October 5, 1968 - Boston Garden - Boston, MA

Luke Graham explains why he dropped Lou Albano.

The Boston Garden show kicked off with the returning Luke Graham coming out for an interview and getting a great reception. Graham said everyone wanted to know why he had changed his ways and turned his back on Lou Albano. Graham said it was simple - while he was out with an injury the past several months, not once did Albano call or write him to make sure he was okay. Instead, Albano forgot all about him and recruited George Steele to take out Bobo Brazil. Graham realized the error of his ways and how Albano was using him, and decided it was time to take Albano out once and for all.

Chief Jay Strongbow pinned Nick Bockwinkel after a figure-four leglock in 0:13:23.
Rating: ** 3/4
(Chief Jay Strongbow retained the GCW United States Title.)

Chief Jay Strongbow had a tough test tonight as he defended the United States Title against Nick Bockwinkel. Bockwinkel couldn't stand up to Strongbow in a fist fight, but he could definitely out mat wrestle him, which is exactly what he tried to do. Bockwinkel kept Strongbow on the mat and came extremely close to defeating the frustrated Native American champ. However, Strongbow was able to turn the tides and get Bockwinkel locked in a figure-four leglock. Bockwinkel was caught and in a slight lapse in focus, got himself pinned while in the hold. Bockwinkel was very upset after the match and claimed that Strongbow simply "got lucky."

Edouard Carpentier pinned Baron Mikel Scicluna with the Somersault Senton in 0:13:03.
Rating: **

Baron Mikel Scicluna's woes continue as he dropped yet another match, this time to Edouard Carpentier, a man who needed a win as well. When is Scicluna's losing streak going to end?

Jack Brisco pinned Edouard Carpentier with the Figure-Four Leglock in 0:09:54.
Rating: *** 3/4
(Gene Kiniski no-showed.)

The next match was supposed to be Gene Kiniski vs. Jack Brisco, but when Kiniski was announced, he never came out. We received word that Kiniski was found unconscious in the locker room, the victim of an apparent sneak attack. Brisco claimed to have nothing to do with it and wanted to take the forfeit victory, but he got a surprise when EDUOARD CARPENTIER came back out and said he'd wrestle the match! Brisco got all he could handle from Carpentier and then some, but the toll of his previous match wore on Carpentier who was unable to get out of Brisco's Figure-Four Leglock and suffered the defeat. We still have no word on who attacked Kiniski.

Pedro Morales defeated Killer Kowalski when Killer Kowalski passed out in the Boston Crab in 0:13:40.
Rating: ** 1/4

Not a good night for the Bockwinkel/Kowalski tag team, as Killer Kowalski also lost his match. Pedro Morales has been on fire since becoming a singles wrestler, and it should only be a matter of time before he is in contention for a title shot of some sort. However, the next match on his plate will be a tag match as he will team with Chief Jay Strongbow to take on Bockwinkel & Kowalski in Montreal on November 2nd.

Crusher & Bruiser (The Crusher and Dick the Bruiser) defeated The Blond Bombers (Pat Patterson and Ray Stevens) when Bruiser defeated R. Stevens by disqualification in 0:07:50.
Rating: **

The hatred between the Blond Bombers and Dick the Bruiser & The Crusher is well-documented, and the total disregard both teams had for the rules and for the referee proves that. It didn't take too long into this match before the Bombers couldn't contain themselves and got themselves disqualified, but I don't think they cared too much as the brawl went on for several more minutes. GCW match makers have seen enough of this feud and they want to end it once and for all in Montreal, as these two teams will lock up in a CAGE MATCH!

The Sheik made Dominic DeNucci submit to the Camel Clutch in 0:08:37.
Rating: ** 1/4
[The Princess interfered against Dominic DeNucci.]

The Sheik was once again out with the mysterious Princess for his match, and once again The Princess has propelled him onto victory. The Sheik took on tag team specialist Dominic DeNucci, who more than held his own, but this match was never out of The Sheik's grasp, who won with his deadly Camel Clutch. The Sheik didn't want to let go of the hold, but The Princess was able to again lure him away. It's like The Sheik turns up the intensity when The Princess is around, and then calms down when she requests it. With The Princess holding that kind of power over him, it could be bad news for opponents of The Sheik in coming months.

Ernie Ladd pinned Gorilla Monsoon with the Boot to the Face in 0:12:16.
Rating: *
[Jack Davis interfered against Gorilla Monsoon.]

Ernie Ladd once again has gotten the better of Gorilla Monsoon, and if you thought he was bragging before, just wait until you hear him now. Monsoon dominated most of the match, but Ladd was luring him in and waited until he made a mistake. Monsoon made that mistake when he charged in the corner and missed a shoulder to the midsection, instead connecting with the ring post. Ladd quickly hit the Boot to the Face and that was all she wrote.

The Minnesota Wrecking Crew (Gene Anderson and Ole Anderson) and The Funk Brothers (Terry Funk and Dory Funk Jr.) battled to a draw in 0:30:00.
Rating: *** 3/4
(The Minnesota Wrecking Crew retained the GCW World Tag Team Titles.)

Once again, the Minnesota Wrecking Crew & the Funk Brothers showed why they are widely considered the cream of the tag team crop with this fantastic encounter for the World Tag Team Titles. They have traded the gold back and forth the past 2 shows, and we would have seen another title change had the time limit not expired. The crowd gave both teams a standing ovation for their efforts, but those cheers became boos when JACK BRISCO and an unknown assailant attacked the Funks! It didn't take long to notice that that man with Jack Brisco looked very much like him, and after the assault was over, the man was introduced as Jack's younger brother Jerry Brisco! With another brother tandem in GCW, the tag scene gets better and better.

Bobo Brazil, Luke Graham and Peter Maivia defeated George Steele, Hiro Matsuda and Johnny Valentine when L. Graham pinned J. Valentine with the Thumb to the Throat in 0:31:01.
Rating: *** 1/2
[Lou Albano interfered against Peter Maivia.]
[Lou Albano interfered against Luke Graham.]

It was so strange to see Luke Graham on a team with World champion Bobo Brazil (along with Peter Maivia), but the team gelled surprisingly well. There were some hiccups, but the trio had a common enemy - Lou Albano and his charges. We got a great 6-man tag battle for a main event that went over 30 minutes and was fueled by a ton of emotion from the crowd. Albano was trying to cause dissention in the oddball fan favorite team, but it was no dice as the individual skills of the trio prevailed, Graham pinning Valentine with the Thumb to the Throat. Brazil, Graham, & Maivia all stood tall to end the show.

Card rating: ** 3/4

Match observations:

We are back to Montreal for the first time in 2 years on November 2nd with the following matches already signed and ready to go!

MAIN EVENT - Bobo Brazil/Luke Graham vs. George Steele/Johnny Valentine
CAGE MATCH - The Blond Bombers vs. Dick the Bruiser/The Crusher
The Funk Brothers vs. The Brisco Brothers
Peter Maivia vs. Hiro Matsuda
Chief Jay Strongbow/Pedro Morales vs. Nick Bockwinkel/Killer Kowalski

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