November 29, 1969 - Charlotte Coliseum - Charlotte, NC

Dominic DeNucci and Victor Rivera defeated The Brisco Brothers (Jerry Brisco and Jack Brisco) when DeNucci pinned Jack Brisco with the Airplane Spin in 0:18:58.
Rating: ** 3/4

The night here in Charlotte kicked off with tag team action as Dominic DeNucci & Victor Rivera scored a huge win by beating the Brisco Brothers in an extremely competitive contest. DeNucci & Rivera were cost a match last month thanks to an overzealous Wahoo McDaniel & Chief Jay Strongbow, but they didn't let it become a losing streak as they pick up the duke.

The Crusher defeated Gene Kiniski by disqualification in 0:04:31.
Rating: *

Gene Kiniski wants another shot at the World Title, but Lou Albano sent The Crusher to slow Kiniski up. Kiniski was in no mood to mess around with Crusher and it was this attitude that caused him to be disqualified when he trapped Crusher in the corner and wouldn't let up on the right hands and stomps. Kiniski loses the match, but the message was clearly sent.

Baron Mikel Scicluna and Tony Altimore battled to a double pin in 0:03:04.
Rating: DUD

Can Baron Mikel Scicluna & Tony Altimore just settle their differences already? These two once again did battle and once again they found a way not to get a clear winner. This time, Scicluna hit a bridging back suplex on Altimore, but didn't get his own shoulders off the mat and both men were pinned, resulting in a draw and another post-match brawl. GCW officials are said to have had enough with these two and their feud, so they have signed a loser-leaves-town match for the year-end show at MSG on December 27. One way or another, this is going to end.

Johnny Valentine defeated Dick the Bruiser by disqualification in 0:17:00.
Rating: * 1/2
(Johnny Valentine retained the GCW United States Title.)
[Lou Albano interfered against Johnny Valentine.]

Johnny Valentine has put together a good United States Title reign but had a tough task ahead of him here against Dick the Bruiser. Bruiser is a tag wrestler by trade, but is bad enough to beat anyone at any given time. Valentine's best bet was to outwrestle or outsmart the Bruiser, but that's tough when Lou Albano is directing his charge to beat the ever-living tar out of the champion. Valentine's survival skills kicked into gear and he withstood the onslaught, frustrating the Bruiser who brought his chain in the ring for the disqualification. Bruiser took a wild swing at Valentine, but the US champion ducked and hit a dropkick, sending his challenger sprawling from the ring.

Terry Funk and Thunderbolt Patterson defeated Boris Malenko and Ray Stevens when Thunderbolt pinned Malenko with the Thunderbolt Right in 0:15:29.
Rating: *** 1/4
(Dory Funk Jr. no-showed.)

Ray Stevens is considering expanding the ranks of the Cripplers, and he started by giving Boris Malenko a tryout here. This tag match was supposed to be against the Funks, but Dory Funk Jr. got caught in traffic and couldn't make it to the show. Thus, Thunderbolt Patterson took his spot. Patterson & Terry Funk have been on the same side of battles with the Cripplers before, so they functioned quite well as a team, culminating in Thunderbolt hitting his Thunderbolt Right on Malenko for the win. Stevens was not happy with Malenko dropping the fall and showed it by attacking him after the match with the help of the Minnesota Wrecking Crew. Well I guess Malenko's not going to make the team. He will, however, get a shot at revenge at the year-end show as he meets Stevens one-on-one.

Tim Woods defeated Nick Bockwinkel by countout in 0:16:55.
Rating: ***

Nick Bockwinkel's new bad attitude continued as he put a beating on Tim Woods. Woods, however, has proven to be a smart ring general, and he showed this again by playing a little cat and mouse and getting Bockwinkel to get himself counted out. Bockwinkel snapped when he realized he lost the match, attacking Woods until officials broke it up. A rematch is set for MSG.

