November 10, 1982 - Civic Centre - Landover, MD

The Brisco Brothers (Jerry Brisco and Jack Brisco) defeated Don Muraco and The Iron Sheik when Jack Brisco defeated Muraco by countout in 0:10:58.
Rating: * 1/4

Tag team action to kick things off as the Brisco Brothers took on Freddie Blassie's team of Don Muraco & The Iron Sheik. Muraco & Sheik have had a certain amount of success in tag team competition, but they had an entirely different animal to deal with in the former 2-time tag team champs. The teamwork of Blassie's men simply wasn't there tonight, and the Briscos picked them apart en route to a countout victory. Muraco & Sheik got into an argument after the match, blaming one another for the loss. Blassie has decided to let Muraco & Sheik split and go at it in singles action.

King Kong Bundy pinned Spike Huber with the Avalanche in 0:01:02.
Rating: 1/2*

King Kong Bundy has been a dominant monster since Bob Backlund brought him in, and that domination continued at the expense of poor Spike Huber. Huber didn't even get a chance to take off his hard hat before Bundy bum rushed him. This was a pure beatdown from bell to bell, and it only took a minute before Bundy hit the Avalanche to get the easy 1-2-3.

Jimmy Snuka wants one last match with Bob Backlund.

As Bob Backlund joined King Kong Bundy in the ring to celebrate the victory, JIMMY SNUKA came down to ringside. Security immediately intervened to prevent a fight, but the Superfly wasn't there to fight. He grabbed the microphone and said that he wanted one more match with Backlund. Backlund laughed at the idea, yelling that he has already beaten Snuka time after time after time. Snuka replied that he thought Backlund might say that, so he came with a backup plan. He had two things to offer Backlund to get the match: 1) he has talked to the Championship Committee and if Backlund wins the match, he will get a World Title shot, and 2) if Snuka loses, he will leave GCW! Backlund smiled at this, but he said he wanted one more concession - the match would take place at the year-end show on December 27, because on December 4, Snuka would have to face King Kong Bundy 1-on-1 in order for this match to go down. Snuka didn't hesitate to accept, so the matches have been signed! This feud is going to end for good, one way or another!

Jumbo Tsuruta pinned B. Brian Blair with the Jumbo Knee in 0:03:10.
Rating: ** 3/4

B. Brian Blair thought he was the smartest man alive when he used the metal jump rope to score a victory over the former 2-time World champion Jumbo Tsuruta. Blair wanted a World Title shot because of it, but instead he got a 1-on-1 match against Jumbo. This was an entirely different beast for Blair to take on. Blair's plan was to try to use the jump rope again, but he never got that opportunity because Jumbo never gave it to him. Jumbo was angry, and that is not something you want if you are his opponent. It took Jumbo only 3 minutes to put Blair away, the Jumbo Knee doing the trick. Hopefully Blair learns from this not to piss off someone the likes of Tsuruta.

Ricky Steamboat and Bruno Sammartino defeated Bill Eadie and Larry Zbyszko when B. Sammartino defeated Zbyszko when Zbyszko passed out in the Sammartino Backbreaker in 0:14:12.
Rating: *** 1/2

Ricky Steamboat made his triumphant return to a GCW ring last show after missing several months with a serious eye injury at the hands of Intercontinental champion Larry Zbyszko. Steamboat will never get those months back, but he can get the IC Title back. But tonight, he was in tag team action alongside his friend and mentor, Bruno Sammartino. We weren't sure who Zbyszko's partner was going to be, but he picked a good one in Bill "the Ax" Eadie, who he got on loaner from the Golden Boys. Eadie did most of the work for his team during the match, which he didn't seem to mind as he is someone who loves to fight. Zbyszko knew how badly Steamboat & Bruno wanted to get a hold of him, so he wisely picked his spots and avoided prolonged contact with either of them. He lost that advantage late when he was in the ring with Bruno and looked to tag Eadie back in, but Steamboat rushed in and dropkicked Eadie off the apron. Zbyszko was stuck in the ring, and got hoisted up into the Sammartino Backbreaker. Zbyszko couldn't get out of the iron grip of Sammartino and passed out in the hold. This wasn't a great way for Zbyszko's night to go, but it got worse after the show as he was informed that he has two matches coming up. On December 4 in Toronto, he will meet Bruno in what Bruno is saying is his final match ever - in a steel cage! And then regardless of what happens in that contest, on December 27 at MSG, Zbyszko will defend the Intercontinental Title against the man he stole it from, Ricky Steamboat!

