September 17, 1975 - Capital Centre - Landover, MD

Gorilla Monsoon defeated Killer Kowalski by disqualification in 0:03:03.
Rating: -1/4*
[Bobby Heenan interfered against Gorilla Monsoon.]

Killer Kowalski surprised everyone by returning to GCW to team with Gorilla Monsoon against the Blackjacks. We hadn't seen Kowalski in years, but in the early era of GCW, Monsoon & Kowalski were a dominant team, winning the World Tag Team Titles. Kowalski shocked everyone more by turning on Monsoon and joining forces with the Heenan Family. The two were put in a match here in Landover, but this was more of an ambush than an athletic contest. Not long into this match, THE BLACKJACKS ran down and attacked Monsoon, giving him a DQ win, but helping to leave him lying before officials broke it up. Monsoon can't seem to buy a friend these days.

Ivan Koloff pinned Nikolai Volkoff with the Russian Sickle in 0:07:05.
Rating: *

The two big Russians squared off tonight after a confrontation in Boston. Nikolai Volkoff is upset with Ivan Koloff for catering to the American fans, believing he should have more loyalty to their homeland of Russia. If we know anything about Koloff it's that he doesn't like he be called out by anybody, and he used that as motivation against Volkoff in this one. Volkoff's focus was to get the Russian Bear in the Bearhug, but he was a bit too one-dimensional in his attack, which allowed Koloff to catch him off-guard with the Russian Sickle to get the victory. After the match, Captain Lou Albano said he was impressed by Koloff and offered to manage him, an offer that Koloff refused. Albano was embarrassed to be turned down and told Koloff he would regret this.

Dory Funk Jr.& Don Muraco try to recruit Bobby Duncum.

Intercontinental champion Dory Funk Jr. and Don Muraco came out for an interview, and they had business on their mind as they asked Bobby Duncum to join them in the ring. Funk told Duncum that he has watched him for months and is thoroughly impressed, and wants Duncum to join forces with he & Muraco to be the most powerful faction in all of wrestling. Duncum thanked Funk for the offer, but told him that he would have to think about it. If Funk can get Duncum behind him, he may be the most dominant man in GCW.

Texas Death No-Countout-No-DQ-Match:
Pedro Morales made Dusty Rhodes submit to the Boston Crab in 0:30:45.
Rating: *** 1/2

Dusty Rhodes fully believed in his heart that Pedro Morales was the person who brutally attacked him and took him out of the World Tag Team Title rematch against the Grahams, citing that Morales replaced him and won the titles with Rhodes' regular partner, Dick Murdoch. Morales has pleaded his innocence, but Rhodes is not hearing it. After this match, maybe he wishes he would have. The match was fought under Texas Death rules, which you know means it's going to be a brutal contest. A lot of falls were enchanged in this match, but the pride of Morales & Rhodes alike wouldn't let either man stay down. We got to the point where both men were exhausted and bleeding profusely from the forehead, but they kept fighting and kept fighting. While the referee was checking on Morales' cut, DICK MURDOCH came down to ringside with a pipe in hand. Nobody was sure why he was there until he reared back and blasted his own tag team partner between the eyes with it! Murdoch had turned his back on Dusty Rhodes, and the crowd immediately tore into him, showering him with trash. Murdoch was even busted open when he was hit in the back of the head with a beer bottle. But that was nothing compared to what had happened to Rhodes. Morales hadn't seen the attack and simply put on the Boston Crab. The ref saw Rhodes was out and called for the bell. Rhodes couldn't respond to the ten count and thus, the match was awarded to Morales. On October 13 in Philly, "Dirty" Dick Murdoch will explain his actions from tonight.

Harley Race pinned Kintaro Ohki after a flying headbutt in 0:17:57.
Rating: ** 1/2
(Harley Race retained the GCW World Title.)

World champion Harley Race might not want to face Jack Brisco (despite his claims), but he is still facing tough competition as his World Title reign nears a year in length. His opponent tonight was South Korean wrestling legend Kintaro Ohki, who has been great in his time in the United States. The ultimate cherry on top for Ohki's run in GCW would be to become the World Heavyweight champion, but that's easier said than done with the crafty Race. Handsome Harley is never in a rush and knows how to work an opponent until he finds his opening, and he did that again tonight before putting Ohki away with a flying headbutt. Another successful title defense, but one has to wonder if Race's title reign is on borrowed time. He can't avoid Jack Brisco forever, can he?

[WINNER GETS WORLD TITLE SHOT ON 10/13/75]: 26-Man Battle Royal:
Gorilla Monsoon won a 26-man Battle Royal:
x B. Graham threw out Johnny Valiant after a roundhouse right in
x B. Graham threw out Jack Brisco in 0:03:49
x Lanza threw out Garea in 0:05:40
x Duncum threw out Robinson in 0:06:29
x D. Funk Jr. threw out I. Koloff after a vertical suplex in 0:07:21
x L. Graham threw out Jimmy Valiant in 0:08:33
x Murdoch threw out L. Graham after a side suplex in 0:10:16
x Murdoch threw out B. Graham in 0:10:45
x D. Funk Jr. threw out Murdoch in 0:10:48
x Fuji threw out Zbyszko after a fist to the midsection in 0:12:27
x J. Snuka threw out O. Baker in 0:13:51
x Monsoon threw out Kowalski in 0:14:14
x Mulligan threw out Ernie Ladd after a flying lariat in 0:16:19
x Monsoon threw out Lanza in 0:18:38
x J. Snuka threw out Matsuda in 0:20:42
x Duncum threw out Tanaka in 0:21:30
x D. Funk Jr. threw out J. Snuka after a backdrop in 0:22:40
x Volkoff threw out Bravo after a punch in 0:23:06
x Monsoon threw out Rodz after a Gorilla Press in 0:24:13
x Duncum threw out Mulligan in 0:24:42
x Monsoon threw out Muraco in 0:25:45
x Duncum threw out Fuji after a nerve hold in 0:26:15
x Volkoff threw out Duncum in 0:27:47
x Monsoon threw out Volkoff after an elbowsmash in 0:28:19
x Monsoon threw out D. Funk Jr. in 0:28:38
Rating: ** 3/4
(Mr. Wrestling I no-showed.)

Harley Race was still World champion, but he was very interested in our main event as we had a 26-man battle royal to determine who he would defend the title against in Philadelphia. Though Race claimed he was just an "interested bystander" when he sat at ringside, we soon learned he was anything but that when not long into the match, he distracted Jack Brisco which allowed Billy Graham to throw him out of the ring and eliminate him from the match. Brisco was livid and chased Race to the back, who hightailed it out of there in a hurry. It looked like this was Dory Funk Jr.'s match to win as he was working together with Don Muraco to survive in the battle royal. However his luck ran out when he ran into the buzzsaw that was a motivated Gorilla Monsoon. Monsoon showed great heart by recovering from the 3-on-1 beating earlier to fight through and win this battle royal. Monsoon even eliminated Killer Kowalski & Blackjack Lanza en route to finally throwing out Funk to earn a shot at the World Title. Monsoon has been with the company since the very beginning, but has yet to be the World champion. Could this be the day it finally happens?

Card rating: ** 3/4

Match observations:

The card for the October 13 show in Philadelphia is looking like this thus far:

WORLD TITLE - Harley Race (c) vs. Gorilla Monsoon
Ivan Koloff vs. Nikolai Volkoff

In addition, Bobby Duncum will respond to Dory Funk Jr.'s request, and Dick Murdoch will explain his attack on Dusty Rhodes tonight.

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