Chief Jay Strongbow and Wahoo McDaniel defeated The Minnesota Wrecking Crew (Gene Anderson and Ole Anderson) when Wahoo defeated O. Anderson when O. Anderson passed out in the Indian Deathlock in 0:20:14.
Rating: ***
(Chief Jay Strongbow and Wahoo McDaniel retained the GCW World Tag Team Titles.)

The battles between the World Tag Team champions Wahoo McDaniel & Chief Jay Strongbow and the Minnesota Wrecking Crew are extremely personal, even leading to the champs uncharacteristically assaulting the Andersons whenever they can. The hate could be felt during this battle and evidenced by the crimson masks all four men ended up wearing. The end came when the Indians eached locked on their submission finishers on the MWC to retain the titles. However, McDaniel & Strongbow refused to release the Indian Deathlocks, trying to break the legs of Gene & Ole Anderson. This brought out DOMINIC DENUCCI & VICTOR RIVERA, who tried to convince the champs to release the holds. Wahoo & Strongbow FINALLY let go, but the damage had been done. DeNucci & Rivera checked on the Andersons despite there being no love lost between those two teams. This left them wide open to a shocking attack from the champs who really put a hurting on DeNucci & Rivera. What on earth has gotten into Wahoo McDaniel & Chief Jay Strongbow? These two once proud warriors have lost it.

Pedro Morales defeated Ernie Ladd when Ernie Ladd passed out in the Boston Crab in 0:19:44.
Rating: ** 1/2

A lot at stake in our semi-main event as the personal issue between Pedro Morales & Ernie Ladd also had a shot at the United States Title up for grabs. If we've learned anything about Morales over the years, it's to not make him mad. Morales has one of the worst tempers in all of wrestling, and Ladd suffered it first hand. That is, until he threw Morales from the apron into the ringpost. Morales spilled to the outside and was bleeding as referee Jack Davis jumped to the floor to check on him. Ladd was all smiles until BOBO BRAZIL came out from the crowd and attacked Ladd, wiping him out with the Coco Butt! We haven't seen Brazil in months thanks to Ladd, and he got a measure of revenge here. Morales managed to get himself back in the ring and got Ladd in the Boston Crab. The King was out cold from the big headbutt, and this match was awarded to Morales. Morales will now challenge Johnny Valentine for the US Title on December 27th at MSG, while we now know that Brazil & Ladd will attempt to settle their differences once and for all in an unsanctioned fight!

Luke Graham pinned Bill Watts after a flying clothesline in 0:14:05.
Rating: ** 3/4
(Luke Graham retained the GCW World Title.)
[Lou Albano interfered against Bill Watts.]

Luke Graham's been wrestling with a neck injury, which is a testament to his toughness. You don't have to like the guy, but you do have to respect him. Neck injury or not, Bill Watts wanted the World Title, not only for himself, but to shove it down his former manager Lou Albano's throat. Watts targeted Graham's neck and had him in more trouble than anyone else has since Graham won the title almost a year ago. Graham had to dig deep, but I'll be damned if he didn't manage to shove Watts off the turnbuckle when the Cowboy went for a superplex. Graham jumped off with a flying clothesline that nearly beheaded Watts, giving him yet another successful title defense. Graham didn't have a lot of time to celebrate though, as the show ended with a major announcement - Luke Graham will be defending the World Title at the year-end show at Madison Square Garden, and it will be against the man who holds more victories over him than anyone else - ANTONIO INOKI! This could prove to be the biggest match in GCW history, and what a way to end the 1960s!

Card rating: ** 1/2

Match observations:

The lineup for the December 27th Madison Square Garden is stacked, and features the following matches:

WORLD TITLE - Luke Graham (c) vs. Antonio Inoki
UNITED STATES TITLE - Johnny Valentine (c) vs. Pedro Morales
WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES - Wahoo McDaniel/Chief Jay Strongbow (c) vs. Dominic DeNucci/Victor Rivera
Ray Stevens vs. Boris Malenko
Tim Woods vs. Nick Bockwinkel
LOSER-LEAVES-TOWN - Baron Mikel Scicluna vs. Tony Altimore

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