Terry Taylor pinned Rick Martel with the Five Arm in 0:08:20.
Rating: *** 3/4

B. Brian Blair may not have gotten to use his jump rope in his match, but he did get to use it here when his current partner Terry Taylor took on Taylor's former partner Rick Martel in singles action. When Martel had to take some time off because of an elbow injury, Taylor had a change of philosophy and started teaming with the equally grating Blair, having some awful things to say about Martel in the process. Martel has tried to get a measure of revenge since coming back, but the numbers game has made that impossible. That continued to be the case tonight as during this singles match, Blair got involved. He caught Martel with a jump rope aided right hand while Taylor had referee Dick Woehrle distracted. Martel was knocked woozy, and the Five Arm put this one in the books. Martel will have to figure out another way to get revenge on Taylor.

The Texas Outlaws (Bobby Duncum and Dick Murdoch) defeated The Von Erich Brothers (Kerry Von Erich and Kevin Von Erich) when Duncum pinned Kevin Von Erich with the Full Nelson Slam in 0:10:46.
Rating: *** 1/4

Kevin & Kerry Von Erich had the chance to make a huge splash in the tag team division as they took on the former World Tag Team champions and members of the Texas Outlaws, Bobby Duncum & Dick Murdoch. The Von Erichs are the classic case of a team that is jam packed with potential, but hasn't quite put it together in a GCW ring. Kevin & Kerry come from a great wrestling family, and the team is doing great down in Texas on their off days from GCW, and they're getting better all of the time here up north. They needed a good showing here, and that's exactly what they did. The Outlaws felt that they were going to win this match and most definitely underestimated the fellow Texans. The Von Erichs wouldn't get the win, but they pushed the former champs to the limit before Duncum finally caught Kevin Von Erich with the Full Nelson Slam for the pinfall. After the match, the Von Erichs offered the Outlaws a handshake as it was a highly competitive contest, but instead, Duncum & Murdoch slapped the Von Erichs across the face! The Outlaws took off for higher ground, but how disrespectful can you get?

The Can-Am Strongmen (Dino Bravo and Ken Patera) and The Soul Patrol (Tony Atlas and Rocky Johnson) battled to a double countout in 0:05:37.
Rating: 1/2*
(The Can-Am Strongmen retained the GCW World Tag Team Titles.)

The Can-Am Strongmen have been running scared from The Soul Patrol, doing every cheap thing they can think of to keep the tag titles around their waists. Tony Atlas & Rocky Johnson had another shot to get the gold, and this was their best chance to date. Freddie Blassie is obsessed with Dino Bravo & Ken Patera keeping the tag titles, no matter what they had to do to keep them. They had already gotten themselves counted out last show to get away with the gold, and they tried a repeat performance when Atlas & Johnson were building a head of steam. They gathered the World Tag Team Titles and started to walk to the back, but Atlas & Johnson went after them, and the fight was on! The double countout finished the match, but there was still a lot more drama. Atlas & Johnson got back in the ring and grabbed the mic, yelling that they wanted one more rematch for the titles because this was getting out of control. Blassie told them that there wasn't a chance in hell that was going to happen. Johnson promised that the Soul Patrol would make their lives hell, so Blassie proposed a deal. He said that the Soul Patrol could have a rematch, IF they could beat the Brisco Brothers in Toronto. Blassie might have thought this was a masterful plan, but the Briscos had something to say about that. Jack & Jerry said they weren't going to be pawns in Blassie's plans… unless they would get the title shot if they win. So now we have ourselves a great #1 contenders match in Toronto, and a highly upset Freddie Blassie.

