October 2, 1972 - Civic Center - Baltimore, MD

Jimmy Snuka pinned The Crusher with the Superfly Splash in 0:10:38.
Rating: * 3/4

Why Bobby Heenan and his family insist on making Dick the Bruiser & The Crusher angry is beyond me. The opening contest here in Baltimore was The Crusher taking on Heenan's newest and youngest henchman, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka. Snuka is a great prospect, but it's easy to forget that he's still a rookie. And if we learned one thing from this match, it's that The Crusher HATES rookies. Snuka got the tar beat out of him from the opening bell and Crusher was having his way with him. Bobby Heenan showed that he will do anything to help his clients win, jumping up on the apron right before Crusher was going to nail Superfly with the Bolo Punch. Crusher took his attention off of Snuka, went to Heenan and grabbed him by the collar. Crusher leveled Heenan with a right hand, sending him crashing to the floor, but Snuka nailed Crusher from behind and hit a bodyslam. Snuka quickly jumped up top and flew off with the Superfly Splash to get what has to be considered an upset! A stolen victory for this battle, but the war is far from over.

The High Flyers (Jim Brunzell and Greg Gagne) defeated Mr. Fuji and Toru Tanaka when Brunzell pinned Fuji with the Dropkick in 0:12:28.
Rating: ** 3/4

Tonight is shaping up to be a night of upsets! Mr. Fuji & Professor Toru Tanaka are fresh off of losing the World Tag Team Titles to Dominic DeNucci & Tony Garea last month, and they wanted to send a message against the High Flyers, the young rookie team of Greg Gagne & "Jumping" Jim Brunzell. Gagne & Brunzell wrestle each match like they have nothing to lose, and frankly, they don't. As rookies, they're expected to take their lumps, so they can go all out. Fuji & Tanaka made the mistake of toying with DeNucci & Garea last month and it cost them the tag titles, and they didn't repeat it this time around. It was a solid match with Fuji & Tanaka trying to ground the Flyers while Gagne & Brunzell dazzled with their spectacular high flying moves. After struggling for dominance in the match, it looked like the former champs had things well in hand, but Brunzell hit his impressive Dropkick out of nowhere to get the surprise pin! The High Flyers bailed before Fuji & Tanaka could get at them. That's two matches in a row where the Japanese tandem has been beaten in an upset. They're going to need to turn it around soon if they want to get back into contention for the World Tag Team Titles.

Johnny Valentine made Jerry Lawler submit to the Figure-Four Leglock in 0:16:56.
Rating: *** 1/2

Jerry Lawler lost a hard fought match to Johnny Valentine in Greensboro, but let it be known that he knows he can beat Valentine if he is given another match. Valentine laughed it off, but agreed to the rematch as he wants the kid to try to prove himself. Valentine played with the King early in the contest, putting the bad mouth on the youngster. Valentine was steady with the offense, but Lawler refused to let himself get beaten, having Valentine's Figure-Four Leglock well scouted and always finding a way to slip out just at the last possible moment. Valentine was getting more and more frustrated, especially as Lawler kept getting flurries of offense. Finally Valentine found an opening to catch Lawler with a kneebreaker and transition right into the Figure-Four Leglock. Lawler held on longer than he probably should have, but eventually the pain was too great and he was forced to submit. After the match, it looked like Valentine might continue the abuse, but instead he gave Lawler what looked like a smirk of admiration. Jerry Lawler has asked for just one more chance to prove he can beat Johnny Valentine, and it will take place at MSG on Halloween night.

Ernie Ladd pinned Chief Jay Strongbow with the Boot to the Face in 0:12:58.
Rating: **
[The Grand Wizard interfered against Chief Jay Strongbow.]

Ernie Ladd & The Grand Wizard came out gloating about running Stan Stasiak out of town, mentioning that they would be much stronger without that anchor weighing them down. This brought out CHIEF JAY STRONGBOW, who was not happy considering his long time partner Billy White Wolf recently left GCW as well. Strongbow is in the market for a new partner, but for now, he will be wrestling in the singles division. The match was a tough one with two hard-hitting veterans going at it tooth and nail. An even match, but the win would go to Ladd thanks to the Boot to the Face.

Dominic DeNucci and Tony Garea and The Cripplers (Nick Bockwinkel and Ray Stevens) battled to a double countout in 0:09:28.
Rating: ***
(Dominic DeNucci and Tony Garea retained the GCW World Tag Team Titles.)
[Bobby Heenan interfered against Dominic DeNucci.]

Dominic DeNucci & Tony Garea may be the most unlikely World Tag Team champions GCW has ever had, but they showed they would be fighting champions with their first title defense against the former champs, Ray Stevens & Nick Bockwinkel. Bobby Heenan promised his men he would have them champions again when they hired him, and this was their chance to make his prophecy come true. DeNucci & Garea have not teamed long, but they have developed quite a chemistry that is impressive to see. However, there may be no better pure team than The Cripplers. Both teams put on a tag team clinic before the match dissolved into a brawl, ending in a double countout. This one is a long way from over as a rematch has already been signed for Madison Square Garden on the 31st.

Billy Robinson pinned Wahoo McDaniel with the Double-Arm Suplex in 0:18:43.
Rating: **** 3/4
(Billy Robinson retained the GCW United States Title.)

