October 8, 1966 - Boston Garden - Boston, MA

Dory Funk Jr. pinned Dr. Jerry Graham after a European uppercut in 0:10:21.
Rating: ***

Dory Funk Jr. beat Eddie Graham last month in record time, but he had a bit more trouble with Dr. Jerry Graham this time around. However, one vicious European uppercut put this one in the books. Funk has beat two of the three Grahams in a row. Word has it that he will be calling out Luke Graham next month at MSG.

Ernie Ladd and Danny Hodge battled to a double countout in 0:10:52.
Rating: ***

Danny Hodge & Ernie Ladd are two foes who are very familiar with each other. That familiarity was quite obvious in this contest. The match was even from bell-to-bell, and even ended in a double countout as a result. These two familiar foes will meet again next month on November 5th.

Luke Graham pinned Edouard Carpentier after hitting him with a foreign object in 0:09:50.
Rating: *** 1/4
(Luke Graham retained the GCW United States Title.)

Edouard Carpentier had a chance to regain the United States Title from the man who beat him for it, Luke Graham. Carpentier has shown in the past that he has a good strategy against Graham, but that is easily cancelled out when the champ is willing to clock you between the eyes with a pair of brass knuckles. Graham is still the US champion, and we will see if he accepts Dory Funk Jr.'s challenge.

Antonino Rocca and Miguel Perez defeated Baron Mikel Scicluna and The Sheik when Perez defeated Sheik by disqualification in 0:09:03.
Rating: * 3/4
[Abdullah Farouk interfered against Miguel Perez.]

Though Antonino Rocca & Miguel Perez have been bitter enemies since they split up, they showed that they still have that bond that made them the longest reigning World Tag Team champion. They looked like they never missed a beat, causing Baron Mikel Scicluna & The Sheik to get themselves disqualified when they became frustrated. This one is far from over.

Bill Watts and Johnny Valentine defeated Crusher & Bruiser (The Crusher and Dick the Bruiser) when Watts pinned Bruiser with the Oklahoma Stampede in 0:16:38.
Rating: ** 1/4
(Bill Watts and Johnny Valentine won the GCW World Tag Team Titles.)
[Larry Hennig and Lou Albano interfered against Dick the Bruiser.]

What a miscarriage of justice! For the third time, Bill Watts & Johnny Valentine are the World Tag Team champions, but it wasn't without controversy. Not only did their new manager Lou Albano interfere whenever he could, PAT PATTERSON & LARRY HENNIG also got involved by getting The Crusher to chase them to the back. This left Dick the Bruiser to fend for himself in the ring, falling to the Oklahoma Stampede and Albano has his first champions already. To make matters worse, we have now learned that conveniently, the Pretty Boys will be getting the first shot at the new champions next month.

Abdullah Farouk suckers James Dudley into a match.

Abdullah Farouk came out flanked by his 3 charges in full wrestling gear primed and ready to wrestle his match with Bobo Brazil. Farouk was confident because he knew Brazil wasn't cleared to wrestle tonight because The Sheik threw a fireball in his eyes last month, so Farouk declared himself the winner by forfeit. Farouk was all ready to leave when he was stopped by JAMES DUDLEY. Dudley was mad as hell and said this had to end once and for all. Since Brazil couldn't wrestle, Dudley offered to take his place. Farouk asked why he should accept this challenge, and Dudley said he wanted to make the match a loser-leaves-town match. Whoever lost, they would have to leave GCW forever. Farouk jumped at the chance and the match was on!

Loser-Leaves-Town Match:
Abdullah Farouk defeated James Dudley via pinfall in 0:07:34.
Rating: -** 3/4

This is a sad day for James Dudley and Bobo Brazil. Farouk pretty much goaded Dudley into this match. Farouk had Baron Mikel Scicluna, The Sheik, and World champion Gene Kiniski were all down at ringside. Referee Dick Kroll did his best to maintain order, throwing first Scicluna to the back and then The Sheik. But while The Sheik was being thrown out, Kiniski snuck in the ring and hit the Backbreaker on Dudley. The 150-pound Dudley was out of it, and Farouk arrogantly pinned him with one finger. What a disgusting act. These guys make me sick.

The Pretty Boys (Pat Patterson and Larry Hennig) defeated Pedro Morales and Dominic DeNucci when L. Hennig pinned Morales with the Axe in 0:19:02.
Rating: ** 1/4

The Pretty Boys were basically handed a World Tag Team Title shot for helping Watts & Valentine win the titles earlier, so they had a lot of pressure on them to pick up the win against Pedro Morales & Dominic DeNucci. And it's a lot easier to pick up a victory when you are willing to put your feet on the ropes for extra leverage, which is exactly what Larry Hennig did to get the pin on Morales. Say what you want about how the Pretty Boy got their match for the World Tag Team Titles, but they are very capable of winning them.

Killer Kowalski made Gorilla Monsoon submit to the Stomach Claw in 0:13:19.
Rating: ** 1/4

Killer Kowalski has once again cheated his way to a victory over his former partner Gorilla Monsoon. Much like he has before, Kowalski hit Monsoon in the stomach with a weapon to set up the Stomach Claw for a cheap submission win. The GCW Board of Directors have decided this feud has to end, so they have signed a no-disqualification match for November 5th to end this once and for all.

Gene Kiniski pinned Chief Jay Strongbow with the Backbreaker in 0:25:34.
Rating: ***
(Gene Kiniski retained the GCW World Title.)
[Abdullah Farouk interfered against Chief Jay Strongbow.]

We had the first World Title defense of our reprehensible World champion Gene Kiniski, as he defended against Chief Jay Strongbow. Everyone was solidly behind Strongbow, especially after what Kiniski did to James Dudley earlier in the night. Say what you want about Kiniski's actions, but the man knows how to get it done in the ring. He took his time, weathered Strongbow's flurries of offense, systematically wore the proud Native American down, and retained the World Title. We may not like it, but this could be our World champion for a long time.

Card rating: * 3/4

Match observations:

As 1966 inches closer to an end, we are back at our home at MSG on November 5th, with the following matches signed so far:

Antonino Rocca/Miguel Perez/Bobo Brazil vs. Gene Kiniski/The Sheik/Baron Mikel Scicluna
WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES - Bill Watts/Johnny Valentine (c) vs. The Pretty Boys
NO-DISQUALIFICATION - Gorilla Monsoon vs. Killer Kowalski
Danny Hodge vs. Ernie Ladd

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