October 12, 1963 - Madison Square Garden - New York, NY

Mark Lewin and Don Leo Jonathan battled to a double countout in 0:13:11.
Rating: * 3/4

Our opening contest saw Don Leo Jonathan & "Maniac" Mark Lewin wrestle to a double countout. Neither man could get back in the ring after the fight spilled to the floor. The two men will meet in a return match next month.

Freddie Blassie pinned Pedro Morales after a clothesline in 0:11:51.
Rating: * 1/2

"Classy" Freddie Blassie will do anything to get a win, but he also learned that there are sometimes consequences to his tactics. After Blassie pretty much got his butt handed to him for most of the match, a big clothesline out of nowhere and with the aid of his feet on the ropes, got the win. The Latin temper of the young Morales came out again as he took Blassie to the woodshed afterwards. Blassie has demanded a rematch with Morales and vows to "teach him a lesson he will never forget."

Crusher & Bruiser (The Crusher and Dick the Bruiser) defeated The Madmen (Abdullah the Butcher and The Sheik) when Crusher defeated Abdullah by disqualification in 0:04:45.
Rating: DUD
[Abdullah Farouk interfered against The Crusher.]

Abdullah the Butcher & The Sheik are so hard to wrestle because they've shown time and time again that they don't care whether they win or not. It didn't take them long before they got themselves disqualified against Dick the Bruiser & The Crusher, attacking them with chairs. Dick the Bruiser & The Crusher were beaten badly, but have demanded a rematch for next month which has been granted. But it has also been added that the winners of that match will be the #1 contenders for the World Tag Team Titles.

The Golden Grahams (Eddie Graham and Dr. Jerry Graham) defeated Argentina Apollo and Edouard Carpentier when Dr. J. Graham defeated Carpentier when Carpentier passed out in the Sleeperhold in 0:15:33.
Rating: *** 3/4

Speaking of tag team action, the Golden Grahams helped move themselves up the ladder a notch with a victory over Argentina Apollo & Edouard Carpentier.

Antonino Rocca and Miguel Perez defeated Gorilla Monsoon and Killer Kowalski when Rocca pinned Kowalski after a flying cross body press in 0:24:44.
Rating: * 1/2
(Antonino Rocca and Miguel Perez retained the GCW World Tag Team Titles.)

It took everything they had and then some, but Antonino Rocca & Miguel Perez narrowly escaped with their undefeated streak & World Tag Team Titles in tact over Gorilla Monsoon & Killer Kowalski. Monsoon & Kowalski beat the high fliers from pillar to post, but just couldn't find the proper set of moves to put it away. Because of how closely contested this match was, Monsoon & Kowalski have been granted a rematch in Baltimore.

Johnny Valentine made Bobo Brazil submit to a kneelock submission in 0:17:04.
Rating: * 1/2
[The Sheik interfered against Bobo Brazil.]

I never thought I'd see it, but not only did Johnny Valentine beat Bobo Brazil, but he made him submit! Of course, he had an assist from The Sheik, Brazil's long time enemy. The Sheik is pure nuts, and he showed it by assaulting Brazil while Valentine had the referee distracted. Sheik grabbed Brazil, pulled him to the ringpost, and wrapped his knee around it not once, but three times. Valentine quickly locked on a kneelock submission and Brazil had to tap out. We don't know exactly why The Sheik attacked Bobo Brazil, but Brazil doesn't care. He wants The Sheik in a match, but instead he will get another one of Abdullah Farouk's charges, Gene Kiniski, whether Kiniski is still United States champion or not.

Ernie Ladd pinned Bill Watts after a clothesline in 0:13:58.
Rating: ** 3/4

This match between Bill Watts and Ernie Ladd was a hard-hitting affair. Watts & Ladd were both bruised up after the contest, a match won by Ernie Ladd after a hard clothesline rocked the Cowboy under the jaw. After the match, Watts threw a little mini-fit over the loss.

Gene Kiniski pinned Danny Hodge with the Backbreaker in 0:21:39.
Rating: *** 3/4
(Gene Kiniski retained the GCW United States Title.)
[Abdullah Farouk interfered against Danny Hodge.]

This was Danny Hodge's last opportunity to regain the US Title as long as Gene Kiniski is the champion. Hodge is no nonsense to begin with, but he was extra focused for this one as he wanted to be a two-time champion. Kiniski showed that he is a smart businessman, and even if he is unpopular, Abdullah Farouk is already paying dividends as his manager. Farouk's constant involvement in the match allowed Kiniski to retain the title. Hodge will recover from this I'm sure, but until Kiniski loses the title, Hodge will have no more opportunities to become United states champion.

Two-out-of-three-Falls Match:
Lou Thesz beat Bruno Sammartino 2 falls to 1:
x Thesz beat B. Sammartino via a swinging neckbreaker in 0:12:18
x B. Sammartino beat Thesz via the Sammartino Backbreaker in 0:28:47
x Thesz beat B. Sammartino via a spinebuster slam in 0:36:04
Rating: **** 1/4
(Lou Thesz retained the GCW World Title.)

Another classic match between World champion Lou Thesz & challenger Bruno Sammartino. Sammartino wanted to regain the championship, and it didn't look good after he ate the first fall thanks to a quick swinging neckbreaker from Thesz. Sammartino never panicked though and impressively fought back, managing to do something that I didn't think was possible and that's make Thesz submit to his devastating Sammartino Backbreaker, even the score at 1 fall a piece. It proved to be sound strategy by Thesz though that he submitted quickly because had he tried to struggle out of the hold, he would have been prone for the third fall. Instead he had enough energy left where he caught Bruno with a spinebuster and barely got the 3 count to retain the World championship. Bruno was upset, but offered Thesz a handshake which was accepted.

Card rating: ** 3/4

Match observations:

The show in Baltimore on November 9th is shaping up to be huge. Due to the classic nature of the match, Lou Thesz & Bruno Sammartino will meet one more time for the World Title. The rest of the card, as of now, looks as follows:

World Tag Team Titles - Antonino Rocca & Miguel Perez (c) vs. Gorilla Monsoon & Killer Kowalski
Non-Title - Gene Kiniski vs. Bobo Brazil
#1 Contenders Match - Dick the Bruiser & The Crusher vs. The Madmen
Don Leo Jonathan vs. Mark Lewin
Pedro Morales vs. Freddie Blassie

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