Billy Robinson shocked the world when he debuted in Greensboro to beat Pedro Morales for the US Title in his first match in GCW. Robinson is a pure wrestler and theoretically could hold the title for a very long time. He has a long list of challengers already though, starting with Wahoo McDaniel, who's petition to get a rematch was finally granted. Robinson is still establishing to the audiences in the United States, but after this match here, there's no question he's going to be a huge star. This could end up being the match of the year. Both men went back and forth for nearly 20 minutes, not once slowing down as they fought for the prestigious title. Wahoo wrestled as hard as we have ever seen him as he desperately wanted to get the US Title back, but Robinson is not quite ready to see his reign come to an end. Robinson hit the Double-Arm Suplex to pick up an absolutely scintillating win. The fans in Baltimore were giving Robinson a standing ovation for his efforts before PEDRO MORALES ruined it by cowardly assaulting him from behind, still being a sore loser over losing his title in Greensboro. When Wahoo came to, he joined in the beating until LUKE GRAHAM ran out and helped Robinson clear the ring. Robinson has plenty of challengers waiting for him, but his next match will be in the Garden when he teams with Luke Graham to take on Pedro Morales & Wahoo McDaniel in a tag team match!

Bobby Heenan defeated Dick the Bruiser when Dick the Bruiser passed out in a front facelock in 0:01:44.
Rating: **

Bobby Heenan has never wrestled a singles match in GCW, and he got matched up with a helluva opponent in Dick the Bruiser, a guy who is already pissed at him in the first place! Bruiser was in a rowdy mood and ready for a good old-fashioned fight, but he didn't see JIMMY SNUKA ambush him from behind! Snuka was a rabid animal, hitting a huge bodyslam on the floor and then slamming Bruiser's head on the concrete for good measure! Bruiser was out on his feet, but the the stubborn brawler insisted on wrestling Heenan anyway. Bruiser even had the advantage for the early moment, but Heenan moved out of the way of an avalanche that turned the tide. Bruiser hit his head and it knocked him loopy again. Heenan put on a front facelock that caused no further damage, but Bruiser was knocked out and referee Danny Bartfield had no choice but to call the match. Bobby Heenan has scored a submission victory over Dick the Bruiser. Wow. Heenan might be proud of himself tonight, but on the 31st, he will team with Jimmy Snuka to take on Bruiser & Crusher in a tag team contest.

Luke Graham pinned Pedro Morales with the Thumb to the Throat in 0:15:22.
Pedro Morales suffered a torn ligament in his right knee. He will be out for approximately 4 months.
Rating: ** 3/4
[Eddie Graham interfered against Pedro Morales.]

Pedro Morales already had Luke Graham mad at him from earlier confrontation during the US Title match and now the two had a match. Morales was looking to get the win as he didn't take too kindly to Graham getting involved in his business earlier, but unfortunately for Morales, he tweaked his knee fairly early in the contest. To his credit, he showed a ton of guts by finishing the match, but his knee limited him to the point where he became easy pickings by the end of the match to Graham's Thumb to the Throat. Morales tore a ligament in his right knee and it's projected he will miss about 4 months of action. The status of the tag team match in the Garden is now up in the air.

Bruno Sammartino defeated Billy Graham when Billy Graham passed out in the Sammartino Backbreaker in 0:36:20.
Rating: ****
(Bruno Sammartino retained the GCW World Title.)

After the shockingly disrespectful actions of "Superstar" Billy Graham last month, Bruno Sammartino wanted a match to end the feud once and for all. Graham showed an insane amount of strength by actually TEARING the World Heavyweight Title in half at our last show. A new championship belt is being made, but Bruno specifically asked to bring the torn pieces of the old title with him to remind him of the disrespect of the young superstar. The two fought in a Baltimore Streetfight, which meant that anything goes, and boy did it ever. Graham busted Bruno open early in the match with a series of hard right hands, but Bruno would return the favor later when he smashed Graham's face into the post. The faces of both men were crimson with blood, and I'm not exactly sure where they were finding the strength to keep fighting, but the battle became intense as the match charged on. Billy Graham grabbed the ring announcer's microphone with ill intentions, but a small distraction from Arnold Skaaland let Bruno catch Graham in the stomach with a headbutt. Sammartino then grabbed the microphone and with the cord, choked Graham out on the floor. Bruno threw the huge muscular Graham back into the ring and somehow mustered up the strength to get him up in the Sammartino Backbreaker to retain his title and finally put this feud to rest.

Card rating: *** 1/4

Match observations:

As we prepare to head to Madison Square Garden on October 31, we have received word that Pedro Morales will be unable to compete due to his knee injury he suffered tonight. Billy Graham has stepped up and agreed to team with Wahoo McDaniel, a blatant slap in the face to his brother Luke who will be on the opposing team. The card so far looks as follows:

WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES - Dominic DeNucci/Tony Garea (c) vs. The Cripplers
Billy Robinson (US champion)/Luke Graham vs. Wahoo McDaniel/Billy Graham
Dick the Bruiser/The Crusher vs. Jimmy Snuka/Bobby Heenan
Chief Jay Strongbow vs. Ernie Ladd
Jerry Lawler vs. Johnny Valentine

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