbled back into the ring, right into the Gourdbuster from Murdoch for the 1-2-3. A huge win for Duncum & Murdoch, and a disappointing way for the show to end if you're a fan.

Card rating: *** 1/4

Match observations:

6/5/84 - CAPITAL CENTRE - Landover, MD

WORLD TITLE - Stan Hansen (c) vs. Bobby Duncum
FOR THE VACANT INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE - Ricky Steamboat vs. Nick Bockwinkel
Dusty Rhodes vs. Dick Murdoch
The U.S. Express/Tony Atlas/Junkyard Dog vs. The Foreign Legion
The Rock 'N Roll Express vs. The Midnight Express
Larry Zbyszko vs. Tully Blanchard
Bruiser Brody vs. Ole Anderson
Plus… we will have more information on the pending lawsuit by the fan who was attacked by Don Muraco!

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