Tito Santana pinned Nick Bockwinkel after a rolling reverse cradle in 0:06:06.
Rating: ***

Tito Santana is becoming known as a bit of an upset specialist. He is highly skilled and has a ton of upside, but he is still young and finding his way in the singles division. He had a mighty big mountain to climb taking on Nick Bockwinkel, Bobby Heenan in his corner. Bockwinkel is a distinguished veteran of the ring, and knows how to control the tempo. He had everything under control in this one when RIC FLAIR came down to ringside and grabbed Howard Finkel's microphone. Flair was talking directly to Bockwinkel while the match was still going, saying he wanted nothing more than to be in the ring himself, but he wasn't cleared to wrestle thanks to the cowardly wrench attack from last month. Bockwinkel tried to block him out, but when Flair said that he got a match signed for the year-end show against Bockwinkel, and it will be a submission match! Bockwinkel couldn't block him out any more at this point, yelling at the Nature Boy for how ridiculous this was. He should have focused on Santana, because the Mexican superstar caught Bockwinkel with a rolling reverse cradle and got the flash pin. Santana jumped out of the ring before Bockwinkel could get to him, but the damage had been done. Bockwinkel and Heenan vowed to injure Flair for good.

Stan Hansen wants an answer from Dusty Rhodes.

Before we got to our main event World Title defense, Dusty Rhodes did an interview declaring once again how he will be the longest reigning World champion in history, and how his opponent tonight, Terry Funk, was nothing but a small speed bump. STAN HANSEN joined Rhodes in the ring and he wished the Dream some luck for his title defense. Rhodes thanked him and tried to escort him out of the ring, but Hansen followed up by saying that he still hasn't gotten an answer about his request for a World Title shot. Rhodes deflected the question, saying that as leader of the Texas Outlaws, it was important that he put up a strong front, and wrestling Hansen (though deserving, of course) would weaken the most dominant group that has ever been. Hansen pushed the subject, causing Rhodes to accidentally blurt out that the Lariat didn't deserve a shot at the top prize in the game. This caused Hansen to grab Rhodes by the face and push him back into the corner, yelling that he better apologize or else. He never got that apology, as BOBBY DUNCUM & DICK MURDOCH jumped Hansen, putting the beat down on him. Hansen got the tar beat out of him, but he received an unexpected assist from KEVIN & KERRY VON ERICH. The Von Erichs took care of Duncum & Murdoch and brawled with them to the back while officials came to help Hansen. Hansen didn't want the help as he shoved them away, vowing to make Rhodes' life a living hell.

Dusty Rhodes pinned Terry Funk with the Bionic Elbowdrop in 0:18:33.
Rating: ** 3/4
(Dusty Rhodes retained the GCW World Title.)

Dusty Rhodes still had to defend the World Title against Terry Funk, which is not an easy row to hoe by any means. Rhodes tried to weasel out of the match, saying that after the confrontation we just saw, he was in a state of emotional distress and couldn't possibly be expected to compete. Funk listened to his pitch, and responded with a left hand to the jaw to kick the match off. Rhodes has had this fight with Funk before, and it never turns out well for his jaw. Funk is an ass kicker, plain and simple, and he had Rhodes running from the opening bell. The Dream's strategy any time he's in the ring with Funk is to survive, and hope that an opportunity presents itself to get the win. He got that chance given to him on a platter later in the match. Funk whipped Rhodes into the corner, but referee Dick Kroll couldn't get out of the way in time and got smashed, temporarily taking Kroll out of action. Funk is a lemons to lemonade guy, so he used this temporary state of lawlessness to grab the ring bell. Unfortunately for him, that gave Rhodes enough time to grab some powder out of his tights. When Funk closed in, Rhodes blinded him with the powder. He picked up the ring bell, and dropped a Bionic Elbowdrop on the Funker with the aid of the weapon. A groggy Kroll made a slow 3 count, and Rhodes' title reign continued again. When is this guy's luck going to run out?

Card rating: ** 3/4

Match Observations:

12/4/82 - MAPLE LEAF GARDENS - Toronto, ON, CA

STEEL CAGE MATCH - Bruno Sammartino vs. Larry Zbyszko
Stan Hansen/The Von Erich Brothers vs. Dusty Rhodes/Bobby Duncum/Dick Murdoch
#1 CONTENDERS MATCH - The Brisco Brothers vs. The Soul Patrol
Jimmy Snuka vs. King Kong Bundy
Ricky Steamboat vs. Bill Eadie
Rick Martel vs. B. Brian Blair

12/27/82 - MADISON SQUARE GARDEN - New York, NY

INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE - Larry Zbyszko (c) vs. Ricky Steamboat
WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES - The Can-Am Strongmen (c) vs. Briscos/Soul Patrol
SUBMISSION MATCH - Ric Flair vs. Nick Bockwinkel

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