May 16, 1970 - Civic Center - Baltimore, MD

Ernie Ladd pinned Miguel Perez with the Boot to the Face in 0:04:55.
Rating: **

Ernie Ladd once again has plowed through another opponent with that vicious Boot to the Face as Miguel Perez ate the King's boot. Ladd again made his intentions known that he wants the World Title. With as vicious as he has gotten in recent weeks, he may just get it.

Baron Mikel Scicluna defeated Gorilla Monsoon by countout in 0:03:54.
Rating: 1/4*

Baron Mikel Scicluna needed a battle plan because not only was he wrestling Gorilla Monsoon again, but he was wrestling a pissed off Gorilla Monsoon. Scicluna did have a plan, and that plan was to coax Monsoon to the floor and spray an unknown substance in his eyes. Scicluna rolled back in the ring and the pain was clearly excruciating for Monsoon, who couldn't make his way back in and was counted out. Monsoon will eventually get his vision back, but will be blinded for the next couple of months. Scicluna may have thought he pulled a fast one, but he has been booked to wrestle Monsoon again on June 13th… in a blindfold match!

Luke Graham pinned Tim Woods with the Thumb to the Throat in 0:11:59.
Rating: ****
(Luke Graham retained the GCW World Title.)

Luke Graham once again gave an up-and-comer a World Title shot, tonight's recipient being "Mr. Wrestling" Tim Woods. When it comes to mat wrestling, there may not be any better than Woods, but unfortunately in the pro game, it takes a little more than that. Woods gave Graham a couple of scares, but the Thumb to the Throat is the ultimate problem solver as Graham retains the World Title.

Lou Albano reveals Bruno Sammartino's opponent.

After Luke Graham's dominating title defense, Lou Albano grabbed the house mic to address Bruno Sammartino. Bruno has successfully defeated Albano's first two challenges in The Crusher & Dick the Bruiser, but he had yet to reveal who tonight's opponent would be. Albano shocked everyone when he announced the opponent would be… LOU ALBANO! With all due respect to Albano as he is a great manager, but is he nuts?

Bruno Sammartino pinned Lou Albano after a piledriver in 0:03:55.
Rating: 1/4*

Everyone was shocked that Lou Albano would seemingly be dumb enough to take on Bruno Sammartino himself, but it shows what kind of desperate lengths he will go to in order to protect the World title and Luke Graham. As we expected would happen, Bruno had no trouble in this match, finishing Albano off in short order. Bruno's troubles were just beginning though as he was jumped from behind by GENE KINISKI! Kiniski has been a fan favorite for the past few years and we had no earthly idea why Kiniski was brutalizing Sammartino like this. After Kiniski dropped Sammartino with the Backbreaker, he shook hands with Albano and it all became clear. Albano has to be paying Kiniski a good sum of money for his services, and you can't blame him as it was Kiniski who last beat Sammartino for the World Title back in 1966 that sent him out of GCW. Albano said that Kiniski would be the final test and if Bruno could somehow find a way to beat him, he would get that World Title shot he so desperately wants.

The Funk Brothers (Terry Funk and Dory Funk Jr.) defeated The Minnesota Wrecking Crew (Gene Anderson and Ole Anderson) when T. Funk made G. Anderson submit to the Spinning Toe Hold in 0:29:56.
Rating: *** 1/4

Wahoo McDaniel & Chief Jay Strongbow have been complaining about what they consider a "lack of competition" in the GCW tag division. They are definitely going to have some competition next month as The Funk Brothers & The Minnesota Wrecking Crew wrestled for a tag title shot in Boston next month. These two teams are so familiar with each other as they have battled many times over the years. Even as always, this chapter in their feud would go to the Funks. Terry Funk was super excited over the win, grabbing the microphone after the match and issuing a guarantee that he and his brother would be two-time World Tag Team champions next month. A gutsy thing to do, but they just might back it up.

Karl Gotch pinned Boris Malenko with the German Suplex in 0:11:22.
Rating: *** 1/2

Our next match was the debut of a man who is already an international star in both Japan and Europe, Karl Gotch. Gotch took on another European star, Boris Malenko. Quite frankly, Gotch looked very impressive, outshining Malenko at every turn before putting him away with the German Suplex. Gotch has arrived on the scene, and this match looks like a sign of things to come.

The Cripplers (Nick Bockwinkel and Ray Stevens) defeated Peter Maivia and Bobo Brazil when Bockwinkel pinned Brazil with the Piledriver in 0:24:34.
Rating: *** 1/2

The newest member of the Cripplers, Nick Bockwinkel, has kicked up his intensity even more since he joined forces with Ray Stevens and his crew. It really came through in this tag team match against Bobo Brazil & Peter Maivia. Again the Cripplers would get the better of Brazil & Maivia in a hard fought match. Singles matches have been signed between these four competitors for Boston.

Crusher & Bruiser (The Crusher and Dick the Bruiser) defeated Chief Jay Strongbow and Wahoo McDaniel when Crusher pinned Strongbow with the Bolo Punch in 0:13:37.
Rating: **
[Lou Albano interfered against Wahoo McDaniel.]

Wahoo McDaniel & Chief Jay Strongbow once again belittled the tag division of Global Championship Wrestling and issued an open challenge to any team to come out and face them. I don't think they were expecting that challenge to be answered by THE CRUSHER & DICK THE BRUISER, perhaps the greatest tag team in GCW's history! Crusher & Bruiser haven't endeared themselves to GCW fans in recent months, but the crowd was happy to see them come out to shut up the Native Americans. Wahoo & Strongbow clearly hadn't prepared for the brutes, and ended up eating a loss. After the match, Wahoo grabbed the microphone and reminded everyone that the match was NON-TITLE and ran to the back. Looks like they found their competition, and they have to deal with the Funk Brothers next month.

Johnny Valentine pinned Pedro Morales after a crucifix in 0:40:41.
Rating: *** 1/2
(Johnny Valentine retained the GCW United States Title.)

The main event was our United States Title match and perhaps biggest blood feud in GCW as Johnny Valentine defended the title against Pedro Morales. As this match went on, it became more about the rivalry than it did the title. For over 40 minutes this battle raged on, both men taking the advantage but being unable to put the other away. The turning point came when Valentine had loosened one of the turnbuckle pads. It didn't come into play right away, but Morales had lost track of it and when he charged Valentine in the corner and the champ moved, the fiery Puerto Rican crashed chest first into the exposed steel. Valentine hit a crucifix on the groggy Morales and took the win. Things went from bad to worse when BILL WATTS was out and the duo looked to put Morales out for good. Thankfully for Morales, DORY FUNK JR. was out to make the save to close out the show.

Card rating: ** 3/4

Match observations:

We are back in the Boston Gardens on June 13th with a huge lineup of matches!

WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES - Wahoo McDaniel/Chief Jay Strongbow (c) vs. The Funk Brothers
Bruno Sammartino vs. Gene Kiniski
Peter Maivia vs. Nick Bockwinkel
Bobo Brazil vs. Ray Stevens
Pedro Morales vs. Bill Watts
BLINDFOLD MATCH - Gorilla Monsoon vs. Baron Mikel Scicluna

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